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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal Part 12 - Renewed Effort  (Read 1194 times)
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« on: September 21, 2009, 06:56:54 AM »

News that at least a tribe of orcs had moved a little over a days hard ride to the north added new energy to the garrison.  Weapon drills went longer and there were no complaints. Mounted patrols went out daily, ranging farther to the east and west, looking for signs of more orc movement. More work was done improving the defenses with fresh stonework and additional shoring, especially along the western wall. There was a deadly seriousness in every order. We were truly becoming soldiers, more of what I thought I would find along the Fortress Wall.

For weeks there was little change in our routine.  The scouts found evidence of additional orcs to the east but fortunately not in great numbers. Sergeant Yorin told us the Dorns believed that only a small tribe, maybe five to six thousand orcs, had moved into the northern hills. The larger concern was whether these were just the first and that more tribes were on the move. We probably wouldnt know until the spring as House Falon was not going to risk a patrol that far north with the snows coming.

However, before the first snows wed have two visits that would have a major impact on our fort.  The first was the return of the Mhor of Clan Bannoch and his war band. The Mhor had been far to the west along the foothills of the Highhorns and had seen some serious fighting.  He had a large number of wounded and hed lost over a dozen horses. The orcs were moving through the lower Highhorns trying to avoid detection by the Dorns and the fey.  The Mhor had fought a number of hit and run attacks against the Mother of Bone orcs.  They stayed for three days to rest and give their injured some time to heal before heading south.  As they left, the Mhor took some of our horses to replace his losses.  Our Captain didnt object as there would be less mounts to feed over the winter and wed be doing far fewer patrols once the snows began.

The second visit was very unexpected, a travelling merchant caravan.  The caravan was a motley group of tinkers, tradesmen, and camp followers.  They travelled in a dozen small wagons bringing small luxuries and the comfort of a warm body for our coin.  As we had nothing else to spend it on, they made good money from us. The Dorns shunned them and I think we lost some respect from them by welcoming the caravan into the fort, but our company needed a break and some reminder that there was life outside the Fortress Wall. I saw no harm in my company mates buying a few charms, some sweat meats, and a release of a more basic need. I was still nave, but I would learn a valuable lesson.

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