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Author Topic: Under A Pale Gray Sky - Rogues Gallery.  (Read 8555 times)
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« on: August 17, 2006, 07:22:14 AM »

Go ahead and cut and paste your character from the old board into here. Don't forget the formating. The easy way is to quote your character and then cut-and-paste the quote text. That way you get the formatting.

Give me another day or two and I'll have the text of the IC and OOC thread copied over.

Thanks for the help with that Nif ... if you're reading this [GRIN]

I like the cut of your jib. How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

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Whisper's Will

« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2006, 07:26:49 AM »

How come you will not post those right away, lazy one? For the old characters, quoting is one idea and editing the post is another, do what you like.

It was a pleasure though, enjoy the game guys! Wink
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"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects."
 - Attributed to Herman Melville.

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« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2006, 08:19:27 AM »

Lazy one ... If you were a continent closer and I wasn't so lazy I might smash you good.


As Nif said, edit or quote ... either one will work.
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« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2006, 01:19:39 PM »

Shelg the Mongrel
Elfling, Rogue 3/Fighter 1(Shadow Walker)

STR: 13 (+1)
DEX: 20 (+5)
CON: 10 (+0)
INT:14 (+2)
WIS: 12 (+1)
CHA: 10 (+0)

Fortitude:+5 (+3 class +1 CON +1 racial)
Reflex:+9 (+3 class +5 DEX+1 racial)
Will:+3 (+1 class +1 WIS +1 racial)

HP: 22

Initiative: +5 (+5 DEX)
AC: 16 (10 + 5 DEX + 1 small)
DR: 3 (Studded Leather, MW)
Speed: 30'

BaB: +4 (+3 class + 1 small)

Melee: +5
Vulture's Delight +5 (1d4+1, crit 19-20/x3)
Dagger +5 (damage 1d3+1, crit 19-20/x2)
Stiletto +5 (damage 1d3+1, crit 19-20/x2) +2 vs. Heavy & Medium Armor

Ranged: +9
Composite Shortbow(+1 STR) +10 (damage 1d4+1, crit x3) RI 70'
Dagger +9 (damage 1d3+1, cirt 19-20/x2) RI 10’
Trap sense +1
Sneak Attack +2d6

Bonus Feat - Weapon Focus (Bows)

Innate Magic (Racial): Ghost Sound, Lullaby
Favored Region: Central Erenland
Weapon Familiarity: Atharaks and Halfling Lances as martial weapons.

HEROIC PATH (Shadow Walker)
1. Night Vision (Darkvision 60’)
2. Shadow Veil +2 (+2 Hide checks)
3. Expeditious retreat 1/day
4. Shadow Jump 10 ft.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Fighting knife)
Weapon Focus (Bows)

Balance +7 (0 ranks + 5 DEX +2 synergy)
Bluff +5 (5 ranks + 0 CHA)
Climb+4 (1 ranks + 1 STR +2 racial)
Diplomacy+2 (0 ranks + 0 CHA + 2 synergy)
Disable Device+7 (3 ranks + 2 INT +2 tools)
Disguise+3 (1 ranks + 0 CHA +2 synergy)
Escape Artist+6 (1 ranks + 5 DEX)
Gather Information+1 (1 ranks + 0 CHA)
Heal*+3 (0 ranks + 1 WIS + 2 racial)
Hide+20 (7 ranks + 5 DEX + 2 racial +4 Small + 2 Shadow Walker)
Intimidate +4 (2 ranks + 0 CHA + 2 synergy)
Jump+5 (2 ranks + 1 STR + 2 synergy)
Knowledge (central Erenland)+3 (1 ranks + 2 INT)
Knowledge (Shadow)+6 (4 ranks+ 2 INT)
Listen+8 (5 ranks + 1 WIS +2 racial)
Move Silently+12 (7 ranks + 5 DEX)
Open Lock+10 (3 ranks + 5 DEX +2 tools)
Search+9 (5 ranks + 2 INT +2 racial)
Slight of Hand+8 (1 ranks + 5 DEX +2 synergy)
Spot+8 (5 ranks + 1 WIS +2 racial)
Survival*+1/+3 (0 ranks + 1 WIS + 2 in plains)
Tumble+12 (7 ranks + 5 DEX)

High Elven [2]
Halfling [2]
Patrol Sign [1]
Erenlander [3] (literate)
Trader’s Tongue [1]
Orcish [1]
Black Tongue [1]

Vulture's Delight
Studded Leather, MW (black) 10 lb.
Composite Shortbow (+1 STR) 1.5 lb.
Quiver Scabbard 1 lb.
     Arrows (14) 1.5 lb.
Dagger 0.5 lb.
Stilleto 0.5
Thieves’ Tools, MW 2 lb.
Dagger, folding (A small folding knife with a narrow wicked blade) [post#98, OoC]

Backpack 0.5 lb.
Winter Blanket 0.75 lb.
Bedroll  1.25 lb.
Whetstone 1 lb
Rations (2) 0.5 lb.
Waterskin 1 lb
Pouch of Normal Tea

True Charm: Hard to Remember (Will DC 15 vs. description)

Carried = 18
Backpack = 5 lb.

Carrying Capacity:
Light = 0 - 37 Medium = 38 - 75 Heavy = 65 - 112

Height: 4’6” (140 cm)
Weight: 74 lb. (34 kg.)
Age: 55

Shelg is lithely built and graceful in his every movement. His brown hair reaches just below his shoulders and is braided in the Erunsil fashion, like he saw his mother wearing her hair; he uses the braid sometimes to cover quite a few tiny horizontal scars circling his neck and throat. His light gray eyes seem far too old for his boyish face, which often manages to cause people to ignore him. On the inside of his left forearm he has a tattoo of the Holy Symbol of Izrador.


Shelg was an experiment.

He knew that because his mother told him that from the moment he was able to understand. His mother was of the few of her people that have seen the glory of the Shadow, that resistance was futile, and that the Elves are not long for this world; she was Triana of the Blackwood Company, and Erunsil warrior.

His father was irrelevant. Suffice to say that he was selected from amongst the slaves for being the best specimen of his species; the lowly Halflings. He was the best that these two species had to offer, and he was proud of this because he was created for a reason, even though he detested his Halfling part.

He was raised in the Old Castle. Located somewhere remotely in central Erenland the Castle, which used to belong to some minor Erenlandish Nobility, is now populated by a handful of Elves from the Blackwood company, a small garrison of Orcs, Legate Terriam Shavex, and an unknown number of slaves. Shelg knew for a fact, that the complex was much larger that it appeared, suspecting a large underground complex… but he never was able to penetrate it. The one time he tried, he was caught by some kind of alarm and was punished by Legate Shavex personally. He never tried that again. It was during this ordeal, which took place in Shavex’s office that Shelg found out that the Legate received his orders not directly from Izrador, but from some other person, who that was Shelg could not tell, he passed out shortly after entering the legate’s office.

He was young then, before his training began.

From a very young age he was trained and conditioned to be the perfect tool of shadows: a spy and an assassin. He was trained for years by his mother and her companions, to go unnoticed and strike where it counts. He was no Orc and so was not worthy of going to fight the enemies head-on. Sadly, he was of Fey blood and could not properly worship the Dark One and serve at his temples as a Legate. But he can do things other cannot… and so he will do them, to the glory of Izrador.
Behind his back he heard the others calling him Mongrel, mostly it came from the Orcs that were stationed at the Old Castle. It did not bother Shelg for he knew it to be truth so he did not get upset, he wore the insult with pride; instead, he marked the one that talked the most and the loudest. During the night, Shelg sneaked into the Orc barracks and silently slit the Orcs throat. It was not hard to figure out who did it, and Shelg did no deny; his mother only smiled and looked at the Legate, the Legate only nodded.

It has been more than a year since he has left his safe enclosure, where he was trained and fitted to do his Masters’ bidding. He has been assigned to the Legate Theorin Sabin and has served Izrador through him for that time. While part of the Masters’ plan was in ferreting the weak out of his order, he was also charged with dealing with some of the “resistance”.

He saw two humans fighting ferociously to their death a squad of 10 Orcs, defending a little boy who ran to the woods; they never had a chance but they fought anyway. He saw an Elf resisting torture to his last breath, the conviction in his eyes so strong, cursing the Shadow in the North till his voice was coarse. He saw a captured Dwarven female challenge he capturers, one after the other, to a single fight only to die at the hands of the 5th Orc. He saw Halflings, not as slaves, not beaten down, but actively fighting, resisting, and challenging and forces of Izrador.

What he has seen over the past year did not deter his resolve to do the Shadows bidding, but it did show him that each coin has two sides…
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« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2006, 01:50:35 AM »

Kunin-Zir (player: lordvoss)
Erenlander (Male, 20 years old)
Heroic Path: Steelblooded
Size: Medium (6'0"200lbs)
Base Speed: 30'
Level: 3 (Fighter 3)

Str: 18 (+4)       8+10+2race
Dex: 14 (+2)     8+6
Con: 14 (+2)     8+6
Int: 12 (+1)        8+4
Wis: 10 (+0)      8+2
Cha: 10 (+0)     8+4-2race

Racial Traits
•+2 bonus on one ability score of the player's choice, -2 penalty on one other ability of the player's choice.
•Base land speed 30 feet.
•2 extra feats at 1st level.
•8 extra skill points at 1st level and 2 extra skill points at each additional level.
•Weapon Familiarity: An Erenlander may choose a single exotic weapon associated with either Dorns or
 Sarcosans. He may treat that weapon as a martial weapon, rather than an exotic weapon.
•Favored Region: Northern Erenland, Central Erenland, or Southern Erenland.
•Erenlanders begin with 4 bonus ranks in one Craft or Profession skill of the player's choice.
•Automatic Language: Erenlander. Bonus Languages: Any.
•Favored Class: Any

Heroic Path Traits
•Bonus Feat (Included Below)
•Offensive Tactics +1
•Strategic Blow (DR 3)

•Erenlander (Free)
•Orcish Pidgin (cc 2 points)
•Traders Tongue Pidgin (cc 2 points)

•Improved Unarmed Strike
•Combat Reflexes
•Die Hard
•Improved Initiative
•Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword)

Skills  30 [((2+1)x4)+8=20@1st & 2+1+2=5/lvl)
Tot - Name....................................Stat[ranks+mod+misc]
+ 6 - Climb.....................................STR [2.0 + 4 + 0]
+ 9 - Craft (Armorsmithing)..............INT [6.0 + 1 + 2]
+ 1 - Handle Animal.........................CHA [1.0 + 0 + 0]
+ 4 - Intimidate..............................CHA [4.0 + 0 + 0]
+ 7 - Jump¹...................................STR [3.0 + 4 + 0]
+ 3 - Ride......................................DEX [1.0 + 2 + 0]
+ 5 - Swim....................................STR [1.0 + 4 + 0]
+ 1 - Listen cc...............................WIS [1.0 + 0 + 0]
+ 2 - Knowledge (Religion) cc...........INT [1.0 + 1 + 0]
+ 1 - Sense Motive cc.....................WIS [1.0 + 0 + 0]
+ 1 - Spot cc.................................WIS [1.0 + 0 + 0]

Hit Points:  29 (12+9+8)

Initiative Modifier: +6 (+4 feat +2 dex)

Total AC: 12 [13] (10 Base +2 dex) [Dodge Feat]

DR 5 (Plate Style Piecemail Armor)

Fortitude: +3 (+3 base +2 con)
Reflex: +3 (+1 base +2 dex)
Will: +1 (+1 base +0 wis)

Base Attack Bonus: +3
Melee Attack: +7 (+3 base +4 STR)
Ranged Attack: +5 (+3 base +2 DEX)
Grapple Attack: +7 (+3 base +4 STR)

Armor Statistics:
Plate Style Piecemail (DR 5 (+8vs Called Shots) Max Dex +2 Armor Check Penalty -5)

Weapon Statistics:
Name.........................Hit........Dmg ............Crit........Range.....Usage
•Mstrwrk Bstrd Swrd....+9.......1d10+4(S)....19-20x2...............one-handed

Masterwork Bastard Sword (335gp 6lbs)
Dagger (2gp 1lb)
Plate Style Piecemail Armor (400gp 35lbs) [See Torn Asunder.pdf page 57]
Drop Sheath (20vp 2lbs)
Travelers Outfit (1gp 5lbs)
Waterskin (1gp 4lbs)

Magic Items:
Greater Charm (+2 att for 1 min.) (100vp -)
Greater Charm (+2 AC for 1 min.) (100vp -)
Lesser Charm (Purifies up to 1cu.ft. water)

Platinum - 0
Gold - 1
Silver - 8
Copper - 8
Other - None

It has taken quite some time for Kunin-Zir to settle into his new life with Theorin Sabin. His large frame made a very intimidating bodyguard, but he was also being taught to think. Thinking was not something he done well; at least not in this way. He could think on his feet when faced with an enemy, and he could think about the armor he was making; but that was just all he had done. Now this Legate was trying to teach him to think for himself, and to think for the Shadow in the North.
He wasn’t sure he liked this very much; Theorin was the only person he could ever remember being even remotely nice to him, but he held too much faith in his religion. Faith was not something of which Kunin-Zir had. He would much rather rely on his fists than his faith.
However, there was still something about Theorin that he sort of liked. He did teach him to use weapons and how to properly wear that armor he had made so many times. He even allowed him to own certain items.
Ownership: that was something Kunin-Zir had never been given before. He wasn’t allowed to own anything in the slave camps. Even his clothes were sometimes taken by the guards just for the fun of making him work naked.
But on the other hand, he was a servant of the Shadow, and it was His fault the world is as it is now. No, he would not let himself grow fond of this man. Or any man for that matter. After all, how could these people just give up everything and quite fighting. Pathetic. Cowards. That’s what they all were! Those who hid behind the power of the Shadow, and those who just plain hid.
He would not be like those people…any of them! He would make his own future; any way he saw fit. 

Kunin-Zir was taken from his home when he was a child and raised in the service of the shadow. The legates tried to teach him many different paths, but none seemed to fit this particular child. Hate grew inside him; and not just hate for those who opposed Izrador. He hated everyone and everything. He wanted nothing more than to hurt all who stood in his way. Stood in his way of what; he had no idea.
He was finally deemed unteachable and sent to the labor camps where they tried to beat his rage out of him. He learned to make armor and became quite good at it; but his anger always seemed to keep him in trouble. The guards would often force him into fights with other slaves, or sometimes even other guards. He was forced to do many cruel and inhuman deeds; but he did them willingly, with enthusiasm. He learned to kill out of necessity, and on occasion even enjoyed the act. 
After many years, he was placed into the service of a legate. It would be the job of this legate to determine his overall worth to Izrador, and decide his fate.
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"So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done"

Lord Melkor

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« Reply #5 on: October 27, 2006, 03:54:26 PM »

Sareth Maekar
Erenlander( 22 years old, male)
Heroic Path: Seer
Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30'
Class : 4rd level Legate( Initiate of the Knife), Domains: Magic, Knowledge
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Str: 10 (+0)      8+2
Dex: 14 (+2)     8+4 +2 race
Con: 11 (+0)     8+6 -2 race
Int: 16 (+3)      8+ 8
Wis: 16 (+3)     8+ 7
Cha: 13 (+1)     8+5

Racial Traits
•+2 bonus on one ability score of the player's choice, -2 penalty on one other ability of the player's choice.
•Base land speed 30 feet.
•2 extra feats at 1st level.
•8 extra skill points at 1st level and 2 extra skill points at each additional level.
•Weapon Familiarity: An Erenlander may choose a single exotic weapon associated with either Dorns or
Sarcosans. He may treat that weapon as a martial weapon, rather than an exotic weapon.
•Favored Region: Northern Erenland, Central Erenland, or Southern Erenland.
•Erenlanders begin with 4 bonus ranks in one Craft or Profession skill of the player's choice.
•Automatic Language: Erenlander. Bonus Languages: Any.
•Favored Class: Any

Heroic Path Traits
•Alarm(mental alarm only) 1/day
•Augury 1/day
•Seer Sight( day/level, 1/day)
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance 1/day

•Erenlander (Free) (literate)
•Orcish Pidgin (2)
•Black Tongue(1)
•Courtier(2) (literate)
•High Elven(2) (literate)

•Skill Focus( Sense Motive)
•Skill Focus( Knowledge: arcana)
•Martial Weapon Proficiency( combined with his racial ability it allows him to use Fighting Knife, which may be similar to the wicked daggers Keepers of Obsidian use)
•Skill Focus( Knowledge: Shadow)

Skills:  63( 28+ 8 at first level, 7 + 2 at each additional level)

Bluff: 4( 3 ranks + 1 Cha)
Concentration: 6( 6 ranks+ 0 Con)
Craft(Scribe): 7( Race bonus 4+ 3 Int)
Decipher Script: 6( 3 ranks+ 3 Int)
Diplomacy: 5( 4 ranks+ 1 Cha)
Gather Information: 3( 2 ranks+ 1 Cha)
Heal: 4 ( 1 rank+ 3 Wis)
Intimidate: 5( 4 ranks+ 1 Charisma)
Knowledge(arcana): 13( 7 ranks+ 3 Int+ 3 Focus)
Knowledge(history): 9(  6 ranks+ 3 Int)
Knowledge(Shadow): 13( 7 ranks+ 3 Int + 3 Focus)
Knowledge(Spirits): 9( 6 ranks+ 3 Int)
Knowledge(central Erenland): 5( 2 ranks+ 3 Int)
Listen: 5( 0 rank+ 2 Alertness + 3 Wis)
Sense Motive: 7( 1 ranks+ 3 Wis+ 3 Focus)
Spellcraft: 9( 6 rank+ 3 Intelligence)
Spot: 5( 0 rank+ 2 Alertness +3 Wis)

0 level: 5/day
1st level: 4+1/day
2nd level: 3+1/day

Usually memorized spells: Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Cure Light Wounds, Cause Fear, Command, Divine Favor, Detect Secret Doors( Domain), Detect Thoughts(Domain), Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon, Cure Moderate Wounds.

Other  Abilities:
Domains: Knowledge( all knowledge skills class skills, +1 to Divination caster level) and Magic( spell complection and spell trigger as wizard one-half his level)
Spontaneous Casting: Inflict spells
Rebuke Undead: 4 times a day
Shield of Darkness
Astirax Companion

Hit Points:  22

Initiative Modifier: +2 (Dex)

Total AC: 12 (10 Base +2 dex)

DR 4 (Chain Shirt)

Fortitude: +4 (+4 base +0 con)
Reflex: +3 (+1 base +2 dex)
Will: +7 (+4 base +3 wis)

Base Attack Bonus: +3
Melee Attack: +3 (+3 base +0 STR)
Ranged Attack: +5 (+3 base +2 DEX)
Grapple Attack: +3 (+3 base +0 STR)

Armor Statistics:
Chain Shirt (DR 4  Max Dex +4 Armor Check Penalty -2)

Weapon Statistics:
Name.........................Hit........Dmg ............Crit........Range.....Usage
•Masterwork Fighting Knive..+4 ..1d6.......19-20x3..........one-handed
•Quaterstaff................+3.....1d6. ..x2........one-handed
 Masterwork Light Crossbow +6.....1d8...........19/20x2.....80 ft...two-handed.........


Masterwork Fighting Knife( 310 gp, 2 lb)
Masterwork Light Crossbow( 335 gp, 4 lb)
20 Crossbow Bolts( 2 lb)
Quaterstaff ( 4lb)
Chain Shirt( 100 gp, 25 lb)
2 components for Identify spell( 200 gp)
2 sets of robes( 10 gp, 12 lb)
Personal notebook( 10 gp, 2 lb)
Good-quality unholy symbol ( 25 gp, 1 lb)
Vial of Ink( 8 gp)
Several candles
Bottle of wine( 2 gp)
Sack (1/2 lb)

Magic Items:
Greater Charm- +2 attack bonus for one minute( 100 gp)
Greater Charm- +4 to Bluff( 100 gp)

Other mundane posessions would likely depend on circumstances( I will edit as I start playing)

History: Kidnapped from unknown parents in cental Erenland as an infant, Sareth`s early life at Theros Obsidia was neither easy nor pleasant, though he couldn`t know that it could be diffrent. Will of Izrador, the One God, Only God, was for Maekar to serve him, and it couldn`t be questioned or altered. Certainly, he learned very early that asking too many questions meant painful punishments at the hands of his tutors. Yet Sareth was very curious child, so he spent much time in the vast libraries of Theros Obsidia. Indeed, he was considered the best lerner among his group, and some of those born from true Legates schemed to bring him down,  he even survived two assasination attempts. He became an extremally cautious person, avoiding direct confrontations and trying to know as much as possible about potential rivals, so he could anticipate their moves. He sought allies out of convenience, but never dared to trully trust anyone, his favorite companion were books, as it allowed him to temporarily escape from the harsh existence of young Legate, especially as he wasn`t even allowed to leave Theros Obsidia for most of his life. Magic always fascinated him, as well as the nature of his deity, and he planned to use such knowledge to gain great power in the service of Izrador.
And there was another reason: he had very unusual precognitive abilities of unknown origin, that seemed to become stronger as he matured. He spent long time trying to fully understand and explain it, but was unsuccesful, though he convinced himself it is special gift from his God. But it was too much of a random element, Sareth didn`t want his life to be random, everything should be understood and in order.
A Legate in charge of the main library in Theros Obsidia, member of the influential faction most commonly referred to as Keepers of Obsidians, became interested in the promising student and Sareth was recruited into the ranks of his faction. He learnt that most Keepers were supporters of the Cabal. Sareth didn`t care about their goals, but the rumors that Cabal`s leadership is trully ancient impressed him, considering all knowledge and power they should posess. After he became an Initiate of the Knife, his first important mission was to spy on the Legate Theorin.....

Description: Sareth Maekar is rather tall man, a bit handsome despite his pale completion and sharp, long face. He has plain black hair and keeps small, tidy beard. Young Legate is usually dressed in crimson and purple robes, rarely wearing armor. His most unusual characteristic are very deep and large green eyes, that make his gaze quite unsettling. Sareth behaves in quite a cautious way, speaking slowly and thoughtfully. He avoids showing emotions and tries to be pleasant, even courteous in most situations. He likes to plan his moves and detests the unavoidable chaos, he may be even considered pedantic sometimes. It annoys him, but his thoughts are prone to be wandering, which makes Sareth often appear absentminded. But he can really focus if something catches his attention.

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« Reply #6 on: October 29, 2006, 06:18:48 PM »

Beahl Steward
”I’m sure we can come to an arrangement…”

Male Erendlander, Charismatic Channeler 3 (Sunderborn)
Align:  Neutral

STR10(0)[-2 racial]
CHA18(+4)[+2 racial]

Racial Traits
•2 extra feats at 1st level.
•8 extra skill points at 1st level and 2 extra skill points at each additional level.
•Weapon Familiarity: An Erenlander may choose a single exotic weapon associated with either Dorns or
 Sarcosans. He may treat that weapon as a martial weapon, rather than an exotic weapon.
•Favored Region: Central Erenland.
•Erenlanders begin with 4 bonus ranks in one Craft or Profession skill of the player's choice.
•Automatic Language: Erenlander. Bonus Languages: Any.
•Favored Class: Any

Heroic Path Abilities
Detect Outsider (Sp): This ability works just like the detect evil spell, except that it reveals the presence of creatures of the outsider type. This ability may be used at will.
•Blood of the Planes: +2 bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks when dealing with outsiders, no matter their origin or alignment.
Summon Monster I 1/day (Sp): The sunderborn has no control over what will answer his call. The type and even number are determined randomly by the DM each time.

•Negotiator: +2 Diplomacy and Sense Motive.
•Subtle Caster*
•Spellcasting – Lesser Conjuration
•Spell Knowledge

Class Abilities
•Bonus spell energy
•Art of magic
•Spellcasting – Enchantment
•Bonus spells
•Familiar – snake (master gains a +3 bonus on Bluff checks)
•Force of Personality – Inspire Fury 8/day

Spells Known
Base DC 14 + spell level

0-level:  acid splash, ghost hand, lullaby, prestidigitation
1st level:  charm person, hypnotism, lie*, mage armor, woeful speech*
2nd level:  calm emotions, fog cloud

*Sorcery and Shadow


Snake (Tiny Viper); HD 3d8; hp 7; Init +3; Spd 15, climb 15, swim 15; AC 19, touch 17, flatfooted 16; Base Atk +2, Grp -9; Atk +7 melee (1 plus poison); SA: poison; SQ Familiar Traits, scent; AL N; SV Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +5; Str 4, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 7, Wis 12, Cha 2;

Skills:  Balance +11, Climb +11, Hide +15, Listen +6, Spot +6, Swim +5
Feats:  Weapon Finsesse

Poison (Ex): A viper snake has a poisonous bite that deals initial and secondary damage of 1d6 Con, save DC 10 (Con-based).

Familiar Traits:  Deliver Touch Spells, Empathic Link, Grant Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share Spells.

Bluff +13(+6 ranks, +4 CHA, +3 familiar)
Concentration +6 (+6 ranks, +0 CON)
Craft (alchemy) +6 (+4 ranks, +2 INT)
Diplomacy +14 (+6 ranks, +4 CHA, +2 Negotiator, +2 Synergy)
Gather Information +10 (+6 ranks, +4 CHA)
Intimidate +6 (0 ranks, +4 CHA, +2 Synergy)
Knowledge (arcana) +6 (+4 ranks, +2 INT)
Knowledge (spirits) +7 (+5 ranks, +2 INT)
Sense Motive +10 (+6 ranks, +2 WIS, +2 Negotiator)
Spellcraft +5 (+3 ranks, +2 INT)

Languages (illiterate)
Black Tongue (1), Colonial (2), Erenlander (free), Infernal (2), Norther (1), Orcish (2), Trader’s Tongue (2)

Hitpoints:  13
Spell Energy: 6
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft.
AC:  11, touch 11, flatfooted 10
Base Atk:  +2
Attack: +2 melee (1d6 quarterstaff) or +2 melee (1d4 dagger); +3 ranged (1d8 light crossbow) or +3 ranged (1d4 dagger)
FORT+0 (+0 Base, +0 CON)
REF+1 (+0 Base, +1 DEX)
WILL+5 (+3 Base, +2 WIS)

dagger, light crossbow, bolts (10), quarterstaff, backpack, bedroll, drop sheath, flint and steel, trail rations (4), traveler’s outfit, waterskin, winter blanket, 50vp of spices and alcohol

Greater charm - flat metal ring (+2 search check), greater charm – lightning-singed bark (+2 Fort for 1 minute), lesser charm – pressed flower (cures 1 hp), salve of neutralize poison, 2 gnaw roots (+2 Concentration), potion of sanctuary


Beahl was born in an isolated Eren River valley that is home to a small network of villages.  For generations this area has been ruled by a “patron” Erinyes called Naxeyz who had been interbreeding with the populace. Naxeyz was unwilling to serve the one it blamed for the Sundering, yet lacking the power to challenge Izrador’s servants the fiend began a program to create an army of powerful followers. 

The Steward family was long a favorite of Naxeyz.  It bred with them often and considered them favored pets allowed to govern the other humans.  When Beahl was born he stood out, even in a place with a fiendish taint – Naxeyz decided to train him as a lieutenant to play as a sympathetic face toward the the valley people.  However it soon discovered that Beahl’s blood was not as “pure” as it might have hoped; Beahl turned out to be “weak” by the devil’s standards, his supposed false sympathy turned out to be real in some cases.  Another worry was that Beahl had gained the loyalty of the herd and began questioning his patron’s actions.  The last straw came when Naxeyz discovered his charge was even developing magical talents – then the Erinyes became concerned about a rebellion.  Yet it decided to proceed carefully, since if it punished or killed Beahl it could lose a unique breeding opportunity and might even have to destroy much of its stock if they rose up in protest.  Naxeyz was pondering what to do with its spawn when Theorin’s arrival provided a temporary solution.

The Legate Theorin stumbled upon the valley during his travels and his astirax quickly took notice of Beahl.  Sensing an opportunity the Legate struck a bargain with the devil: Theorin would keep the valley’s settlements (and their patron) secret from his Order in exchange for the use of Erinyes’ unusual spawn for seven years.  Naxeyz appeared reluctant at first but was secretly delighted.  Beahl’s patron ordered him to show the same obedience to the Legate as to the fiend itself – something of a joke given Beahl’s increasing deviance.  In Beahl’s absence the Erinyes is shoring up its control over the valley people and making use of Beahl’s relations to see if it can replace him with another child.  Nazeyz hopes that Beahl’s exposure to the Legate and separation from his people will purge any spark of empathy from the boy.  Of course it also hopes Beahl will provide valuable intelligence on a world the fiend dares not explore too often.

Theorin seems to value Beahl.  The young man has the skills to be a good field agent, and Beahl has also been primed for manipulation by Naxeyz.  However Theorin does not like how the asterixes seem to favor Beahl, nor his apparent “squemishness” when compared to his patron, and thus prefers to keep the young man at a distance.

Until recently Beahl had no exposure to the world outside of his valley and Naxeyz’ tutoring was lopsided to say the least.  Beahl has spent his time absorbing Eredane like a sponge so that he will not get caught off-guard.  Witnessing the oppression of the Shadow bothers Beahl at times, though he does not regard himself as human and is inured to horrid acts thanks to his upbringing.  The fact that Beahl can feel any compassion at all is something of a puzzle to him.  He is not yet sure if that is a thing to be cultivated or cast aside.

Beahl is a tall and lanky young man, thin by birth rather than deprivation it seems.  Beahl looks fairly well-fed and sports the tan of a traveller rather than of a field-hand.  He keeps his thick red hair tied back and his face clean-shaven.  The irises of Beahl’s eyes are black, making them seem like deep wells that one could fall into.  When Beahl speaks a rich baritone voice rolls from his throat.

(edit:  match corrections on skills)
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"New heroes will arise, driven by fate, to lead the world out of darkness and herald the coming of a new dawn." -  Aran Noros of the Sahi Priesthood, Commentaries on Vesra’s “Prophecies of the Last Age”
Bane of Legates

Spell Energy / Taint +6/-0
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Amara Calder

Female Erenlander
Classes:  Rogue (3) / Fighter (1)
Heroic Path:  Pureblood
Alignment:  Neutral
Size: Medium (5’7”, 130lb)
Age: 24

STR    10   (0)
DEX    16   (+3)
CON    10   (0)
INT    19   (+4)  [racial +2, advance +1]
WIS    8   (-1)  [racial -2]
CHA    14   (+2)

Racial Traits
•2 extra feats at 1st level.
•8 extra skill points at 1st level and 2 extra skill points at each additional level.
•Weapon Familiarity: Cedeku selected.
•Favored Region: Northern Erenland selected.
•Erenlanders begin with 4 bonus ranks in one Craft or Profession skill: Profession (Sailor) chosen.
•Automatic Language: Erenlander. Bonus Languages: Any.
•Favored Class: Any

Heroic Path Abilities
•Master Adventurer: +2 (Decipher Script, Forgery, Hide)
•Blood of Kings: +2 (normally aspected towards Shadow)
•Bonus Feat
•Skill Mastery - Tumble (able to take 10 at all times)

•Combat Expertise
•Improved Feint
•Two-Weapon Defence
•Two-Weapon Fighting
•Weapon Finesse

Class Abilities
•Sneak Attack: +2d6 damage whenever opponent deprived of Dex bonus
•Evasion: no damage taken when “saving for half” on Reflexes
•Trap Sense: +1 to AC and Reflexes saves versus traps
•Bonus Fighter Feat

Skills (84 Rogue, 10 Fighter, 4 free)
Appraise (1 +4 Int) +5
Balance  (5 +3 Dex +2 Synergy)  +10
Bluff  (7 +2 Cha)  +9  (+2 from Blood of Kings)
Climb  (5 +0 Str)  +5
Decipher Script (5 +4 Int +2 MA)  +11
Diplomacy (5 +2 Cha +4 Synergy)  +11  (+2 from Blood of Kings)
Disguise  (1 +2 Cha) +3
Forgery  (1 +4 Int +2 MA) +7
Gather Information (3 +2 Cha)  +5  (+2 from Blood of Kings)
Hide  (7 +3 Dex +2 MA)  +12
Intimidate  (0 +2 Cha +2 Synergy) +4  (+2 from Blood of Kings)
Jump  (7 +0 Str +2 Synergy +4 Run)  +9 / +13 with running start
Knowledge (Northern Erenland)  (1 +4 Int) +5
Knowledge (Shadow)  (1 +4 Int) +5
Listen (1 - 1 Wis) +0
Move Silently (4 +3 Dex) +7
Perform (Oratory)  (1 +2 Cha) +3  (+2 from Blood of Kings)
Profession (Sailor) (7 -1 Wis)  +6 (4 ranks free)
Ride  (1 +3 Dex) +4
Sense Motive (5 -1 Wis)  +4
Speak Language  18 ranks
Spot  (1 -1 Wis) +0
Swim  (1 +0 Str) +1
Tumble  (7 +3 Dex +2 Synergy) +12
Use Rope  (1 +3 Dex) +4

Languages (8 bonus, 20 ranks invested)
Black Tongue (1), Colonial (3*), Courtier (3), Danisil (1 – free), Erenlander (free*), High Elven (2*), Norther (3*), Old Dwarven (2), Orcish (2), Trader’s Tongue (3* - 1 rank free)

Hitpoints:  24 (6+4+8+6)
Spell Energy: 0
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30 ft (x5 run speed)
AC:  13 (14 with two weapons), touch 13 (14), flatfooted 10, Defensive Fighting (with Expertise and Tumble) 19
DR:  3
BAB:  +3
Attack: +7 melee (1d6 cedeku) or +5/+5 melee (1d6/1d6 cedeku two-weapon style); +7 ranged (1d8 light crossbow) or +6 ranged (1d4 dagger)

Fort   +3   (+3 Base, +0 Con)
Ref   +6   (+3 Base, +3 Dex)
Will   +0   (+1 Base, -1 Wis)

Masterwork studded leather: +3 armour, 0 armour check, 20lb  (175vp)
Masterwork cedeku x2: 1d6 dmg, light, specials.  3lb each  (630vp)
Masterwork light crossbow:  1d8 dmg, 80ft range, 4lb.  (335vp)
40 bolts:  4lb  (4vp) (three quarters in quiver hung from pack)
4 masterwork bolts
Waterproof pouch: 2lb (5vp – equivalent of spell component pouch)
Writing kit (5vp of parchment, sealing wax, ink, etc)
Backpack: 2lb (2vp)
Dagger:  1lb (2vp)
Bedroll: 5lb  (.1vp)
Flint and Steel (1vp)
Rations: 8 days:  8lb  (5vp)
Scroll case x2: 1lb  (2vp)
Signet Ring (5vp)
Small collection of extravagant shirts and waistcoats (most of the remaining vp, enhanced by some outfits from Taleel)
Waterskin: 4lb (1vp)
Whetstone: 1lb (.02vp)
Winter blanket: 3lb (.5vp)

(Everything beneath backpack in the list is carried within it (or hung off it) so that it can be dropped to hit light encumbrance if required.)

Athletic, graceful and of slightly above-average height (around 5’7” and 130lb), Amara fills out her custom-tailored black leathers very nicely indeed – though she does tend to drape herself in the sort of slightly tattered, hooded, all-encompassing cloak favoured by many in the Last Age.  Her black hair is currently bleached, then dyed an obviously-false burgundy red, usually hanging loose past her shoulders though she does plait it when expecting trouble.  Pale-skinned and aristocratic of feature, she clearly mixes Sarcosan and Dornish blood.  She looks to be in her early-mid 20s.

  Though she now hides behind the comparative safety of her grandfather's surname of Calder, in many ways Amara is the epitome of a well-bred Podrick.  Proud of her Dornish heritage, yet heavily influenced by Sarcosan marriages into her clan, she is quick-witted, smart, capable at court, rather swash-buckling, and fond of digging up secrets.  Unfortunately, she’s also rather naïve and not nearly as dangerous in a fight against a serious opponent as she might seem.
  Raised as a loyal servant of Prince Gregon Chander, true lord and ruler of House Chander, himself in the service of High King Jahzir of Erenland, Amara’s youth was spent in training to become a naval officer hunting pirates and rebels on the great Pellurian sea.
  Always adept with languages, she had a particular knack for codes and cyphers and received heavy tuition in the tongues and scripts most often used by Gregon’s enemies and allies alike.  As a naval commander, she showed limited promise – but as an aide to a captain she could be invaluable.  Lethal in a skirmish against lightly-armoured marines and sailors, she was also a rare source of intelligence on enemy activities, able to glean meaning from almost any scrap of writing recovered from captured vessels or couriers.  She was also able to liaise effectively with the non-human servants of the High King, eavesdropping on Orcs and Goblinkind alike to ensure that they fulfilled their roles.
  That was always a particular concern with the orcs – the self-proclaimed “chosen of the Shadow” often became puling cowards when confronted with the Pelluria, and only got worse once out upon it.  Hobgoblins, she respects for their willingness to learn and the competence of many of their officers, but as for orcs… the lumbering giants scare her a lot less than they should, even when on dry land.
  What had promised to be a successful career hit the rocks when the shiftings sands of House Chander’s politics abruptly put the squadron in which Amara served – and her with it – on the list of “suspects” against whom the Prince’s forces turned their ire.  Her ship slipped through the fingers of the men and orcs sent to arrest the officers, and for almost a year fought skirmishes with the forces of the Shadow while trying to get word through to Prince Gregon to protest their innocence and loyalty.
  But in the end, a lone vessel without support was doomed.  Caught while beached for direly-needed repairs, the crew were overwhelmed by an orcish warband.  Those who survived the battle and its aftermath were bought on the cheap by a group of goblinoid slavers, from whom Amara was in turn acquired by a servant of Theorin who felt that a competent code-breaker was far too valuable to lose to the brothels, mines or fighting pits.
  Re-equipped, healed and put to work on some of Theorin’s projects, Amara soon gave her loyalty to the legate.  Here, she seemed to have found an honest man who gave her interesting work, serving the good of the Kingdom of Erenland.  The fact that he had enemies in the Order was of little concern to her – after all she was loyal to the true king, yet had been framed by foes herself.  Indeed, by working with Theorin, she might hope to one day bring low those who had brought about her own fall from grace with her prince.  For the time being, working far from home seems the best way in which to meet both her own goals and Theorin’s….

Fighting Style
Fast, vicious, and full of feints, Amara’s style can let her carve her way through lightly-armoured opponents of average skill, but will do little more than damage the finish of heavy armour with a nasty flurry of scratches from her cedeku.  She’s quite aware that she’s an effective skirmish fighter against people dressed to avoid drowning at sea, but may well turn tail and run from more serious opposition.  If she feels required to fight a dangerous opponent, she'll go on the defensive and hope to get lucky while taking advantage of a feint.
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Amethyst's Combat Stats
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Barbarian 4 (Giantblooded)

STR: 21/25 +5/+7 (+4 race)
DEX: 14 +2
CON: 14/18 +2/+4
INT: 10 +0 (-2 race)
WIS: 10 +0
CHA: 10 +0 (-2 race)

Initiative: +2
HP: 55 / 63

Fortitude: +6/+8 = 4 base +2/+4 CON
Reflex: +3 = 1 base +2 DEX
Will: +1/+3 = 1 base (+2 when raging)
Orc spell resistance: +2 racial bonus to saves vs spell-like effects

Speed: 45 ft

Armor Worn: Banded (+6 AC, -6 Armour Check Penalty, Spell Failure 15%)

AC: 12 (+2 Dex)
DR: 6

Melee Attack: +9/+11 = 4 BAB + 5 STR
Range Attack: +6 = 4 BAB + 2 DEX
Reach = 15' (10' natural + 5' huge weapon)
+1 attack against dwarves
+1 attack in no light
+1 when fighting in groups of 10 or more orcs (regardless friend or foe)

Preferred combat style: Two-handed weapon
Preferred weapon: Huge Greater Crafted Vardatch MW

Greater Crafted Vardatch, huge MW (two-handed) --- att +10/+12; dmg 3d8+7/3d8+10; crit 19-20/x2 or 20/x3; Slashing
Greater Crafted Vardatch, large (two-handed) --- att +9/+11; dmg 2d8+7/2d8+10; crit 19-20/x2 or 20/x3; Slashing
Spiked Gauntlet, Large --- att +9/+11; dmg 1d6+5/1d6+7; crit x2; Piercing
Javelin, Large --- att +6; dmg 1d8+5/1d8+7; crit x2, range increment 30ft, Piercing
Spear, Large --- att +6; dmg 2d6+5/2d6+7; crit x3, range increment 20ft, Piercing
Rock Throwing --- att +6; dmg 1d10+5/1d10+7; range increment 30ft, Bludgeoning
Dagger, Large --- att +9/+11; dmg 1d6+5/1d6+7; crit 19-20/x2; Piercing
Crossbow, Heavy --- att +6; dmg 1d10; range increment 120ft

Age: 16 years
Skin: Dark brown
Eyes: Large Black
Hair: Tawny black, mane-like
Height: 9'10"
Weight: 625 lbs

+4 str, -2 int, -2 cha
Base speed: 30'
Dark Vision 60' black and white only, but is otherwise like normal sight. +1 bonus on attack rolls when there is no light at all
Light sensitivity: -1 penalty on attack rolls in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell
Use vardatches as martial weapons
Favored Region: Northern Marches
Immune to nonlethal damage caused by cold, suffer half the normal damage (rounded down) from lethal cold damage caused by extreme cold
Natural Predators: add Strength modifiers (in addition to their Charisma modifiers) to Intimidate checks
+1 racial bonus on damage rolls against dwarves
+1 racial bonus to attack rolls when fighting in groups of 10 or more orcs, whether they are enemies or allies
+2 racial bonus to saving throws against spells and spell-like effectss
Automatic Languages: Black Tongue, Old Dwarven Pidgin, High Elven Pidgin, Orcish
Bonus Languages: Any, except secret languages
Favored Class: barbarian

4th level Barbarian
Fast movement
Uncanny dodge
Trap sense +1
Rage 2/day

Giantblooded (level 4)
Size Features (considered Large for the purpose of the size categories of weapons he may use, -4 hide, armor & shields cost and weigh 2x normal)
Rock throwing (30 ft., 1d10)
Intimidating size +2
Fast Movement +5 ft.

Power Attack (1st level)
Cleave (3rd level)

SKILLS: total/ranks/ability/synergy/other

Climb 5/0/5/0/0
Craft (Weapon) 2/2/0/0/0
Handle Animal 0/0/0/0/0
Intimidate 14/7/5/0/2
Jump 11/6/5/0/0
Listen 7/7/0/0/0
Ride 1/0/1/0/0
Survival 2/2/0/0/0
Swim 5/0/5/0/0
Language 2

Search 0/0/0/0/0
Spot 0/0/0/0/0
Use Rope 3/2/2/0/0

Black Tongue, Old Dwarven Pidgin, High Elven Pidgin, Orcish
Trade Tongue, Erenlander

Light <306 lbs. Medium <612 lbs. <920 lbs.

Encumbrance: Light, total weight carried: 283 lbs

Banded, large (40 lbs)
Wooden Shield, Heavy, large (20 lbs)
Greater Crafted Vardatch, huge (52 lbs)
Greater Crafted Vardatch, large (26 lbs)
Spiked Gauntlet, large (2 lbs)
Crossbow, Heavy (8 lbs)
Bolts, crossbow (10x2) (2 lbs)
Javelin, Large 5x (20 lbs)
Short Spear, Large 5x (30 lbs)
Quarrel, Large (8 lbs)
Dagger, Large (2 lbs)
Clothing: Large hooded cloak (6 lbs)
Grappling hook (4 lbs)
Rope 150' (30 lbs)
Large Backpack (4 lbs)
Waterskin, Huge (16 lbs)
Trail rations (12 lbs)
Whetstone (1 lbs)

Description: Grrrak has all the savage orcish features his race is both known and fearful for, if by looks alone: heavily muscled, with broad builds and powerful limbs. His thick, tough dark brown hide is marked by a great number of battle-scars including the self-inflicted variety his race is known for. His mane is swept back well greased from his natural oils, blood of his enemies from scores of battles, and sweat from a hundred marches. Black eyes peer out of thick, bony brows. But most of all, what unmistakably enhances his race's predatory demeanor are the large, strong jaws with very pronounced tusk like lower canines.

Beyond weapon belts and armor, Grrrak wears little in the way of clothing, immune that he is to the effects of all but the coldest of climes. It is a rare occasion indeed when Grrrak is not covered with splatterings of blood from his enemies, accented with an occasional fleck of skull chip or a piece of gray matter from his latest victims. Occasionally, when need arises, Grrrak has donned a long, dark hooded cloak that shrouds him from head to toe.

Personality: Grrrak is most happy in the heat of battle. His spirit is truly free when his huge Vardatch is swinging from one fallen foe to the next. There is the hierarchy of the tribe and battle - nothing else exists. His adopted father change all that. There is more to life than the tribe and battle, his father gave him something more precious than life itself and that was a purpose in life. No 'ordinary' orc, Grrrak is not as quick to anger as his brothers. He is apt to use a bit more cunning than a typical orc, although he has been known on occasion to charge headlong into the fray.

Character History:
Grrrak rose from the ranks of the his tribe, a mixed tribe of orcs and oruks. Generally. it is the larger, stronger oruks of the tribe that lead, but Grrrak learned very young, the oruks as well as the orcs respected one thing and one thing only, strength. It was a culture where no mercy is expected and none was given, where only the strong survived, and where brutality, slaughter and death were an everyday reality. If you were an orc, you had to be big, tough and savage to even survive. Grrrak's size and incredible strength afforded him inherent advantages over his fellow orc and over many oruks.

In battle, Grrrak's ferocity and savagery is often so intense, his battle frenzy sometimes made even his tribesmen cringe. It was this ferocity that distinguished him from the others. This increased stature and prominence served him well as he rose up the ranks quickly. Before long, Grrrak's prowess was noted and he was conscripted into the service of a legate's elite troop. It was during this service where he saw first hand, unparalleled cruelty and savagery committed at the behest of the legate in the name of the dark god Izrador.

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