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Author Topic: The Lore of Clan Goran - Chapter 9 - Something Wicked This Way Comes  (Read 1186 times)
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« on: May 24, 2010, 05:02:56 AM »

The dead bodies reinforced the urgency and danger of our mission. So far there had been little real threat and Iíll admit that I had let my guard down.  There was no room for error now; we could leave no mark of our passage.  Our camps would be cold, and our spoor collected and dumped in the deepest holes we could find. All that caution took time and slowed our pace dramatically. A child could have moved faster, but our caution would hopefully keep us alive for a few more days so we can find out how far the Shadow host has advanced.

For five days we inched east and were close to the main road from Calador to the Icewalls.  On the sixth days we found another body, this time torn apart by massive claws. The orcís armor was shredded. Whatever had killed him took the time to extract his heart and liver and left the rest. There was no creature I knew who did that. The body had been dead no more then a day and a half, two days at most. One body didnít disturb me that much; it was when we discovered the next two that I became concerned. They had the same wounds, were missing the same organs, and bore the same tribal marks.  Something was hunting a warband and the warband was fleeing.

I would have turned around then, but there was no other route we knew to the east.  The next day, we found the rest of the warband in a small cavern where they had made their stand. Meloc and the feral dwarf examined the scene and from what Meloc could tell me, there was more then just orc blood on the ground; they had hurt whatever had killed them.  The organs hadnít been harvested either, which gave me hope that the creature was badly injured. I didnít realize at the time that creature would be coming back for its prizes and we would be in the way.

We tried to put as much ground as we safely could from the site of the battle, but it was to no avail. The first sign we had that we were now the hunted was an echoing wail.  All attempts at stealth died then as we raced forward through the cavern seeking any place where we could make a stand. I could hear the creature running its claws along the walls as it seemed to herd us forward.  Its howls grew louder and louder and it had to be right on top of us.  We found a small space where the cavern narrowed and stopped to face the beast.  The gap was still at least three men wide and we tried to form a wall, but without heavy shields, we were vulnerable.

We waited long minutes knowing something was just outside our vision hiding in the darkness. I was sure it was examining our position looking for a weakness.  It was not a simple beast. Without warning it hurtled into the passage, almost overwhelming our line. It was massive, with four legs and two long, sharp pincers. I barely had time to raise my axe before it impaled Meloc. As it reared, I could see the damage done to it by the orcs, large wounds, and still weeping ichor. I wasnít the only one to see the wounds, and as a group we tried to get under it. Its speed and strength were incredible. I was hit a glancing blow by one of the pincers and was thrown a dozen feet. As I lay partially stunned, I saw Balten go into a berserk rage, flailing both of his axes again and again into the beast. Ignoring his own horrible wounds Balten continued to fight and finally drove both axes into the belly of beast, bringing it down. Ensuring it was dead we looked to our wounded. Meloc, my old friend, was dead, and Balten would soon follow him.  Baltenís wounds were too serious and I had neither the skill nor supplies to save him.
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