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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - Part 18 - Growing into the role  (Read 1237 times)
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« on: November 02, 2009, 07:30:47 AM »

The first few days after the attack were busy but somber, with the loss of friends telling on the men.  Guards were doubled along the wall and the gate was sealed. The few patrols that went out left on foot and were lowered over the walls.  The gate wouldn’t open again until the spring when House Falon came to relieve their clansmen. I, like most of the soldiers in my company, wondered if we’d still be here in the spring.

As we tried to get back into a normal routine, I spent more and more time with Sergeants Yorin and Dulthas. They didn’t give me much direct guidance, but showed me through their actions how to lead and what would be expected of me by my men.  Just the thought that they were “my” men was strange.  Days ago I was just another soldier and now I was leading a platoon of forty men. I was up with the dawn, leading sword drill, and ensuring the watches are properly manned. It was surprising how easily I slipped into the role. It felt right and fortunately my new role was quickly accepted by the men. Many of them believed I was lucky, responsible for them surviving the night of knives.

The only disturbing event of the first few days after the attack was my meeting with the two Dorn Loremasters.  These two had turned back the darkness and helped to capture the legate, and were treated with reverence by the rest of the Dorns.  I spent a morning with them, answering questions about my family, my experiences, and just what I felt before waking up on the night of the attack.  By all accounts I should have been sleeping just like all the others.  I had eaten the same food, drunk the stale ale, but somehow I woke as if I sensed the danger. I couldn’t explain it, but the Dorns told me they knew why Mother Erma was so interested in reading my fortune.  She, like them, had sensed a spark in me, some gift of the ancestors; a destiny.

Everyone wants to believe that there is something special about them, something that makes them greater then the people around them. Now confronted with the feeling that there was some truth in what the Dorns were telling me, what should I do? Did I have something guiding me, something that wanted me here, now? Thinking about it was driving me crazy, so I tried to put it out of my mind. I would forge my own future, make my own mistakes, do my duty, and lead my platoon.  I was sure that before the winter was over, I’d get a chance to prove if I had a destiny or not.
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