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Author Topic: The Book of the Fallen - Chapter 13 - Confrontation  (Read 1396 times)
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« on: March 08, 2010, 05:51:11 AM »

With no word from Alvedara, the school ceased to function. The Keeper was more open in displaying the powers granted him by the Riding Host and his circle of sycophants would do anything to please him. Flush with his power, the Keeper demanded that he be named Abbot and given complete control. The remaining Sahi split into three factions, the traditionalists led by Sahi Hamad, the Keeper’s fanatics, and a small group of elderly Sahi led by the prayer master Amahd, who wanted no part in the growing feud. Sahi Amahd had tried to find a way to heal the breach in the ranks of the Sahi but no one was interested in compromise.

The feud came to a head as the Keeper attempted to move into the Abbot’s tower. Sahi Hamad and the guards moved to intercept. The Keeper tried to push Sahi Hamad aside screaming that Dal Sahaad had chosen him to be the voice of the gods and to purge the faithless, like he did with the Abbot. With that statement Sahi Hamad lost all composure and called the Keeper a murderer and a follower of false gods. The Keeper’s eyes went wild and he said you will die for your slander and raised his hands as if to strike Sahi Hamad. Before the Keeper could touch him, a strange darkness shot from the Keeper’s hands and hit Sahi Hamad. Without warning, Sahi Hamad slumped to the floor.

The memory of those few minutes is etched into my mind. Sahi Hamad falling, then Sahi Tayam reaching down to his friend and screaming that he was dead. In the first few moments, I could see the initial shock on the Keeper’s face, maybe his last moment of sanity, as he realized that he had killed a man.  The shock was quickly replaced with a wild glee and a cackling laugh as the Keeper declared that the will of the Riding Host had been done. Then I leapt forward pushing the Keeper back, almost toppling him to the floor.  I pounded on his chest saying that he had killed Sahi Hamad; it was not the will of the gods but his lust for power. I could see the hatred in his eyes as Sahi Tayam pulled me away and the guards moved to arrest him.

I have great respect for the guards who tried to do their duty and arrest the Keeper. With less then a dozen men the guard captain moved against a man who had killed a senior Sahi with one gesture and was surrounding by dozens of fanatical followers. It was then that Sahi Amahd showed both wisdom and his strength, getting between the guards and the Keeper’s followers. He told the Keeper and his followers to leave the hall and wait while word was sent to both the Sussar and the Sorshef Council. The Keeper looked down on the aged Sahi and bowed briefly before turning to leave with his followers. In the morning, the Keeper and all his supporters were gone. Thankfully, I would never see him again, but he would and continues to reach out for me and those I loved to punish me for my actions.
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