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Author Topic: The Lore of Clan Goran - Chapter 1 - Lifeline  (Read 1251 times)
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« on: March 22, 2010, 04:28:33 AM »

Welcome to the new serial, the Lore of Clan Goran. This story is about a clan that has successfully hidden itself away from the Shadow's armies but is slowly dying nonetheless. The protagonist seeks a way to save his clan and provide hope for the future.  I hope it will get across the desperation and danger under the Kaladruns in the Last Age.


In my hands I hold one of the clan’s greatest treasures, the journals of my grandfather, our former loregiver. Through his wisdom and sacrifices, the clan endures and has at least some hope that we will survive the doom stalking the dwarven people. His final words, written over the period of two arcs, have proven more valuable then any book written since the fortresses along the Ice Wall fell.  His simple words and observations have helped keep us hidden for the past eight years. We may be the last of our people north of Calador; if even that city survives.

“It has been four years since we sealed all passages to the east, cutting us off from our old allies and the main trade road to Calador. It was with shame and a heavy heart that we turned our back on the other clan holds and the war with the Shadow in an attempt to save the clan. I bear a share of responsibility as a clan elder and loregiver for that decision. I knew we could not stand against the Shadow’s hordes and had already lost irreplaceable warriors trying to hold the line to the north. We could not survive a siege and there was no hope that once cutoff, that any help would arrive.

That decision, isolation, cowering in the dark, was the only choice we had.  I do not regret what we did, only how it was accomplished. Too much was lost.  Excellent farmlands, grazing areas for our herds, rich veins of ore, and plentiful fresh water were all denied to us. At the time we thought those areas were too exposed; that using them would alert the Shadow to our presence and their hounds would track us to our hold. It’s true that for four years we have seen no trace of the Shadow; no whispers in the darkness or missing patrols. The Shadow has forgotten us, or more aptly, never knew we existed.

While we have eluded the Shadow, a new specter stalks my people; starvation. Each year our food supplies have dwindled and our herds dangerously culled to feed our population. The decline can not be sustained and I can already see some among our elders wasting away, unwilling to be a burden on the clan. I am one such elder, who has seen too many years and will not allow my grandchildren to suffer.  Something must be done and done quickly.”
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