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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 4 - Yolan  (Read 1140 times)
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« on: July 26, 2010, 04:41:16 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 4 – Yolan

I thought about heading home but instead headed for my offices at the court. I needed to report the events of the last few hours to Prince Ahvazi and I wanted to see what Yolan thought about the body. Once inside the gates to the court, I dismissed my guards, with the exception of Bashar and headed for the Inquisitors’ Hall. Yolan was waiting in one of the holding cells. Alastar’s body was laid out on a table, his clothes removed.  Yolan had done a thorough examination of the body looking for any wounds we may have missed. I had great respect for the old Inquisitor and he was one of a very few men that I trusted implicitly. I greatly valued his judgment, as my father had done before me.

As I entered Yolan waved me closer to the body. There was a broad smile on his face, which meant he had found something of interest, something new or something he rarely saw.

“Gavran, come closer and see what I’ve found. This was no simple murder, the man was an artist.  Look at where the body was cut. The killer avoided the major arteries and cut deep into the chest. I’m fairly certain this young man was alive until moments before his heart was removed.”

I couldn’t tell how Yolan knew this, but I trusted his opinion. “Why, wouldn’t it have been easier to just carve the dead body to get to the heart? Was it just to inflict more pain?”

The old man knew what I was asking.  He had kept men alive for days slowly flaying away their skin. Making them suffer long after we had the information we wanted. “I wasn’t sure until I saw the cuts in the in the veins leading to the heart.  See how cleanly they’re cut; the blood was still warm when they were made.  The killer wanted a still living heart.”

I tried to think through what use the killer could have for a living heart, and doubt started to enter my mind. If he was killed by a jealous rival, why go through all that effort?  “What would they gain from a living heart?”

He leaned back a small frown on his face, ‘No use I can see.  Dead is dead. There are two other things I’ve found. The first are cuts in both of his arms. The cuts are shallow.  I think they slowly drained away his blood as they cut into his chest. They wanted more then just his heart, they also wanted his blood.” Before I could ask another question, he held up his hand and pointed toward Alastar’s ankles. “The marks on the wrists and ankles were probably not made by ropes, my best guess is very fine chains; you can still the impression of the links on his ankles.”

My hopes for a simple revenge killing were starting to fade.  The removal of the heart I could see, but not the blood. I had thought that the body had been dumped in the northern slums due to the lack of blood at the site. “Could he have been killed where we found the body? The limited amount of blood led me to believe he was killed elsewhere?”

“I can’t tell without seeing the site, but you won’t find much blood wherever he was killed. If you can provide me with a guide I’ll go to look at the site myself.”

The old man’s enthusiasm helped to ease my concerns. I had a feeling I would need his help before this case was over. “Thank you, Bashar will see to it. Before you go, have someone repair the body. The family is expecting it and I don’t want them to know that the heart was removed.”

There was nothing left to learn, so I took my leave. With a number of unanswered questions and a rapidly improbable motive for murder, I went to report what little I had to the Prince.
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