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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - A Morning Started Much Too Early  (Read 1176 times)
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« on: July 05, 2010, 06:09:42 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 1 – A Morning Started Much Too Early

12th of Sennach, 99 Last Age

It was still pitch black when I heard the pounding on my door. I am not the most pleasant of men when woken out of a dead sleep, a fact my staff, through direct experience, was well aware. That they were still trying to wake me meant that it was important. I strode to the door, still intent on expressing my displeasure. Ripping it open I saw Sergeant Bashar standing at attention. My anger quickly faded. Bashar was more then competent and had been my right hand for almost ten years. He has guarded my back and built my personal guard into a force to be feared. If he was here, then I knew this wasn’t a minor issue and needed my attention immediately.

As I dressed, Bashar gave me what he knew. A noble was dead, found in a largely derelict area in the northern part of the city. The noble, Alastar al-Cashan was from a minorly important house. The al-Cashan’s have influence with the army, providing food and weapons. The family will want a full investigation and someone to punish. They’ll look to me to provide that person. While it’s doubtful that they can do more then just complain, I can’t let the murder of a noble go unpunished.

The walk to the murder site would take the better part of an hour, so I spent the time reviewing what I knew about the victim. Alastar was a good looking man, who used his family connections and charm to try to improve his position and that of his family at court. There were rumors that he most influential in the bedroom, sleeping with several high caste women. There’d been more then a hint of scandal and several women had left the court over the past year who had been linked with Alastar. He was not a popular man and many would like to see him dead. There would be few tears shed for him outside his own family.

I asked Bashar how Alastar died. I expected that Alastar was killed on the orders of one of the major families and his body dumped purposefully in the northern slums as a slight to the al-Cashans; that they were little better then the beggars that prowled that district. This could be very messy politically. As I mentioned my concerns to Sergeant Bashar, he said that I might want to wait until I saw the body. It was not a simple murder. The Sergeant thought it best if I saw it with my own eyes to make my own evaluation. That a man who was walked through years of filth and blooded his blade many times in my service was concerned had me worried.
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