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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - part 14 - Knives in the Night  (Read 1327 times)
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« on: October 05, 2009, 06:26:32 AM »

On the night before the caravan was set to leave, the entertainers put on a grand final show; opening up casks of sour ale before starting a bawdy show that involved every member of their group.  The show was poorly acted but crude enough to keep our interest.  Almost every Erenlander except those on watch were in attendance.  The show lasted until the moon was high in the sky, and the performers begged off to pack up their gear and get some sleep before leaving in the morning. To much good natured complaints and cat calls, our company wished them well and took to our own beds.

Hours later, I awoke as if in a nightmare. Dark shapes were moving through my barracks bending over the soldiers before pulling bright blades across their throats.  I tried to rise and shout a warning, but my body was slow to respond. My screams went unanswered and the shapes turned toward me as I got to my feet with a sword in my hand. My thoughts were still in a fog, but my body reacted to the threat as Iíd been trained for months to do.  In less then a minute, two of the assassins were dead or dying at my feet. As my senses returned I looked down and saw two of the comfort girls bleeding out.

With blood on my sword I moved toward the barracks door and the assassins gathered there. They had expected no resistance, having probably drugged our food and the ale. I donít know how I woke up, but I couldnít allow the assassins time to react.  I screamed as I charged at the closest of the assassins. In a matter of seconds, I had killed another and driven the remaining three back and then out of the barracks door. I took grim satisfaction that the last one I killed was Mother Erma. That witch and her foul brood had murdered at least a score of helpless men.

Having gained the door, I was able to see into the rest of the compound.  We were under attack by the members of the caravan and a number of heavily armed men.  The gate was open; the guards likely dead.  The Dorn barracks was on fire and pitched battle was going on near its entrance as the attackers sought to keep the Dorn penned inside to die by either fire or smoke. How could this be happening? We had come here to defend against the orcs and we were being killed by our own people.
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