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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 3 - The al-Cashans  (Read 1274 times)
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« on: July 19, 2010, 04:57:18 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara -Chapter 3 - The al-Cashans

I rarely deal with families, leaving it for some underling to deliver the body and question the family of the deceased. As Alastar was a noble and his family had influence with the army, I had no choice but to go personally. I have little time or sympathy for grief; especially for someone who provided little and probably deserved to be soundly beaten or killed for sleeping with another manís wife. Revenge and retribution I can understand, and is clearly my assigned role by the High King. The al-Cashanís will want justice and that I canít provide.  If I find that the killer is a highly placed noble or legate, he is likely beyond my reach.  Iíll have to find someone else to hang and let the High King determine what other punishment, if any, to levy.

I went directly from the where we found the body to the al-Cashan estate. It was early, barely the first hour after dawn when I arrived.  I was unshaven and my eyes were dark from lack of sleep, which I thought would work to good effect; they would know I was working all hours to find the killer. The servants roused the household and I was offered breakfast. It amused me to watch the al-Cashan elders try to demand information while treating me as my rank required. They knew my family was favored by the High King and that through my office I could make them suffer. Still, they were the aggrieved party and I was the officer of the court who was supposed to protect them.

Without providing many of the details, I told them that Alastar had been dead for at least a day and roughly where the body was found. I also told them that the body would be returned to them after my office had finished examining it and preparing it for them.  That comment sparked a few respectful questions that I was able to deflect by stating that I hoped to find out more about the killer by how Alastar had been killed. I was not going to tell them about the missing heart. The body would be repaired as best as possible and if need be, I would disguise the wounds. There are informers everywhere and the less known about the murder the better.

After making sure to fulfill the basic courtesies, I began to ask my questions. I was blunt.  I wanted to know who Alastar had been seeing and who might object to his various activities. After some persuasion and implied threats, the information began to flow. Alastar had his sights set high, with women from most of the major houses, to include a younger daughter of the leading family, the al-Tasriís. Alastar came and went as he pleased.  He fancied himself good with both sword and dagger so he often went without guards. That was foolish, as the desperate in Alvedara could live for the better part of a year by selling the clothes Alastar wore. The family knew of no reason why he would be in the north of the city.  They had no property or business in that district.

After two hours of guarded and often uncomfortable conversation, I took my leave. Had the trip been worthwhile, probably not. The proper form and concern had been shown and the family confirmed that the list of potential killers was very long. Alastarís movements would be difficult to track and I was really no closer to determining when he died. I did get the impression that the al-Cashans would not let the killing pass without action. If I didnít find the killer quickly, they would act against whoever they believed killed Alastar. They really had little choice.  If members of their family could be killed without risk, their family was finished. More blood would flow among the noble families unless I exposed the killer. There would be long days ahead.
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