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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 2 - The Murder Scene  (Read 1206 times)
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« on: July 12, 2010, 04:52:24 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 2 – The Murder Scene

We arrived at the murder scene just as the first hint of dawn.  Between Sergeant Bashar’s men and the local watch, there were almost twenty men, most with torches surrounding the body. The building at one time may have been a warehouse.  All four walls were still mostly intact, but the roof had fallen years ago and the rumble either dragged away or used for other buildings. Except for the body, there was no sign that anyone had used the building recently. It was a good place to dispose of a body or commit a murder.

The body was spread eagle on a stone slab, about three feet off the ground. I could smell the body, so he’d been dead for more then a day. Getting closer I was thankful it was a cool morning to help preserve the body. Ignoring the wound for now, I examined his skin which was waxy but hadn’t begun to bloat or blister. He’d been dead no more then three days. I was sure that once we talked to his family we could shorten that time period. Finding the body quickly was fortunate and should make my job easier.

I had the torches brought closer so I could see clearly and to drive away the vermin.  I’d long ago lost my revulsion to the stench of the dead, but I still can’t stand the flies. Alastar had been cut straight down his chest from his throat to his stomach. The skin had been pulled away and the ribcage sawed open. The killer methodically dissected Alastar to get to one thing, his heart. His heart was gone. The missing heart confirmed my first impression, that he was killed by a jealous noble who had probably already delivered Alastar’s heart to an unfaithful wife.

Before I left the body, Bashar showed me the bruising around Alastar’s wrists and ankles.  He had been bound and was likely alive when the killer started to carve into his chest. There were no signs of whatever restrained him and there was very little blood at the site. Both supported the theory that he was killed elsewhere and dumped here. We needed to return the body to the family, so I ordered it brought back.  Before I gave it to the al-Cashan’s there was someone else I wanted to see it, Yolan, an Inquisitor who worked for my father for forty years.  He knew more about the human anatomy and torture then any man alive. If there was something I missed, he’d find it.
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