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Author Topic: Althorin’s Bill  (Read 1614 times)
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« on: August 17, 2006, 08:50:06 AM »

Althorin’s Bill

In the 3rd year of the Last Age a force of Orcs and Oruks led by the dragon Amorktia
descended upon the Elven coastal city of Althorin. The Caransil defenders fought bravely but were butchered, their only success was in bringing low the Shadow-sworn dragon, Amorktia.

When the dreaded Amortika collapsed into the fiery courtyard breathing her last breath the Caransil attacked. Every man, woman, and child that could still stand and fight rushed from their shelters, basements, and crumbling battlements into the courtyard of molten stone. Crippled, but not yet dead Amortika lashed out at the mob. Fiery breath, talons, and snapping teeth took a horrible toll but the defenders were many compared to her one. With bricks, chunks of rubble, and broken blades they vented the fury of a home lost on Amorktia’s scaly form. One fey, whose name has never been discovered, struck the final blow to Amorktia and rammed a spear through her remaining eye. The dragon’s death throes crushed or pitched the remaining defenders. As the molten courtyard cooled the Caransil defenders butchered the colossal corpse of that dragon, fears of another Zardrix rising to fight for the Shadow spurred them on even as Oruk’s ran through Althorin’s crumbling streets.

Some of the Caransil escaped that final battle. Many of those that escaped carried trophies from that final stand; pieces of the dragon Amortika. Knowing the inherent power in the dragon they hoped to deny the price to the Shadow and gain something from the destruction from their city.

They were successful. The Order of the Shadow was unable to salvage the corpse for their unholy rites.

The armies that had encircled Althorin captured most of those retreating. Their bloody treasures followed them into Oruk stewpots. Several of the Caransil were able to break through the lines and retreat, one of those bloody and ash stained fey soldiers that escaped carried the greatest prize of all, the broken spear that killed Amortika.

That soldier fed back to Caradul where the spear was presented to Aradil. Taking advantage of the power that the item already possessed it was ensorcelled to increase those powers. Althorin’s Bill has been a potent symbol for the elves, a reminder that some victory can be gained from a defeat.

Althorin’s Bill has been wielded by numerous fey, having been lost several times but always seeming to appear when needed. It has become part of the weapon’s legend, always appearing on the eve of a hopeless battle. The fey take a grim pleasure in the spear’s appearance, knowing that they will likely die in a coming battle but that a valuable prize will be denied to the Shadow and won by the elves.

The spear was last seen in the hands of a Danasil demon-hunter in 38LA at the Fall of Kassundaja.

Appearance: Althorin’s Bill appears to be a bloodstained oak shaft 5 ’ long with one end splintered and the other end capped with a simple steel pin. When its powers are awakened the spear changes in appearance. The splintered end vanishes and is replaced by a pitted metal blade that has a faint silvered glow. The wooden shaft grows from 5 ’ to 8’ making the weapon 9’ in total height. A large red and white banner stitched with black lettering appears tied just under the spearhead with golden rope. The lettering spells, in High Elven, “The Price of Althorin”.

Althorin’s Bill only functions in the hands of an Elven fey and even then only in times of dire need. When the bearer is in serious danger of death from minions of the Shadow the weapon will change from a broken shaft to its more deadly spear form. All powers below are only active and accessible when the item has changed to its spear shape. In it’s first form Althorin’s Bill acts as a short spear, when it changes to it’s more powerful form the stats shift to a long spear.

1st –The spear illuminates a large area with a silvery glow. The wielder and all creatures fighting the Shadow within a 60’ radius are affected as per the Bless spell. The glow also acts as a Light spell, also with a 60’ radius.

4th – The long spear glow increases in intensity and power. The wielder and all creatures allied against the Shadow within a 60’ radius are affected as per the Prayer spell. The glow also acts as a Light spell with a 120’ radius. This effect replaces the Bless power from 1st level.

8th – Althorin’s Bill gains a +1 enchantment bonus to hit and damage.

12th – The longspear’s critical range is increase from 20 / x3 to 19-20 / x4

16th – Althorin’s Bill gains + 2 enchantment bonus to hit and damage.

20th – Althorin’s Bill’s wielder gains Spell Resistance 18 while the spear is held.

Credit to The Fury of the Shadow writers for the idea
By Harrowed

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