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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - Part 16 - Aftermath  (Read 1407 times)
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« on: October 19, 2009, 06:28:55 AM »

The Dorns captured the doomsayer, three other members of the caravan, and two mercenaries. The rest of the attackers were either killed in the fighting or took their own lives. I donít know how many of the attackers were killed but I knew how many of our own that had died.  Twenty-eight men of my company were murdered in their drugged sleep and three more killed at the gate. Fortunately no more died freeing the Dorns, but we had a few that were seriously wounded.  The Dorns had far fewer dead then I expected; probably due to their not being drugged and having time to don armor.  Still they had sixteen dead and almost three times that many wounded, burned, or overcome by the smoke.

Over the next few hours, the fires were put out, the dead collected, and patrols were prepared to scout the area around the fort once the sun came out.  With the unexpected horror of the attack, the men needed to stay busy and have some sense of order. I found myself in charge of searching the caravan wagons and breaking them up to be used as fuel for the pyre.  The men took my orders without complaint, anxious to burn away the events of the last day.

By dawn, the pyre was burning and the first patrols went out.  A proper head count was done and the true cost was clear.  Thankfully Sergeant Yorin was still alive, but three of the companyís four corporals were dead.  The Captain was alive, but just barely; the poison still being purged from his body.  The Dorn Sergeant Dulthas was alive but seriously wounded.  The attackers had targeted our leadership first and very nearly killed them all. Their plan was well executed and had come very close to succeeding.

Once we had completed clearing the yard, Sergeant Yorin pulled me aside.  The Captain, even though bedridden, wanted to meet with his remaining company and squad leaders. On our way to the Captainís quarters I was told that I was now in charge of second platoon and was promoted to Corporal. Sergeant Yorin said my promotion was well deserved although all I had done was kill three women and a dog. I didnít feel worthy to replace a Corporal who had years of experience on the Fortress Wall. How could I be expected to lead men when I had no more experience then they did?

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