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Author Topic: The Book of the Fallen - Chapter 3 - Coming of Age  (Read 1445 times)
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« on: December 29, 2009, 09:09:01 AM »

As I approached my fourteenth birthday and my coming of age ceremony, my relationship with my family and friends began to fray.  The coming of age ceremony was not an event I was looking forward to.  Unlike my brothers and cousins, achieving manhood meant an end to life with my family and a future serving gods I wasn't sure even existed.  Gone was the chance to ride with the great herds, fight with bow and lance for the High King, or run one of the family's many businesses.  Instead I would be sent to further my education with the Sorshef and follow the dictates of the stars.

For the arc before my ceremony, the family made festive preparations, regardless of my mood or participation.  In the open grass outside our estate, great tents were erected and a huge fire pit was dug and lined with bricks for the coming feast.  My uncles, cousins, and family friends would all gather to watch me become a man and then have it stripped from me as I donned the robs of a novice Sahi.  My family believed in the power of tradition and they would mark the date that my father's last son achieved his horse rights and was a man, regardless of my childish tantrums.

The last few days before the ceremony I acted every bit the spoiled child.  I was rude to my family and the servants who did nothing to deserve my wrath or disrespect.  I did things that shame me even now, with all I've done to survive over the years.  My father, thankfully, ignored my temper.  Now at the end of my life I believe that my father knew that my actions were not truly directed at him but at my perceived fate.

The ceremony itself went as best it could.  While I was not happy to be leaving to join the Sorshef, I was not going to lessen myself in the eyes of my cousins and friends.  I stood tall and performed the rite flawlessly.  At the end my father proclaimed my horse rights and gifted me an exceptional stallion; far more then I deserved.  My brothers gave me a rider's saddle and the traditional Sarcosan long hunting knife. I was, and still am, touched by their gifts.  At that moment I knew that the family understood my pain and did not see me as being any lesser of a man by becoming a Sahi.  In the coming years of darkness, I would hold firm to that memory; a shining beacon of my life at its best, before the Shadow destroyed all of it.
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