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Author Topic: The Book of the Fallen - Chapter 8 - Growing Concerns  (Read 1438 times)
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« on: February 03, 2010, 06:56:24 AM »

The first half of the year went quickly.  I was too busy to worry about my limited faith or see the growing rift in the school. It was Sahi Tayam, my mentor, who opened my eyes to the problems in the school. One night, just after second prayers, he asked me if I had heard anything from the other students about problems with the Keepers of the Book.  Sahi Tayam was concerned that the Keepers were becoming even more distant from the rest of the school. I hadnít heard anything, but I agreed to talk to those students I knew and trusted.

After two days of cautious questions, I knew something wasnít right. Several of the scholars, to include the Keeper, missed one or more of the nightly services with no excuse. Student access to the lower levels of the library was restricted and few of the scholars took part in the communal meals. Most telling was that the student serving Sahi Albractus was dismissed and was not replaced. I tried to talk to that student, but he was withdrawn and refused to say anything, and ended up leaving the school within an arc.  After his departure, Albractus was even more arrogant then before, with a smug and condescending smile.

The strangest change was in the Keeper.  He became very interested in the students, taking an active role in instruction. Over a period of days the Keeper took time to speak to each student, questioning them on their background and their knowledge of the Riding Host. My talk with the Keeper did not go well. I did not appreciate his manner, his disdain for the Abbot, Sahi Hamad, and Sahi Tayam, and the thought that he felt he could judge me. Still some of the students were swayed by the Keeperís words and fervent faith.  I could see divisions beginning to form among the students.

Rumors spread quickly among the students in the dormitory. Whispers of hidden meetings, arguments between the Abbot and the Keeper, and between the Keeper and Sahi Hamad, were commonplace. The school, never strongly united, appeared to be fracturing. While most of students didnít care or saw the rumors as a relief from our daily routine, I knew, even then, that a storm was coming.  I had seen the fanaticism and vitriol in Sahi Albactrusís eyes and nightly saw the tension and anger in Sahi Tayam.  I thought there would be a fight for the control of the school, possibly between the Abbot and the Keeper.  I never imagined the horror that would come.
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