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Author Topic: Volume Three of Jadin’s Study of Traps, and the Construction Thereof  (Read 1626 times)
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« on: August 17, 2006, 08:39:36 AM »

Volume Three of Jadin’s Study of Traps, and the Construction Thereof

This large tome is 6” wide x 12” long x 3” thick with a faded brown cover. The dulled edges are coated in a chipped grey metal that is missing in some sections. The pages are of a thick yellowed paper that has survived the passing of time better than the outside bindings. The pages are written in an ancient form of Courtier that is unreadable except for the most learned scholars of this Last Age.

The pages contain detailed descriptions, complete with illustration, of mechanical traps. The descriptions contain details on parts used in construction, the tolerances of the various types of devices and their effectiveness.

Game Mechanics: Deciphering the ancient writing requires a Decipher Script DC30 check, the DC is reduced to 25 if the character can read and write Courtier. A character can consult this book about a particular mechanical trap. Consulting the book to check for a reference takes 4d6 minutes. There is a 20% chance that the book contains details about the construction of the trap. This percentage is increased to 35% if the trap was constructed by a Sarcosian or is of ancient Sarcosian origin. If the percentage check succeeds the character gains the following bonuses in relation to the trap. This game mechanic only applies to traps that have mechanical parts. A scything blade triggered by a pressure plat could be referenced but not a pit trap dug out of the earth.

Disable Device +4
Craft: Trapsmithing +4

If a Channeler, or character with the Magecraft feat, reads the book allow the player to make an INT check (DC20). A Hermetic Channeler can add his Channeler levels as a bonus to this roll. A successful check means that the player discovers that one of the trap descriptions is false. The description and illustrations cunningly conceal a scribed Knock spell. A Detect Magic spell will automatically find the spell.

By Harrowed

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