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Author Topic: The Lore of Clan Goran - Chapter 4 - Departure  (Read 1454 times)
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« on: April 19, 2010, 04:48:12 AM »

I was surprised how little time it took to prepare for our departure. Of all of us, only Ammos, Meloc and I had family who we left behind. For me, I had raised my children well and our last few days were spent in pleasant remembrances and an almost unremarked exchange of small gifts. I was leaving my old weapons, passed down through the generations behind in the care of my oldest son. In their place was a newly forged axe and minerís pick.  Good serviceable weapons and tools, but no where near the equal of what I was leaving behind. Melocís departure was much the same and he too bore a new weapon better suited to fighting without the protection of a shield.

Scouts had been sent to the listening posts to ensure the Shadow was not close when we unsealed one of the least used routes to the east. Work crews were ready to rapidly unseal and then reseal the route effectively cutting us off from retreat. We would not return by this route if we returned. We would find another road back assuming we could avoid the Shadow and not risk the hold. With all the activity, it seemed as if the entire clan was involved with the mission and would do anything they could to help us on our way. Busy hands help to take away thoughts of loss, fear, and hope.

I left the choosing of equipment to Meloc and the three brothers. They were more experienced as scouts and I knew they would choose wisely. Heavy armor was discarded as impractical and replaced with light mail and reinforced leather. Our boots were retooled to be smoother, with no exposed metal to reduce sound and to leave less visible tracks. Assorted tools, heavily braided rope, and numerous flasks of water and dried meat were gathered and stored in travel packs. Everything was oiled or padded to reduce sound. Noise travels, especially in the long, quiet caverns and any noise could alert those things that hunt in the dark.

I spent my last day at the Hall of Heroes, sitting beside the names of my father and grandfather. They had both been great men and had served as loregivers and war party leaders. They would approve of my actions and I hoped that their spirits would watch over me. I prayed for their strength and wisdom and simply enjoyed the quiet of the setting. While here, there were no visitors, no well wishers, family members, or warriors offering advice.  I was alone with my thoughts and at peace. Before leaving, I ran my hand along the smooth stone underneath my fatherís name.  My name would go here if I did not return. Even if my body were far away, my spirit would return here to be with my family.
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