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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - Part 15 - Retaking the Fort  (Read 1412 times)
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« on: October 12, 2009, 06:56:57 AM »

As I waited for more of my company to wake, I had a chance to look at the fighting and the damage done to the fortress.  The gate had been opened from the inside and there were more then a half dozen bodies strewn around the entrance into the yard.  The greatest amount of dead was near the Dorn barracks.  Most were lightly armed members of the caravan who could not stand against the Northmen. Even with their losses, the attackers had pinned the Dorns inside the barracks and set it on fire. A hasty barricade had been set up to help prevent the Dorns from breaking out. Maybe a score or more of heavily armed and armored men held the barricade.

The Dorns trapped inside the barracks had to not just brave the fire and smoke, but were under a constant assault by a handful of archers; including the caravan’s bowyer. Surprisingly the leader of the assault was the Sarcosan doomsayer. He was organizing the defense of the barricade and somehow seemed to be able to strengthen the defenders.  It had all been an act.  We had ignored the doomsayer while he spent his time planning his attack. Somehow he had kept a score or more of armed men close to the fort without our knowledge and brought them in after he seized the gate.

Finally there was enough of my company awake and ready for us to try to retake the fort. I looked for Sergeant Yorin, but he was either dead or still unable to rise. With no one else to take charge, I quickly split the men into teams and gave them their instructions. One group was sent to eliminate the handful of archers and another to take and close the gates.  No one else was going to enter and I would be damned if any of these scum escaped. The dozen or so that remained would join me in attacking the barricade.  Hopefully we’d have enough surprise on our side to allow the Dorns to break free.

We sprinted quietly across the yard, trying not to alert the attackers. When we were less then half the way there, the doomsayer’s hound started to wail, alerting its master. For one brief moment the doomsayer locked his eyes with mine and I could feel his hatred wash over me. He yelled something to the hound and it started to grow. The doomsayer pointed at me and that beast charged. I yelled for the other to keep moving as I prepared for its assault. By the time it reached me, the beast was almost three times its former size.  As it leapt, I held sword out in front of me like a spear and in its rage it impaled itself.  As it hit me, I screamed.  My body felt like it was on fire, as if my strength was being drained from me. As the beast’s body rolled off me, the pain ended as rapidly as it had begun, but I still felt very weak.

In those few moments my squad had hit the attackers from behind and given the Dorns the advantage they needed. By the time I gained my feet, the Dorn were streaming out of the barracks and the tide of battle turned. Even so, the battle was not over yet. Over the sounds of battle I could hear the doomsayer chanting.  The light from the fires and even the moon began to fade as darkness spread across the yard. I could see my company begin to falter when one of the older Dorn began his own chant, driving the darkness back.  The next thing I heard was ‘take him alive.’

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