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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal - Part 13 - The Caravan  (Read 1359 times)
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« on: September 28, 2009, 06:12:03 AM »

The arrival of the caravan raised the company’s spirits, and for a couple of days, we could forget about tribes of orcs and a grim winter hunkered down in the most remote corner of Erenland.  The caravan seemed to have something for everyone.  For the more practically minded, there were two leather workers who could repair tack or add decorative borders to belts and scabbards. There was a metal fitter who worked with armor and had enough skill to repair the few crossbows that we found in one of the storerooms. Finally there was a Fletcher selling Sarcosan bows and elaborate arrows.  With very limited ability to repair our equipment; all three groups were very busy.

By far the most popular were the entertainers.  There were jugglers, storytellers, and even a puppet show.  They were no where near as good as the performers in Davindale, but we still enjoyed every minute. The largest single group was the comfort ladies, who had small curtained off areas in the larger wagons. They were not great beauties but they were warm and willing. Having survived my first patrol, I felt I deserved some release.  I picked a girl who claimed to be from a farm outside Davindale and I spent several hours with her. 

There were a few members of the caravan who seemed out of place.  The first was Mother Erma, a wizened fortune teller of indiscernible race.  The women in the caravan all deferred to her will and all money passed through Mother Erma’s hands. She offered to read my fortune, but everything about her disturbed me and I couldn’t get away from her fast enough.  The other oddity was their doomsayer, a wild haired Sarcosan priest who railed against everyone, soldiers and members of the caravan.  Every day, the old priest would walk around the fort with a mongrel dog that looked to be older then he was spouting predictions of doom and calling everyone sinners. I couldn’t understand why the caravan put up with him.

The only people who didn’t enjoy the caravan’s visit were the Dorns. They kept to their routine of drills and made it clear that members of the caravan were not welcome near their barracks.  The Dorns neither bought or traded with the caravan and tried to ignore their presence.  After three days, Dulthas, the leader of the Dorn war band asked our Captain to send the caravan away.  The snows were coming and the caravan needed to be gone before we closed our gates for the winter. There was more then a little complaint from our company when the Captain announced that the caravan would leave in two days.
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