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Author Topic: Bryald’s Journal - Part 8 – The arrival of the Mhor  (Read 1595 times)
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« on: September 10, 2009, 04:34:33 PM »

It’s been ten days and still the Dorns stood apart from our company, almost ignoring us as they went through their daily training. We had nothing in common with them; we didn’t even share the same tongue. Rarely had I heard a Dorn speak our language and on those few occasions it looked as if it left a foul taste in their mouths. The only real contact between us was the daily meeting, just before the evening meal, between the Captains and Sergeants. We heard very little of what was discussed in those meetings, which didn’t sit well with the rest of the company. 

Whatever our differences, we respected the Dorns’ skill with arms. Every day, I tried to watch their weapons drill, which was impressive. The Dorn stripped to the waist, regardless of the weather, and sparred with weighted wood swords and axes. The clash of wood on wood and the screams as they struck echoed through the keep’s yard. For their size they moved gracefully, circling each other and attacking with incredible speed. They were deadly serious even in this mock combat where a missed parry could mean broken bones. No one in our company wanted to match blades with them. 

The ice that had formed between the two companies finally broke with the arrival of a delegation from Steel Hill. The leader of the delegation was the Mhor of Clan Banoch and brother-in-law to the Prince. He rode with three hundred warriors each leading a spare mount. They were not an escort; they were here for a purpose. The Mhor stayed for the noon meal and then departed for the west leaving behind a dozen men, including a gray haired healer. 

Later that night Sergeant Yorin told us the Mhor had information on a tribe of orcs that were moving south through the frozen barrens. The Sergeant didn’t tell us how the Mhor knew that, but he was sure the information was correct. The Mhor was patrolling the outlying farmholds and manning watchposts across the northern edge of House Falon lands. We had been tasked to locate the orc tribe. Tomorrow, a mixed patrol from the two companies would head into the barrens to gauge how far south the tribe had come. The patrol would be lead by a hulking Dorn named Dulthas, one of their sergeants and a skilled tracker. I was one of the twenty from our company chosen to accompany the Dorns north. Tomorrow I would be entering the lands of the Shadow. 

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