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Author Topic: The Book of the Fallen - Chapter 2 - Ramaz ibn Marsoud  (Read 1467 times)
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« on: December 21, 2009, 08:28:14 AM »

I was born in 865th year of the Third Age on my family’s estate on the shores of the Kasmael Sea. I was named after my uncle who had served as a Captain of Lancers along the Fortress Wall; a hero of great note and formerly the governor of Hallisport. My family was one of the most powerful in the southeast, with substantial business in Hallisport and herds that numbered in the thousands on the Erin Plains. The Marsouds were the defacto leaders of Hallisport and were honored in even the High King’s court. Now I am all that is left of the Marsouds; our people killed or sacrificed to the Dark God and our name erased from the buildings and stele of Hallisport.

I was the third son, a late addition to the Marsoud family. My oldest brother was twelve years my senior and gained his horse rights before I could walk. My next older brother was almost ten years older and was rapidly becoming a man, travelling with the herdsmen and learning life on the plains.  My closest siblings were my three sisters who doted on me and included me in their games and petty intrigues.

In many ways I was more like my sisters then my brothers. My brothers favored my father and were broad of shoulder and would grow into great warriors.  I, unfortunately, favored my mother and was smaller, and would never be able to match my brothers in strength or skill at arms. My size and order of birth helped to determine my fate. As the third child, I was to be given over to the gods as a servant.  My family followed the old Sarcosan traditions and still considered it both a duty and honor to serve the Sorshef.

My early life was devoted to learning to read and speak Courtier, the art of Calligraphy, and how to use numbers to calculate the movements of the stars. While I was still given some time to ride and learn basic skills with sword and bow, I spent most of my days with the family’s old Sahi advisor, Tariq.  In many ways Tariq was a surrogate father and my best friend.  He was caring and understood my frustration with a life path that I had not chosen.  His simple wisdom and steady demeanor helped me get through an often emotional childhood.  Even in my later disgrace, I tried to live up to his example and help those around me, even if I could not help myself.
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