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Author Topic: The Lore of Clan Goran - Chapter 2 - A Way Ahead  (Read 1451 times)
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« on: March 29, 2010, 04:47:01 AM »

Just a brief note before this week's chapter.  I'm on vacation with the family next week so there'll be a one week break in the action.


Iíve spent most of the past year critically looking at what meager resources the clan retained. Our hunting grounds are poor, a series of small caverns to the west; often several days of hard marching away. Our farms are limited by space and fresh water. With what we had available before, no efforts had been made over the past centuries to expand or improve marginal areas.  There had been no need to waste resources when food was plentiful. Easily extracted ore is also in short supply, especially high quality iron. Finally water, our lifeblood is slowly declining. With limited snowfall on the surface feeding the underground lakes, we are very slowly draining our reservoirs.

I was not alone in the knowledge that we would slowly starve.  Most of the elders knew that in the long run, probably no more then ten years, we would be forced to leave the hold or make the hard choice of who should live and who should die. I would not allow us to reach that point. There had to be some hope, some way to improve the food supply without alerting the Shadow to our presence. A risk had to be taken and better by me, then by those who had a full life ahead of them.

My plan was very simple; a reconnaissance by a small group of clansmen to determine the status of the war, how close the Shadow was to the hold, and if there was a way to re-access lost resources. The patrol should be small, with skilled trackers, men familiar with the terrain and able to fight if necessary. Everyone should be expendable; the aged, those without families, and those with injuries that limit their ability to aid the hold. All should be clansmen who would not be missed if the patrol failed. As an aging loregiver, with a well trained relief and grandchildren who were already skilled in their crafts, I was unnecessary, just another mouth to feed, perfectly suited for the probably doomed patrol.

When I spoke of my plan to the elders, there was little objection, more a sign of relief.  Some attempt was made to dissuade me from participating, saying I was too valuable to the clan, but I knew this was more out of loyalty then truth.  Conversation quickly turned to the practical, when we should go, who should go with me, how to protect the clan, and countless other small details.  Fortunately, our need and my determination forced a quick decision and I was given choice of the team and leadership of the patrol. I was touched by their trust and I could see their respect for me; that I was willing to make a sacrifice that they did not have the strength to do.
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