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Author Topic: The Book of the Fallen - Chapter 7 - Life at the School  (Read 1423 times)
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« on: January 25, 2010, 07:53:43 AM »

At first I was blissfully unaware of the problems at the school.  My life was dominated by my studies and various duties.  The schoolís schedule revolved around the hours of darkness and the cycles of the moon. Much of our study was conducted under the stars with the instructors providing the history and importance of each of the riders as well as his place in the host. All students had to attend prayers at twilight, when the moon reached its apogee, and dawn. I and the other students quickly became nocturnal, sleeping through the heat of the day.

Besides prayers and our studies, each student was assigned to one of the Sahi as both servant and ward. The student was required to clean and maintain the Sahiís quarters, run small errands, and assist in gathering materials for class or further research. The theory was that the senior Sahi would act as mentors and not treat the students as slaves. I was fortunate in being assigned to Sahi Tayam, an instructor and assistant to Sahi Hamad, the leader of the school. He treated me well, and over the year I was there we became quite close. In the future, that relationship would mark me for death.

Some of the students were less fortunate, being assigned to Sahi who treated them as chattel.  Amongst the worse was Sahi Albactrus, one of the scholars.  He is the only Sahi who I knew physically abused the students. Albactrus was also the Keeperís rabid dog, trained to chastise students and staff for perceived violations of the Book of Sahi. Fortunately, Albactrus was an anomaly.  Most of the Sahi, including the scholars, were interested in passing on their knowledge to the students and treated them with some respect.

Once each week, we spent the day cleaning and doing minor repairs around the school.  The buildings were very old and with so few students and staff, it was almost impossible to keep in good order. Certain areas; the upper floors of the dormitory, unused storerooms, and the vaults underneath the temple, were sealed off and left untouched.  Almost a third of the complex had been effectively abandoned.  Rumors spread of secret meetings among students or liaisons with women from the city in dust filled rooms, safely away from prying eyes. Over the course of the year, the dark corners of the school held many secrets and hid a growing cancer until it was too late to act.
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