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Author Topic: Bryald’s Journal -Part 7, The arrival of the Dorn  (Read 1584 times)
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« on: September 10, 2009, 04:33:22 PM »

I was trying to stay warm on a bitingly cold early morning watch when I saw the first sign of the approaching Dorn. At first I thought it was just another herdsmen seeking some late forage for his animals before driving them south for the winter. It was only when I saw the glint of steel that I realized, that amongst the boro were armed men. As they got closer I could see the russet and gold colors of House Fallon. There were just over a hundred clansmen driving three times that many boro. Word quickly spread through the fort and men lined the walls to get a look at the warriors that we’d share the winter with. 

Before they arrived, Sergeant Yorin mustered the company inside the keep’s central yard. We stood rank upon rank, with a military precision based on months of training. Every man wore a chain shirt, carried a shield embossed with the High King’s symbol, and was armed with a standard issue sword. The Dorn entered in small groups, bearing greatswords, two-handed axes, and bows that were easily five feet or more in length. Their armor was a mixture of chain and leather, with no two suits looking alike. They had no organization that I could see, but they were clearly veteran warriors, while we were boys playing at being soldiers. These hard-bitten men had spent their lives surviving the harsh northern weather and the horrors from the darkness in the north protecting us. Without any ceremony, they passed by, giving us curt nods before heading to their assigned barracks. Just over a score stayed outside the walls guarding the boro, who I learned later would be providing us fresh meat and milk until the first snowfall. 

Over the next few days the Dorn inspected the keep and watched how we conducted our patrols and watches. While not a word was said in my earshot, it was clear the Dorn were not happy. A dozen axemen left the fort and returned a day later dragging several large trees that they cut down as shoring for the west wall. That wall showed the signs of numerous repairs and was the weakest point in the keep’s defenses. They also fortified their barracks, embedding metal bars into the window frames and reinforcing the doors. Day or night, there was always at least one Dorn guarding the barracks. Lying in my bunk at night, I could hear whispers in our barracks that the Dorn guard was an insult, like we weren’t to be trusted. I didn’t see it that way; they lived at the edge of the Shadow and did whatever was necessary to survive. We needed to learn to think that way.
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