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Author Topic: Bryald's Journal Chapter 1  (Read 1412 times)
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« on: September 10, 2009, 04:24:58 PM »

Bryald’s Journal 

Davindale, 872 Third Age 

“After three months of training in the summer heat, our company is finally formed and we have our orders, we are bound for the Fortress Wall. There is grumbling from some of the men who complain they didn’t sign on to freeze to death in the northern wastes. The sergeants are quick to cut short that talk and joke that the orcs will gut them long before Xione wraps them in her cold embrace. I’m not disappointed by the orders, I want to go north and see the Wall, where my family has fought and died in the king’s service. 

Our company is not what I expected when I agreed to join the guard. I still carried childish notions of elite companies of hardened and honorable warriors holding back the darkness. Looking across the barracks room, I see debtors, failed farmers, petty thieves, and a few grizzled veterans who know no other life. Few took the sword willingly and even fewer could handle one well. Three months of training have taught us the basics of combat and added strength to our sword arms, but we are still not truly a company. Age, race, and experience all act to divide us. The veterans keep their own company and the Sarcosans rarely sit with those of us born on the shores of the Pelluria. 

The company is 120 strong, each with used but serviceable weapons and armor. With us are almost 20 wagons full of supplies, over half filled with salted beef, fish packed in brine, and dried fruit. The other wagons carry spare lances, longbows, thousands of arrows, and a small amount of spare armor. In addition to the packhorses, we have 44 cavalry mounts, which the sergeants say will be our salvation. They’ve made it painfully clear that each night the horses will get combed down and fed before we settle down for our meal. 

The trip north should take the better part of two arcs. We’re destined for Ergel’s Keep, in the northwest, almost in sight of Erethor. The best and fastest way to get there is to travel by boat or road to Fallport, and then north through Steel Hill. We could also take the coast road to Port Esben then cross the Barrens to Bastion and west to the keep. Unfortunately, we aren’t taking either of those routes; our path is north along the Ishensa River and then west along the old supply road to the keep. The thought of two arcs of road marching hasn’t improved the company’s spirits, but the Captain has to report to the army’s commander at the Ishensa Gates before heading west.” 

Bryald’s Journal is an attempt to document life along the Wall during the fading years of the Kingdom of Erenland. Interspersed through the journal will be events and the general condition of the Wall, the army, and society, which hopefully can be used to help flesh out a campaign in the Third Age. I wasn’t sure if it should go into Story Hour, the DM section, or General as I’m hoping to make this more than just a story and generate a discussion of role playing in the later Third Age.
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