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Author Topic: How Midnight Ends in my Campaign - Ideas  (Read 8254 times)
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« on: July 14, 2010, 01:39:46 PM »

Hi my name is Michael and I am from Greece. This is my first post.

I have some ideas about how the world of midnight should end. I am talking about the apocalypse. Please feel free to any suggestion or ideas. This is why i am doing this post.

1 - After many years of struggles and endless battles the Shadow will win eventually. Maybe a Night King will die at the process, orcs will go renegate and many more other interesting stuff will happen.(i am talking about the end so i am guessing after a long long campaign).
SO..... Izrador wins and takes all magic from the face of Erathor. He enacts the ritual that will make him tear apart the Veil and he succeeds.
But on the other side what he faces is the power of all the gods united and stronger than ever. You see after the Sundering they Gods all agreed that sooner or later mortals we loose to a GOD and he will be free again. They started a holy war against the realm of evil and without their dark god to help them the realm perished. After more than 10000 years no evil spirit is left alive in heavens. And the forces of good grewn i numbers
The forces of good start a HOLY war against all life form left alive (i guess every good one is dead or corrupted) and all that remains is erethor back to the beginning with no life except some animals and plants.
Of course Izrador cannot be killed and the conclusion is that balance is restored. With maybe some people alive. Noone can tell........Some say it was then that the first fairies choose to return to erethor once more and begin living again.

P.S. This is just a flavor. No character will be alive at that time. SOme of my friends think it's like the end of Elric Of Melnibone(the book)

2 - There is only one God in our land. The only way for us to win or at least have a chance is to find a god. Or after so many years make one from our belief.
This scenario haw to do with the belief that if too many people believe that someone is a god then thair faith will be enough to elevate him to a god status. I have read to some settings that it's the faith of people that makes a god and if this faith stops then the god dies. That means than if some people trully believe that someone can be a god or is meant to be a god or should be a god then it might happen.
In this campaign characters try to make people believe that Aradil is really a minor god that needs our faith to become a greater god equal in strength to Izrador. Taking into consideration that people NEED to believe that there is a good God that will help them this will not be such a difficult task. There are still rumours even among the elves that Aradil is a god or something close to god. So after a long campaign and i think to many power from nexuses Aradil elevates to the status of a god. (Don't ask how let's say that it can be done).
The war now we have a great turn point. Paladins and Rangers and Clerics will be at our arsenal. No one saying that all is over and that we won but at least now we have a chance. One continent. 2 god. One good one evil. Fanatics from both sides. Who will prevail.

These are two ideas that i am working on. What do you thing? There are of course loop wholes but that's why i am asking you. Remember that i am talking about the END of Midnight.

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« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2010, 05:40:18 PM »

They're both viable ideas.

One rather epic game I ran covered the end of the universe. Izrador, powered by the death of the world, cracked the veil and broke loose. Only to find that billions of years had passed while 'Midnight' was trapped beyond time. The PC's had fond Aradar, a relic that the gods left behind as an explanation and an apology. They explained that Izrador was too dangerous and that his presence on the world was an accident, he had been meant to crash on a empty world. Instead they couldn't risk the taint and once they'd discovered the world he's crashed upon they were forced to quarantine the entire world.

Aradar acted as both a physical relic of their sorrow and a parting gift. The PC's and their followers were trapped outside of time and protected from the destruction of the world.

In those passing years the universe had evolved, aged, and died as stars flickered and died while worlds crumbled to dust.

Izrador, starved from the effort of freeing himself, died from starvation while the PC's rested in stasis.

I ended the game there with the PC's and their hundreds of followers resting, and waiting for the universe to start again.

I like the cut of your jib. How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

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« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2010, 06:28:20 PM »

Mountain Root,

Both ideas work and a number of posters over the years believe that only by allowing Izrador to gain enough power to bring down the veil can there be any chance at victory (by allowing access to the lost gods). There's been some good threads about the Witch Queen being corrupted and joining Izrador.  I can't remember if it's in the main book or Fury but there is a cult of the queen that already worships her as a god. Over the years I've found it best not to worry about the end, but focus on some achievable goal that can act as the ending of a grand campaign. Killing a Night King, reuniting the dwarves, leading a rebellion of the Sarcosan, etc. My goals have been a little more reserved, usually killing off a greater legate, salvaging a sector of the war front, or freeing large groups of slaves and building a safehaven for them. Basically buying some time for the resistance but not really changing the fact that they're likely doomed.

Doomed Hero
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« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2010, 07:48:11 PM »

I'm with Kane on this one. The smaller, more achievable victories are more my taste, though I am in a campaign right now where the stated goal both in and out of game is the eventual destruction of Izrador. Grand plans, totally doomed. We'll see how it goes.

I think that the most upheaving thing that could possibly happen in the world would be the conversion of the orcs. Read up on Grial the Fae Killer and the White Mother orcs. Take the shadows greatest strategist and all his loyal soldiers away and set them lose trying to carve out their own land, unruled by the Order, set a few White Mother loose in their ranks. Then set the new converts tot he resistance loose upon their former masters. Fun...

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Disembodied Spirits

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« Reply #4 on: July 17, 2010, 11:53:49 AM »

Usually when i am running a campaign i have a complete storyline with a beginning and an end of the wolrd


that doesn't mean that my players are the protagonists on this show. That means that although, let's say Aradil will become a God, that my players did it. It gust happened to be on the same plane of existence when this happened.
What i do is that i make the scenario of the wolrd. What will happen and when it will happen. All the big twist that will happen during this period. Then i throw in to this wolrd my players free to do as they like (OK not totally free there is a scenario for them also). Maybe it will be them that will make the changes. Maybe not. But the universe and the wolrd still rolls no matter what the players will do.

Also the above scenarios are for fluff only. No player will be alive at that point. Killing a great legate destroy a Mirror, cure Xircxi are some great thing that they might achieve or not.....
When all this will be over i will just lay back and tell them all about the story. What has happened and they never learned who died and who lived......

I have no desire of playing with 20 level characters Midnight. I think it misses the basic idea and theme.

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« Reply #5 on: July 17, 2010, 08:43:17 PM »

Mountain Root,

Fully agree with that last point about high level characters.  The most fun I've had in the setting is between levels 3-9.  The idea about having your own timeline of events that happen around the players is interesting, but it depends on your players. Some players don't like it when the world changes and they have no impact. I wrote out some timelines in Fury and Under the Shadow to project out what might happen over the next year or so. It sounds like your thinking about something similar but over a larger timeframe. 

Insurgent Commander

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« Reply #6 on: July 18, 2010, 05:20:52 AM »

Usually when i am running a campaign i have a complete storyline with a beginning and an end of the wolrd
[...]I have no desire of playing with 20 level characters Midnight. I think it misses the basic idea and theme.
I like the first sentence ... but I must confess I don't agree with the last one, even if I understand it.
There are many things that can only be done at high levels, for instance being able to face high legates and powerful beasts/ minions, deal with dragons, survive in the far north etc.
As I see it, many people try to stick to games at low levels because the setting doesn't provide anything substantial for high level games. The sourcebooks are great, purposefully left vague about many subjects to let the GMs write their own truth. The good point with that is it gives us room for creations. The bad part is there is too much to flesh out by our own.

Personally, I see Midnight like some other RPG games that can be played in different eras. Star wars, Runequest, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Warhammer to start with.
I'm always eager to read any personal well described storyline, because it always shows interesting aspects of the background that can be used, transformed and adapted. If you've done that, please feel free to post it Wink
Of course, I'd love to see FFG working on Midnight and opening up the setting on a more large scale. Why not playing during the third age, when the order of Shadow was slowly growing up, where the threat was there but still let players move around more freely. I'd also like to see something official about a possible fifth age, where possibly new night kings, Aradar revealed and a wide-awake whisper (as it is mentionned in FuryOfShadow). I don't see where we lose something about a Midnight spirit thing. I think it just makes the game more available to those players who didn’t like a “too restrictive setting” and that actually would give the game more profit and shelf life.

Some players don't like it when the world changes and they have no impact.
And some players don't like when the world can't be changed at all and this is where, I think, we all hope that FFG are working on Midnight again. I've heard about the non-existent, yet registered, novel called "Elthedar legacy" and that could be a good start. Star Wars, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Elric,  many Rpg games have their own novels to give people a feeling of the game, a taste of what can happen and maybe a possible future. That'll be great to get the same with Midnight. Moreover, I'd love to see a great big campaign, in the taste of the Pathfinder range, that would make some big change in the original storyline. Again, all the above Rpgs have their own campaign where big events changed the world and make the storyline moved forward. “Barsaive at war” with earthdwn, Shadowrun has too many to be counted, useless to talk about Starwars…etc

I give you a short version of my personal storyline which hopefully give you some idea.

So how Midnight ends in my campaign ... well it doesn't end, actually. It just moves on something different, to be able to use a different part of the settings, used to be out of range. It goes to a fifth age and then could end up with new gods trapped in Aryth.
Everything is still prone to change, mainly because I'd like to get something balanced, which is probably not the case at the moment. All along this storyline is one main thing though. Izrador didn't reveal his main plot, which is not just becoming a god again, as it seems, but rather something a bit different. I like the idea of a last twist, something a god of lies, of intricate goals can only think of.
The good points:
Despite efforts to fight back the orcs, a surprising alliance of dwarfs and Dorns (remnants of Orin clan), Calador has been taken. During the final chapter of the destruction of the Thedron clan, the lower part of the great city hosted the tragic fight of Vodan Thedron and Heroes (ie PCs) against the night king Jahzir and his fellows. After an epic fight, the cavern was collapsed over the night king, killing the Dor as well and his kin. Because of the overwhelming power of Jahzir, burying the night king over thousands of kilotons of stone was the only way to stop him. The night king is certainly still alive though but unable to move or do anything. It actually will take months to excavate him from there, possibly never if the alliance of dwarfs and humans can reach the place and fight back the orcs.
The visionary Thomas Baden managed to make the events he saw in dreams real. It gave people their freedom back, but at a great cost. By sending agents here and there, he managed to recover lost artefacts of the high king and started 2 quests. Finding the heir of Erenland and giving information to the Xircxi, the patriarch of dragons, in the Kaladrunes about the “condition” of Zardrix.
Thanks to the wardens of Erenald (Destiny of Shadow), a new form of knowledge has woken up. Ancient places and forgotten knowledge has been rediscovered and daily helps people to avoid orc troops, without yet being as effective as the whisper in Erethor.
The curse of the heir of Erenland has been lifted and a new leader has come back from the island of Asmadar. The recent recovery of the artefacts of the previous high king helped in giving hope back to the people. Open rebellion gave sarcosans their lands back and free sussars came back to their cities. A new alliance started here and orcs were fought back to the Northern marshes and Veradeen.  Some packs can still be found here and there but are not as numerous as they used to be.
A new Government is created and It gives a start to rebuild what can be rebuild. A new high king is crowned.
After years and years waiting for the ones who left Erethor during what is called the Exode, hundreds of miransils vessels come back for overseas, at last. They bring with them news from the other inhabitants of Aryth. Black skin humans of Palonia (connected with Eredane by the north pole) have been all killed by the shadow minions. Their land is now barren and nothing lives there anymore, where there used to be an Egyptian like society, with pyramids and so forth. That is what will become of Eredane if the Shadow wins and this is taken as another warning.
The numerous islands of Fassimir have been a place of bloody war against the Shadow minions coming from Palonia. After a century of war and the coming of the Miransils, the people succeeded to fight back the creatures. After many years, the Miransils decided to leave the “NZ maori style kind of thing people” and go back to Eredane by shipping to the north, along the coasts. They finally arrive from north west of Veradeen and meet their kin. With them, they carry an odd quote of a Fassimir orcale who claimed aloud: Knowledge is power and is all that matters. (This sentence will be the start for many quests during the fifth age for recovering lost artefacts and books in Ibon sul and Elthedar places. The main goal is about knowing the details of the creation of Aryth, the real meaning of Aradar and possibly understand the main plot of Izrador)
The night king knows that, as a sorcerer, he will eventually be killed by Izrador who apparently seeks to destroy all magic, and he has a few hope of surviving. The only way for him to survive is to escape from Aryth. After being involved in an experience against Heroes about a prophecy of a dragon hidden out of range in the old ways, Ardherin discovered a place which held a great mystery and possibly hope for him. In the old ways, the veil is weaker and the paths to get out still there, however nearly impossible to go through. At the end, the dragon is brought back to the real world and the shadow veil over Aryth revealed its limits. Like a fog surrounding Aryth, the veil is weaker in the old ways and explains why all the spirits try to get there through the circles os stones. After the altercation between the parties, Ardherin found a way to escape out of Aryth and tried to fool the God Izrador. But the "life" fuelled in the body of the sorcerer was deeply connected to the essence of the God himself and couldn't be separated. By escaping Aryth, Ardherin just killed actually himself.
But during the brief breech of the veil that helped him escape, there has been a connection between the heroes and the lost Gods who revealed themselves to them. They are still there, outside the veil, trying everything possible to break the veil Izrador made ages ago. The Gods gave the heroes some artefacts that have to be used to restore the connection with heavens but the lack of time didn’t allow them to learn the process of how to use them.
Heroes were sent by Thomas Baden to the Kaladrunes and with the help of rare ormelacs infused with the power of an ancient nexus, which used to have rare healing properties, they managed to find and heal Xircxi. The artefact healed his injuries, but the great dragon didn't have the time to enjoy his new condition.  Xircxi finally heard about the "existence" of his former mate Zardrix and decided to catch up with her. After an epic battle above Highwall, both dragon were killed smashing down the entire city, melting down bodies and structures in the vision of chaos Thomas Baden had years before the event, in his global vision. Highwall was no more.
The white mirror.
Following a vision, Aradil tried in the past to build a white mirror but only faced failure. Recent events showed impossible odds about the existence of a living white mirror. Things finally appeared to the witch queen that the white mirror was never meant to be an artefact but rather a person. Rumors have been heard from orcs and Dorns escaping Gasterfang, with a young woman able to disrupt the magic of the black mirrors and with healing abilities. Ancient texts about Aradar found in a tower beside the river of stones gives a meaning about her. She'll be one of the 3 components needed to restore a cradle for a new Aradar. Moreover, she is supposed to be able to clean any black mirror, by willingly giving some blood to the black mirror.
Aradar is yet to be found because the nexus isn't anymore a place to find. Used to be in Asmadar in the terrace of the elders, the place now holds only books and knowledge of the triumvirat, 3 magical beasts. The energy of Aradar has been infused in people, making heroes, making the children of Artyh. Still, the nexus can be brought back in a place with the help of an old ritual. 1 ritual and the presence of 3 different people.
The veil:
The veil has been breached and leaks has started to be shown. The order of Truth tell that their voices have been heard from the heavens. The power of the Gods can now be used and clerical power are available, yet only about curing people.

The bad points:
Aigeathir is lost and orcs are now occupying the Veradeen. Erunsils are only a few and scaterred across the frozen lands. Althorin is no more and Pirate princes are now facing issues with foods and supplies. With the return of the dragon from the old ways and the death of Zardrix, there are only a few real dragons alive, and all are fighting the Shadow. Dragons are no match for any orcs and Gamaril river is taken. Grial the fey killer is burnt to ashes in a breath of flames. Orcs flee to the Veradeen and in the Highorn mountains.
Thousands of orcs go into the Veradeen and the mountains and the Roland Redgard leave the Veradeen to go south to the Caraheen and le Green Marsh, but lose most of his troops in the move. Mutilated but still alive, he tries to now face orcs from the west and more powerful undeads from sunuleal army in Baden’s bluff.
Baden's bluff:
With the destruction of Highwall, the city faced a rebellion and was only stopped in blood with the coming of thousands of ungrals from Cambrial. The ancient Baden's bluff . Retreated from Cambrial, Sunulael is from now the new leader and the mouth of Izrador. With highwall shattered, Baden's bluff is now the capital city of the shadow. The city is now filled with undead. 1/10 of the citizens are now undeads. The rest didn’t rise as ungrals because of the leak in the veil.
The jungle of Aruun:
Events that made the "escape" of Ardherin possible have changed the balance in the forces of the seals that kept the demons imprisoned at Ibon-sul. Most of the seals have been lifted and most of the demons are now free to get into the jungle and drink in the danisil/ miransil's blood. A new threat has aroused from the great forest and demon lords now know they are up to do anything they want. They build alliances between demons packs and try to negotiate their leave with Izrador from Aryth.
The north of Kaladrunes is now ruled by an ancient force that used to live there. Great darghuuls are now awake are start to claim their realm back, either against orcs, dwarfs or humans. The south is at peace but not for long as the darghuuls are eager to spread their dominance.
He's now the only night king remaining and see this fact as a mark of destiny. He leads thousands of Undeads around the city but faces issues with the dead souls. With the breach of the veil, souls are now going back where they belong and ungrals are now more difficult to create. On the other hand, since the amount of magic needed to create them is more potent, the creature issued is also more powerfull than before. Ten times much more. This is something he thinks will help greatly the purpose of Izrador.
The whisper:
As predicted by adepts, the whisper has transformed itself into something different, a conscious mind far more important than the sum of all the souls given to it. Unfortunately, with that transformation, its corruption was inevitable. The whisper is now under no control from both sides and anyone can ask for answer/ help from it. This corruption was actually a major plan from Izrador to recover one of the components he needs for the "last ritual", which is hidden in Ibon sul, the very last place of the Elthedars.
The loss of the whisper as it was is hard to handle for elves.
Aradil is one with the whisper and has been overwhelmed by it. She is currently lying down on her bed, in something like a coma. The order of Truth seeks a way to bring her back.

The truth about Izrador goals:
Izrador only told this to a few people, those who are completely at his hand, only those who worship Izrador without doubt.
Izrador has been involved in the creation of Aryth and knows what it/she really is. An entity as powerful as a God, yet not as clever. Everything has been done so far was for only one purpose, pressing Aryth to reveal her true potential and the key for him to achieve his master plan, fairly different from the one everyone think about it is. Black mirrors and sucking magic from the lands was just a way the make the essence of Aryth pop out. To make the three component he needs appear.
The veil has been a way for him to achieve 2 things:
- Letting him getting more power over the years and being able to actually make his plan work
- Make the Gods want to break to veil and free their "children".
His goals are to give people some hope about getting their freedom back, let enough leaks going through the veil to make the god believe the have the power to go through it. More, he wants all the Gods to be involved and wants all of them try to help the Alethars. Only then, when Izrador will have the three components he needs, he'll do the last part of his plan. During what will appear an epic and last battle against him, where all the Gods will reveal themselves on Eredane in an atmosphere of joy and salvation, he'll cast himself THE ritual that will in fact do what he has ever planned from the very beginning. During that ritual, the veil will show his real purpose and will imprisoned the Gods on Eredane, as it was the case for him during ages, while he'll be cast himself into the heavens where no gods remains. Then, he'll be the one God ruling in the heavens and the other realms at his hand, without opponent, while the other gods will be trapped on Aryth.

The Fifth age:
What is called the fifth age starts when Highwall is shattered
The purpose of this age in terms of gameplay is to bring new factors that are:
- A new government with sarcosans and Dorns. Erenland is created. People get freedom and start rebuilding.
- In Aruun jungle and Miraleen demons are everywhere. A new battle begins.
- Nothing really changed for dwarfs that are still fighting orcs in Kaladrunes. Now, they are also struggling with abominations like Darghuuls.
- Driven by the information of the Lost Gods, Caransils and others elfs are working on finding the three components of the "last ritual" which is supposed to bring Aradar back and hopefully brings back Aradil to like. This quest is their n°1 priority.
- Bringing back Aradar is now everything that matters since information from heroes who fought against Ardherin and met the Lost Gods tell that only Bringing Aradar back can destroy Izrador once and for all ( which not quite true, it will actually send the God back to heavens)
- The order of the Shadow is still present and is the added value here. During the rebellion of Sarcosans, hundreds of Izrador solid worshippers got involved on the side of the rebels. Now these persons are respected members of the new government and are working side by side with heroes to find the three components. Betrayal and assassinations are still here but this time, it is all the way around.

 There are certainly some points to flesh out but that's basically my storyline. Izrador is still here but on different aspect. Things could not have been done without the rise of the whisper and the appearance of the three components. The night kings are no longer required and just served the purpose of Izrador for a while, like pawns.

Just hope it'll give you some ideas Wink
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« Reply #7 on: July 18, 2010, 12:10:00 PM »

Damn...  shock

I... ah.... it's....


(i'm gonna copy-paste this into my Midnight folder)
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« Reply #8 on: July 18, 2010, 03:10:22 PM »

My RL Midnight game is on pause - longish one in fact - but the players reached 16th level and they affected some big changes. Gotta go now, but I'm gonna write a longer post about that tonight.
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