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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - Part 23 - Relief  (Read 1309 times)
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« on: December 07, 2009, 08:29:05 AM »

The orcs did not attack again and the winter was uneventful. The wounded that survived the first night recovered and the company was left with just seventy-two men. The Dorns had suffered as well and had lost half of their men dead or crippled. The Dorn Sergeant Dulthas died in the breach and Sergeant Yorin had his shield arm crushed; he’d never be able to use the arm again. I was the ranking Corporal now and was given more responsibility for running the company.

As the snows started to melt the Mhor of Clan Bannoch returned. He met with the Captain and surveyed the damage to the fort and reviewed what was left of the Dornish company. The Mhor would remain for several days, sending his scouts north toward the orc warrens. The scouts found the warrens partially abandoned and signs of fighting.  The tribe was a shadow of its former strength; and at least for now, was not a threat.

When the Mhor left he took the Dorn company with him and promised to send proper masons to repair the walls. I was sad to see the Dorns leave.  I had many friends amongst them and knew that without them my company would have died here. Small gifts were exchanged between our two companies, long knives, keepsakes, and loot taken from the orcs and the caravan. The Dorns valued our help, and no matter what they thought about the High King, we at least had stood with them against the Shadow.

An arc later a fresh company of men came to relieve us.  I could see the fear on their faces as they saw the fort, the mass graves, and what little was left of our company. I could see myself in their faces; what I had been less then a year ago. I have changed.  I have seen the strength of the Shadow and know the threat is real and growing. I was truly a soldier now and would be one until my body was buried in the northlands. While most of my company will leave the High King’s service, I will stay and lead a fresh company here for the next winter. I will not leave my Dornish friends and let another shoulder the burden of defending the realm.
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