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Author Topic: The Book of the Fallen - Chapter 1 - I Have Stared into the face of Great Evil  (Read 1275 times)
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« on: December 14, 2009, 10:18:08 AM »

I am old and death is not far away, so there is no longer a reason to hide my identity.  I am Ramaz ibn Marsoud; third and last son of the once proud Marsouds. In my youth, I was trained to be a Sahi, a speaker for the Riding Host, dispenser of wisdom, and guide to the less fortunate.  I failed at every task, bringing shame and destruction to the Sahi and my family. I should have died long ago, but my cowardly spirit and will to survive easily outweighed my honor.  I know my weaknesses, but they are unimportant now.  What is important is that some record survives of how a great evil was born.

The events I am about to relate all began at the once great Sahi school at Sharuun in the 880th year of the Third Age. Every day of that year is burned into my mind.  I have gone over and over my actions to see if I could have done something, anything, to prevent what occurred.  Even though my companions over the years have tried to convince me that I was powerless to change what happened, I know one thing for certain; I took no action, no risk, while those around me died or lost their souls to the Shadow from the North.

Now that Iíve started to put the past into words, you can judge whether I am guilty or innocent.  By the time you read this journal I will likely be dead, but maybe you can pray for my soul and those brave few who tried to stand against the oncoming tide.  I canít tell you if the gods will hear your prayers for I lost what little faith I had that fateful year in Sharuun.  If the gods still exist, they have turned their eyes away from their children.

Editors note: Just a brief note to let you know that chapter one is just the preamble, to set the mood.  This serial is different from Bryaldís Journal which was written as the events occurred.  In the Book of the Fallen, the author already knows everything that happened and is relating the tale from his memory almost 50 years into the future. The author is a broken man, who has watched everything he valued be destroyed or wrested away from him.
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