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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - part 19 - A World of White  (Read 1262 times)
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« on: November 09, 2009, 07:33:25 AM »

Coming from Erenhead with all the weather coming off the Sea of Pelluria, I thought I had seen bad winter weather, but I was wrong.  This close to the wastes, the snows came early and often. We had very few days without at least some snow and even when it didnít snow, the winds would whip fallen powder into our faces. Snow drifted everywhere, feet deep, and it was a daily battle to keep the yard cleared enough to conduct our drills.  Standing on the walls, as far as I could see, the world was white.

Even with the bone chilling cold, the Dorns insisted on sending out patrols and even a few hunting parties for fresh meat. They didnít seem to feel the cold the way I did and would often wander the fort in simple fur vests which allowed them to keep their arms free.  I was also amazed by their hunters, who fashioned sledges to carry home their kills.  Every few days, a hunting party would return dragging two to three sledges full of fresh meat. The meat was well received and nights spent around the spits helped bind the Dorns and Erenlanders even tighter, making us one force against the Shadow.

Late in the arc of Hisha, the Dorn hunting parties ended.  The scouts had seen spoor of the orcs moving closer to the fort and sending out small hunting parties was now too dangerous. To make matters worse, the scout reports were not good.  The orcs had completed their warrens and were sending out warbands in large arcs around their new home.  The warbands numbered between two to four hundred heavily armed warriors. The Dorns believed that the orcs had about 3,000 blooded warriors; almost ten times our number. The only good news was that for some reason the orcs were keeping most of their warriors north of the warrens. 

As the winter deepened, I spent more time in the Captainís quarters pouring over maps and plotting the scout reports. The Captain was convinced that the orcs had been pushed south by a rival tribe, which limited the amount of warriors they could send against us. The threat against the orcs was a mixed blessing as they would likely see our fort as a strongpoint they could use to defend their tribe. The recent scout reports did nothing to dissuade the Captain that an attack would occur before the end of the year. The Captain wasnít the only one who thought an attack was coming, the whole fort had a sense of impending doom; a doom we couldnít avoid.
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