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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Prologue  (Read 1265 times)
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« on: June 28, 2010, 04:58:43 AM »

Here's the start of the new serial.  It's going to be long, probably 20 or so chapters.  The story is centered on the High Inquisitor in Alvedara in the Last Age, so this story is from the other side (the Shadow).  Enjoy and let me know what you think, good or bad.


A Murder in Alvedara Ė Prologue

My name is Gavran abn Rashid al-Finad, leader of the house of Finad. By the grace of his majesty, the High King of Erenland, I am also the High Inquisitor of Alvedara, responsible for keeping order and removing any threats to the realm. In that role I have made and buried a few enemies. There are many mysteries in the Kingdomís capital and those who keep them do not desire me investigating. While I am a dedicated and loyal servant of the High King, I am no more immune to a knife in the dark or poisoned food then any man. My investigations need to be conducted carefully and mindful that I am a tool of the High King; a tool that can be replaced.

Much of my duty is routine, dealing with petty criminals and traitors to the realm. As my father said many times, a thorough investigation, the threat or use of torture, and knowing when to turn a blind eye, protects both you and the crown. When I heard the pounding on my door before first light on that fateful day, I expected something out of the ordinary. I didnít realize then just how strange and dangerous the case would be.  Fortunately, some hidden intuition led me to put down my notes on paper. I must have sensed even on that first morning that the case would involve the truly powerful in the city. The notes were written partially to gather my thoughts but also as my guarantee that even if I was somehow removed, the guilty would still be punished.

Looking back at my notes, itís surprising how much I missed.  The signs were there. Toward the end several people of power suspected who the murderer was before I did and purposefully kept information from me. If I had that information even a day earlier, far fewer people would have died. Itís not to say that Iím blameless; I ignored many of the events that lead up to the first murder that would end up being vital clues. If I had started my investigation earlier and not been blinded by events happening to the lower classes, I would have been better prepared and able to focus on a much smaller list of suspects.

Like a good spinner of tales, I will not reveal the ending.  You have to try to see through my eyes and watch with morbid fascination as the investigation marches toward its inevitable conclusion. Second guess me if you will, but know that I did my best with the information I had. This seemingly simple murder would profoundly change the balance of power in the city and would place even the highest at risk.

Written by my hand, this 23rd of Zimra, 99 Last Age
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