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Author Topic: Posting Guidelines (Clarion Quietus)  (Read 6263 times)
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Doomed Hero

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« on: May 25, 2010, 12:32:03 PM »

We will be using Arnon's awesome Language Color Schema (found here) This will make it quite easy to determine if your character understands what is being said or not. Erdane does not have a "Common Tongue". Trader's Tongue and Erenlander is the closest that it gets. (Expect to see a lot of Yellow and Orange text) I highly recoment using the default black and grey site theme, rather than the Resistance one for viewing. A lot of the lighter colors just don't show up well on the Resistance background.

Text in Italics will be used to represent a character's internal monologue, and should also be in the appropriate color. (whatever language your character normally thinks in will do fine)

There are a number of rare, non-standard languages in Midnight (Sylvan probably being the most common, spoken by Dire Animals). For those languages we will use an apropriate color (khaki for sylvan, red for infernal, ect.) and we'll use Spoiler buttons next to a parenthetic labeling the language) Should look like this:

(click to show/hide)

the code for all that looks like this-


[color=khaki]"Rar. Ima Bear!"[/color][/spoiler]

I am a total, unabashed tyrant when it comes to proper grammar and spelling. Spell check is awesome, please use it. We all occasionally make mistakes, but if it's persistent I may get all net-rage at you. If I see Text Speak or Emoticons (including smilies) in the IC thread, I will destroy you in a ball of fiery death.

Fiery. Death.

Whenever possible, it's nice to break up the blocks of text by using the return button. In books we indent paragraphs for the same reason. In PbP we can use a lot of tricks like that, including the colored languages, different sized text, different fonts, ect. Get creative. Everyone will appreciate it.

To sum up-

Be colorful
Don't use these  Wink mrgreen Tongue oops twisted in game.
Dont talk 2 e/o lk this, EVAR!!!!!111
Block text sucks.
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Jack Chick, Abdul Alhazred, and Aleister Crowley walk into a bar...
Doomed Hero

Spell Energy / Taint +11/-4
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Posts: 4,907

« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2010, 08:41:48 PM »

One more thing-

The IC thread should, ideally, read like a novel. No discussions or mechanics go there. Only In Character roleplay and descriptions of actions.

The OOC thread is for basically everything else.

When posting actions for your characters, make sure to leave them "open-ended". I'll be handling the rolls, so you won't know when you initiate an action if it's going to work out or not.

So please don't say "Thog hacks into the orc's leg". Instead, say "Thog swings mightily..." then once I get the OOC mechanics rolled out and you find out the results, you can make another post (or maybe edit the original) to say "...and connects solidly with the orc's leg!"

Because of this style, we will make liberal, even excessive use of small "cliffhangers" while we wait for actions to be resolved.

Take a look at Gabboge's awesome midnight comic (it's stickied in the games and stories forum) That will give you a good idea of how I picture midnight. Everything simply drips with style. Think like Sin City and 300 and you'll be right on track.
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Doomed Hero

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« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2010, 12:44:36 PM »

Because I'm a sucker for style and good imagery, I tend to think of my games like a movie.


In the NPC roster I will include a section called Bodycast, which will essentially be a description of who would be playing that character in Clarion Quietus: The Movie, and a link to IMDB for ease of reference. This can not only give a powerful visual, but also can really help develop how a character talks and acts. A character Bodycast as Christopher Walken, for example, is going to have very different mannerisms than the same character Bodycast as Joe Pesci.

Theme Music

For major NPC's I'll also use their name as a link to that character's theme song, and will do the same when they have major scenes/ character moments, and sometimes even when their machinations are felt but they are not actually there. I'm a firm believer in the power of music as a storytelling tool. Think about Vader and the Imperial March, and you'll get it.

Musically, Midnight, to me is split between old-world orchestral music (like the Conan or Lord of the Rings soundtracks) for somber scenes and heavy metal (like 300) for battle.

If you feel you'd like to, I encourage you to both Bodycast your character, and come up with a Theme for them and add them to your character sheet, and when you feel it's appropriate, link the theme in the character's heading or speech, or during the action the music would be cued on if this were a movie. If you have a theme, and I'm posting something about you, I'll likely use it too.
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Doomed Hero

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« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2010, 01:51:53 AM »


This is the term I use for two very different styles of game play. "Crunch" refers to how detailed and specific the rules get. How many dice are rolled, how often, ect. A good way of thinking of Crunch in terms of storytelling is to think of it like cinematography in a movie. Scenes or games with a lot of crunch are like those moments in movies where time slows way down to show the audience tiny details that would otherwise be missed if things were viewed at a normal pace. (think like the fight scenes in 300) Scenes or games with little to no crunch move faster, and are more concerned with feel or outcome than detail (think like the fight scenes in The Bourne Supremacy)

Both are good and usefull, and as such I've developed a couple of rules that help enhance these ideas.

More Crunch-

The Prince of Persia Rule

There are always times when we act based on faulty information, regret it and want to take it back. In game this can happen if we misread something, or if we simply make an assumption that turns out to be false. For example, without the advantage of miniatures, things like spacing and cover become hard to gauge. Because of that, I allow players to adjust their actions if they post something that turns out not to work out the way they thought it would. Just post OOC that you didn't realize something and that you'd like to edit your action, and I'll nearly always allow it, with the following conditions:

No Chain Reactions. If someone else has posted based on the results of your action, your action is fixed and cannot be changed. Basically, the moment someone else responds directly to what you did, you've lost your window. If it's me responding based on what you did, It'll probably be ok to change it. I don't mind editing. I'm not going to make other players edit their posts to accommodate you though.

No re-rolls. If the action you change required a roll, the action which you change to will use the exact same roll. For example, if you moved and made an attack, and then realize that moving provoked an Attack of Opportunity and want to change your action to a ranged attack, you do not get a new attack roll. You just use the same number with a different bonus.

No Negations of Failure. If you screw up, you do not get to change your action to something which would make it impossible to perform the action which you screwed up. You botch a heal check that kills your buddy, you don't then get to say "oh, I didn't realize there was still an enemy left alive. I'd like to change that heal check to an attack roll."

Less Crunch-

The Let It Ride Rules

Once Is Enough
I hate it when GM's call for a giant sequence of identical rolls. "Make 8 survival checks" is never something you'll hear out of me. I also hate it when people ask to reroll non-critical checks they'd failed. No player of mine will ever get away with saying "Well, I didn't catch anything that time. I'll roll again". No. The only time rerolls are acceptable is when conditions have changed. If you mess up on that disable device check, you have two options- You can either Take 20 (which means investing a lot more time than you'd intended), or give up.

Tr/Aiding Another
Another pet peeve is the "chain of fools" approach to skill checks. Bob: "I failed my First Aid check. He's still bleeding. Steve: "My character makes a First Aid check"
NO. It doesn't work like that. In real life, people with the same skills working on the same problem at the same time don't wait in line to see who gets the best results. They help each other. For this reason, I've adjusted the Aid Another rules to be reactionary. If Bob fails his roll and Steve wants to help, he doesn't get to make a new roll, but he can make an Aid Another check to bump up Bob's result. As many people as want to can Aid, within reason. (A lot of people can help with survival checks to find food. Not so much with picking that lock)
This means that there are now two different approaches to Aid Another. Planned and Unplanned. With Planned Aid, the person with the highest bonus rolls, and everyone else Aids. In Unplanned Aid, the person to act first rolls, and everyone else Aids in sequence.

Carrying It Over
If you make a check you're happy with, you get to use that roll for as long as you want until conditions change. If you make a stealth check and no one beats it, and you're still in the same general environment after a conversation or event, you can use the same check result to continue being stealthy. Pretty much as long as your focus wasn't broken and no one successfully contested your result, you can use the results of a single check for as long as you'd like.

Skill Mastery Taking 10 is awesome and should be done more. There's a little known optional rule that I really like and implement in all my games- For non-opposed rolls, if your Skill Modifier +10 is greater than the DC of a task, you automatically succeed. This goes for everything. Yes, this means that at a certain point the Defender just isn't going to care about Attacks of Opportunity from movement. We all know he's going to make that Acro check. Hell, he should make it. That's one of the things the story is about. It means that later when Bigbad Nastyorc swats him out of the air, everyone will sit up and pay attention. This rule is not just about speeding up game play, it's also about establishing conventions. Watch any movie. They will spend about 3/4 of the story establishing a convention, and then they will break it for dramatic effect. (The Rundown is my favorite example. "Why don't you use guns?" "Bad things happen when I use guns.") The reason every movie does this is because it's awesome, which is why we're going to do it too.
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Doomed Hero

Spell Energy / Taint +11/-4
Gender: Male
Posts: 4,907

« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2011, 08:45:47 PM »

Getting Hit

At some point your character will take damage. I'll be posting the numbers in the OOC thread, but in an effort to reduce my workload and get people more involved in helping me tell the story, I'd like each player to be responsible for describing their own damage.

Basically, I'll post in OOC something like "Dorin gets hit in the head for 30 points of damage. His helmet of awesomeness reduces the damage to only 20 points. Dorin's damage threshold for a head wound is 10, so Dorin takes 10 points of Vitality and 10 Wounds."

The actual description of *how* that damage happened is entirely up to the player controlling the character taking the damage. Taking a hit generally means that you screwed up somehow. You should be in control of how your character's screw ups play out.

In this case, Sholano might say something like:

Dorin's overconfidence had gotten the best of him. The orc was far, far more deft than he had realized and the big dorn payed the price. The vardatch rang against his skull like a serrated hammer. Fighting unconsciousness he had enough of a capacity to be glad he'd remembered to put on his new helmet.

Or something like that.
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