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Author Topic: Setting Changes (Clarion Quietus)  (Read 2710 times)
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Doomed Hero

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« on: June 10, 2010, 09:32:10 PM »

Magic: Overcasting hurts a lot more than normal. Avoid it if you can.

Goblinoids: are much, much more prevelant in my version of Midnight. If there are 5 million orcs in the world, there are also roughly the same number of goblins. The difference is, that while orcs from the various tribes are (relatively) similar in capabilities and basic appearance, goblinoids vary wildly.

In addition to the usual Goblin, Sniffer Goblin, Hobgoblin and Bugbear varieties, there are numerous other types, all drastically different in appearance and build. Some of the most well known are Gibberlings, known for their habit of swarming and giggling maniacally, Wolf Goblins, known for their speed and savagery, Spider Goblins, known for their ability to adhere to walls, Darklings, known for their ability to vanish into darkness, and Redcaps, known for their otherworldly durability.

In addition to these, Ogres are also Goblinoids, and can get much bigger than what you're used to. Graks and Oruks are Orc/Goblin half-breeds.

Hobgoblins are the most well known of the goblin subspecies. Being the most militant and organized of the Goblinoids, they make up a large portion of the shadow's forces, particularly in the Occupied lands. Their orderly nature makes them ideal as an occupying force. Where the Orcs take ground, the Hobgoblins keep it. They are renowned for their memories, intelligence and attention to detail. If the orcs are the shadow's army, the hobgoblins are it's bureaucracy, and they are just as good at their jobs as the orcs are at theirs.

Giants: Are big. They break cities. If you are as tall as one's kneecap, it means it's short. They are rare south of the Pellurian Sea, but above it, they are common enough that most people know someone who has seen one at some point. They are known to all wear white masks. There are dozens of legends about why.

Legates: Are not a class. Legate is a title. The classes Legates have are, generally speaking, not what you're used to. Their abilities vary by Order as well as by individual. The Dark Blessings are many and varied. When legates start doing things that you don't expect, don't be surprised.

Fell: are much, much worse in this game. There is a reason why most Legates don't just Command them and use them as cannon fodder solders. Be warned.

Elves: are much more individually powerful. They are legendary for a reason. It's not just the power of the Witch Queen holding back the shadow's forces. Each individual elf is likely to have at least a century's experience in the arts of war. Even their raw recruits have been studying combat and spellcraft for at least 40 years. They are all inhumanly competent.

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Jack Chick, Abdul Alhazred, and Aleister Crowley walk into a bar...
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