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Author Topic: The Lore of Clan Goran - Chapter 11 - The Road to Calador  (Read 1359 times)
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« on: June 07, 2010, 04:46:45 AM »

Horak, the newly named, took us further east, following formerly well used trade tunnels. Each day, there were more recent signs of orcs moving south. We found evidence that thousands of orcs had travelled this route. The debris of an army; discarded weapons, bits of armor, and the bones of countless animals, was strewn everywhere. No attempt was made to disguise their transit. They didn’t need to hide their movements; they were the victors, the destroyers of the dwarven race, there was no one to threaten them.

Having found the road to Calador, we had come as far as I hoped when I first brought my plan to the elders. I had proof that the war was far to the south and that the orcs had not settled within a dozen days march of our hold. What I didn’t know was if they still searched for bypassed holds or how frequently fresh warbands moved south. While I knew I could turn the patrol around and claim a victory of sorts, I wouldn’t be able to ensure the safety of my clan. There was more to learn, and it was worth the risk.

We spent the next several days carefully searching the tunnels that fed into the great road.  Most probably led to to clan holds destroyed by the Shadow. The main passages showed signs of orcs, but nothing recent. It was unlikely that we’d find other survivors so I turned the party north along the main road. I was searching for a hidden vantage point where I could observe the road.

We’d travelled no more then five miles when we almost stumbled into an ambush. We were not the target. As we entered a very large cavern from the south, a poorly guarded supply caravan entered from the north. I motioned for everyone to get down as the caravan was attacked. The fighting was furious, but brief. Both the attackers and defenders were orcs. I couldn't make out the markings of the attacking orcs, but they were likely deserters trying to survive after fleeing the siege of Calador. That the orcs were fighting amongst themselves was a good sign for my people.
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