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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - Part 20 - The Oncoming Storm  (Read 1504 times)
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« on: November 16, 2009, 06:57:14 AM »

The last scout patrol returned two days ago with grim news, the orcs were moving south. The fort was like an ant hill that had been kicked; the snow was cleared from the battlements, braces were placed along the weaker western wall and to support the gate, and tarp covered barrels of arrows and spears were placed every thirty feet along the wall.  The soldiers sharpened their weapons for the hundredth time, went armored at all times, and rations were increased to help build our strength.

The strangest preparation was the Dorns erecting large, wooden frame towers behind the walls.  At the top of the towers were barrels of pitch that would be poured over the towers just before the attack.  The Dorns were going to light the towers on fire to provide light for the defenders that the orcs couldn’t extinguish.  The orcs were likely to attack at night and the Dorns were going to try to take away their advantage. 

We could hear the orcs before we could see them. They were loud, chanting in a guttural tongue that I couldn’t understand. The sound was powerful and unnerving and you could see its effect on the men. In response, the Dorns starting beating on their shields and knowing that my men needed to overcome their fear, I ordered them to follow suit.  Soon all along our walls, men were beating on their shields.  They were facing death, but they would stand firm and sell their lives dearly.

From out of the darkness, the orcs charged.  The Dorns lit the towers and the fort was bathed in light. I couldn’t count how many orcs there were; at least a thousand, likely twice that. There were other dark shapes behind them, possibly siege weapons. Our Captain yelled for the archers to take their positions and hold their fire. The men around me mumbled prayers and tightened their grip on shields and swords. I could feel the tension rising in me, and even though the air was freezing, I could feel the sweat running down my back. In moments the orcs would be on us.
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