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Author Topic: The Lore of Clan Goran - Chapter 10 - An End for Some  (Read 1474 times)
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« on: May 31, 2010, 06:42:51 AM »

Balten died a few hours after the battle.  He had died well, saving us with his sacrifice. The loss of both Meloc and Balten was a burden on my soul, like a great weight had been placed on me. Now there were just six of us, and we were all injured to some degree from fighting the beast. I hate to think we were lucky, with two dead, but if the creature hadn’t been grievously wounded by the orcs, we wouldn’t have survived. I still wonder why it hunted us; did we violate its hunting grounds, were we somehow a threat? We had done something wrong and two of died for that mistake.

I needed to decide whether we continued the patrol or turned back.  Had we learned enough to ensure that the Shadow had passed our clan by; were we secure enough to return to our old farms and hunting grounds? Now we were only six, and only the three brothers were truly warriors.  I had contributed little to the fight against the spawn and was likely a burden to the patrol due to my age. Our best scout, Meloc, was dead. We’d have to rely on the feral dwarf to keep us clear of the Shadow’s patrols. Could we go forward with any hope of success? In the end, I really had no choice, we had to go further east and find the Shadow’s host.

Before we could continue the patrol, we had one painful duty. We had to hide Meloc’s and Balten’s bodies.  There was no disguising that there had been a battle here, there was too much blood. We would leave at least some trail and the orc trackers were too skilled to miss that we had passed here.  What we had to do was disguise who we were; we couldn’t let them know that we were dwarves or we put the entire clan at risk. Ammos, our master of stone, found a crevice large enough to take the bodies.  He believed it was deep enough and likely with water near the bottom that it would hide the bodies from all but the most determined carrion hunters.  They both deserved a proper burial, but we had no option and their bodies were returned unceremoniously to the earth. I did insist however that we took the time to speak of their deeds and commend their spirits to the gods.

The last act I took before we broke our hasty camp was to take Meloc’s axe and give it to the feral dwarf. We had never allowed him a weapon before as the clan felt he could not be trusted. I disagreed, and I took the time to right an old wrong. He was surprised when I gave him the weapon and ensured him that there was nothing wrong, the weapon was now his. I don’t know if there is any custom among the feral dwarves on weapon rights, but it was clear that my giving him the axe was very important to him. I was also tired of referring to him as a thing, an animal, he deserved a name. I reached back into our history and chose the name Horak for him.  In our legends Horak led our people out of the north and into the Kaladruns.  Horak was a great scout and trailblazer. We needed our Horak to do the same.
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