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Author Topic: The Beginning of Enlightenment - A Child's Tale  (Read 2057 times)
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Spell Energy / Taint +12/-3
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« on: March 02, 2010, 08:13:48 PM »

A little fireside tale I thought up today.  Hopefully it adds a little history and talks to how the Sahi teach and monitor the stars. 


The Beginning of Enlightenment - A Child’s Tale

“Children, gather round.  Now that the horses have been tended and our meal is over, it’s time for your lessons.  Your parents have tasked me to strengthen your minds and teach you knowledge that the Dark God, the Sleeper in the Wastes, fears. What I will tell you tonight, is the first step in a lifetime of learning. Pay attention and hear what our people have fought to preserve, what you will fight for when you gain your horse rights.

Now, turn your backs to the fire and close your eyes. Lift your heads to the heavens and slowly count to twenty. I’m watching, so keep your eyes closed. Once you’ve reached twenty, slowly open your eyes. Your eyes will adjust to the darkness, and away from the fire’s light you can see the true majesty of the Riding Host. Look to the east, the brightest star that is the Eye of Dal Sahaad, the leader of the Host. Focus on that star, let everything else start to fade and you’ll see his shape form. 

Can you see it?

He is riding a great horse at full gallop.  Let your eyes widen and you’ll see the other riders racing behind him; the great heroes of the ages. I will tell you more of them on another night, but tonight we focus on Dal Sahaad. He is the leader of the host, the founder of the Sarcosan Empire who brought peace and enlightenment to our people. His judgment is swift and righteous, smiting those who would prey on the weak or serve the Corruptor. He brings us strength and his deeds speak of wisdom and honor. Our traditions and laws are based on his words given to our people in the First Age of Man in our homeland far across the ocean.

I can see you have questions.  Yes, the land we walk is not our first home. We came as explorers and civilizers bringing order to Eredane and uniting all people from the Pale Sea to the frozen lands of the north. The Host foretold our passage and the greatness we would achieve. Our kingdom fell when we turned away from the heavens and ignored Dal Sahaad’s guidance and laws. Gone were the concerns for justice, replaced with greed and jealousy. We allowed the Corrupter to spread his lies and shatter our unity. Many of our people are chained by iron, greed, or fear. They are ignorant of the wisdom of the Sorshef.  The Shadow is afraid that the people will return to honoring the Riding Host and has hunted down my brother Sahi seeking to extinguish the faint spark that remains. I am of that spark and you will be the fire that rages through the Sarcosan people.

How do I know this? I have patiently watched for a sign from the stars. Look again at Dal Sahaad. Follow the line of stars that runs from his body.  That is the Lance of Karshan, the slayer of dragons. In my youth, the lance was at rest, facing almost due north.  Now the lance is readied for the charge. The Host rides to war and urges us to join in that battle. Dal Sahaad believes the faithful are ready to restore what was ours and strike a deadly blow to the Shadow. Soon, all the Free Riders will gather and sweep the darkness from our land. Don’t worry; you won’t miss your chance.  There is still time to learn and gain your saddle.  Dal Sahaad’s message will take time to spread and the faithful have to rise from across the plains. The time of childish games is over, by the turn of the year you must be ready to ride with the warriors and maybe earn your place as one of the great heroes of the Riding Host.”

Spell Energy / Taint +6/-1
Posts: 1,856

« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2010, 08:22:13 PM »

That's pretty, cool. I think I'll nick that my my tabletop Midnight game.

I like the cut of your jib. How do I subscribe to your newsletter?
Avatar of the Witch Queen

Spell Energy / Taint +8/-4
Gender: Male
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« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2010, 10:04:45 PM »

Very cool, Kane.
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