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Author Topic: One Year Before the Storm  (Read 1904 times)
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« on: January 25, 2009, 02:54:25 AM »

I based our game one year before the coming of the Shadow and have taken  some license with the game to introduce Midnight to  gamers new to such a grim and dread campaign style.   We are using the Savage Word rules set with Jcsifert's conversion (thankyou).  I am treating  Legates as Chaos Cultists found in Warhammer fantasy and have introduced blackpowder wheel-lock firearms.  Only Dwarves have the art of Firearm manufacture...so far, and Orcs must make a fear check  once per battle in wh firearms are used.

The PCs are criminals, to greater or lesser degrees in one of the many fragment  kingdoms that existed prior to the Shadow's Armies sweeping southward.  As criminals they  have been conscripted to deal with  problems on which  the good Theign does not wish to endanger expensivley trained and outfitted men.
Snake Morton: A Bloodthirsty criminal born of a thieving whore during one of her numerous stints in the local prison and took of the family trade of dastardly deeds. Built to be a combat monster and a moron thug. Played to the hilt as an immoral racist sexist pig. He will get what's coming to him.

The Brothers Karamazov: Cousins actually but would you expect humans to understand the intricate clan relationships of Dwarven culture? One a love-smitten wheel-lock sniper the other a loyal dual wielding double barrel pistol having bastard that is hell in the first round and then useless if combat isn't over by the second. Both are sheep thieves.

Feneel the Snow Elf: The last of her Elven army company which was betrayed by her brother to the Horned God's forces. She burns with a desire for revenge. A spell user, she is wholly focused upon bringing hurt to the field and avenging wrongs done to her person. Quick To anger she beet a local magistrates son nearly to death for the slight of brushing against her in the market and not apologizing.

Drik The Scoundrel: A cad and a poltroon this Sea-elf left his idyllic home because he is deathly afraid of the sea, both its wet embrace and what might live beneath it. Despite several escapes he always finds himself on the wrong side of the law and back in prison.

The party are all criminals to a greater to lesser degree, some didn't even commit the crime for which they were imprisoned . In any case the High Thane, Krueger, has a use for these expendable rascals. The Orcs are restless and making more and more raids past the fortress wall in recent months. Drafting them as Penal Conscripts he sent them in a simple mission to take back some of his prized sheep from border rievers from a neighboring province.

Threatening Snake with the neck-stretching of his two favorite brothers, Toad and Frog the Reeve charged him with bringing back the Brothers Karamazov safely so that they might face rightful punishment for their poaching. The Vengeful Feneel was promised word about her brother's whereabouts so that she might gut him like a fish. And the Sea-elf was along for the ride

Tracking the sheep thieves was a simple task and it led to a happy village Lukaston at the far end of which was a large pen, filled with the villager's sheep for the night. Snake, being the incorrigible, if stupid, lad that he is made a bee-line for the sheep-pen that was well guarded by unassuming townsfolk while the Bros Karamazov met the town mayor, one Lukas MacBjorn. Before the Dwarves could exchange pleasantries with Lukas that great fool Snake has identified a few of the Thane's sheep and hopped the split-wood fence and began hauling sheep over the top, much to the consternation of the guards. Lukas's jaw dropped and immediately called upon the guards to put down this sheep-rustler. Minutes later half of the townspeople lay dead or dying and Lukas, an incognito Priest of the Horned Lord, had no more entrails to call his own.

Crom, count the dead!

basically I wanted a way to force the players to work together and to force them to adventure (we have problems ever leaving the comforts of the local Inn unless there is a railroad leading to Gold!) it worked and my players went with it, though they are a being a bit more ruthless and bloodthirsty than I would hope, at least they are slapping townsfolk and burning down the local magistrate's domicile.

Combat went Quickly, especially considering that only I knew the rules, and even then I was only passingly familiar with them. We forgot about bennies although I handed them all out at the beginning. I had also printed up the combat cheat sheet and the SWEX training wheels character sheet. No tests of wills, no tricks, no stunts, just plain ole' brawlin'!


Spell Energy / Taint +2/-0
Posts: 60

« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2009, 10:35:16 PM »

Snake Wiped the Blood from his enormous Sword and spat into the dirt at Drik's feet. "Stupid Cultists." Drik, in non-reply, "What's This!?!" as he edged toward a sunken window latticed with iron bars. A pair of hands grasped the bars from the inside and a grizzled face pressed against the bars," For our Ancestor's sakes let us out! They intend to sell us to some bastard named Loka or some such! There are women and children down here!"

Minutes later Drik was unlocking the prisoner's cells while Snake rummaged for Torches to set the town ablaze. Meanwhile the Dwarves were doing their damnedest to staunch their wounds but to little avail as they had neither dressing nor training in even the most basic of battlefield triage. Not even the caster was of any help with no healing spells under her power and her offer to sear the wounds shut by fiery blast shooed away.

With two shacks put to the torch and the Brothers being none the better despite their makeshift bandages a Horn was heard, and from not far away. Suddenly the cultist Townsfolk, who had barred their houses against the Heroes' onslaught, begain to wail and moan. Feneel could make out that the citizens of Lukaston were certain that they too would be enslaved by the monstrous Loka, now that their benefactor, Lukas, was dead.

Preparing for a fight our Heroes set the bodies of the slain afire, lest they rise from the grave and took up positions. Seconds after lighting the blaze a squad of Orcs came into town, led by an enormous, cunning looking commander and followed by a large rolling cage tethered to boars the size of prize bulls.

Parley ensued.

Snake offered to give over every citizen of the town in trade for the sheep. he even threw in the original intended slaves to sweeten the deal. The Dwarves, long racial enemies of the Orcs could barely hold their tongues, and their trigger fingers twitched in anticipation of righting age old grievances. As the deal making was coming to a peaceful conclusion Loka spotted the Duelist Dwarf and fingered his vicious Vardatch even as he sent two of his men into the gaol to retrieve his levy of slaves. The Dwarf took it as a Challenge and blew a Fist size hole in Loka's behemoth form before the Orc's black heart could make its next beat. Before Loka's body could hit the ground the sharpshooter lodged a slug in the head of one of the commander's sargeants.

Drik was inside with 4 rough men, none of the them soldiers but all desperate for freedom, when two foul Orcs Stomped in and demanded their due. Snake took the opportunity to molest of the wenches that was hiding behind a barrel far enough from the action to think herself safe. unfortunately she was unfamiliar with the depredations of one Snake Morton.

Drik stood toe to toe with two of the meanest creatures he had ever had the misfortune of setting eyes upon. Orcs were uncommon in the lands of man, and lived only in the realm of stories back at his tranquil sea-side home. At least the unbathed prisoners he had just freed could't smell the urine that now stained his breeches.

Outside, while two building burned and the villager-cultists lamented their unenviable fate from within their barred homes, Loka's brutish comrades unleashed their fury upon the pink-skins who would dare raise their hand against their unquestionable might. Feneel, still reeling from her wounds suffered a mere hour ago, was quickly surrounded by 3 green tusked giants. Her kind made Orc-slaying a hallowed occupation and she began weaving a wicked defense with her Snow-Elven fighting blades. Meanwhile the Dwarves took more shots at the Orcs as they raced from their Slaver's Wagon but to no avail as the bullets grazed mightily thewed arms or bounced ineffectively off of pitted and rust-worn armor.

Despite the Orcs mad howling, or perhaps in total disregard of it, Snake maintained his grasp on the woman he was so rudely molesting while keeping an eye on the quick approaching enemy. The Elf was of no concern to him as he had only been charged to ensure the safety of the Wheelock wielding bearded runts. Again he roughly squeezed the maiden's poonts and licked her face like the slavering mongrel that he is.

Inside the gaol , despite Drik's superior numbers, the tough hides and armor of the Orcs stood testament to the weak arms that swung at them. From across the battlefield a gruff voice hollered "Duck, you faerie fool!" KA-BLAM and a bloody mess drenched desperate ex-prisoners, minus one now as the bullet carried into the throat of one of the club-wielding sheep-thieves. Enraged the, now single, Orc took down another would-be slave with his wicked Vardatch (Str+d10) and screamed exultantly in the shower of gore! Drik would not need to empty his bowels once the fight subsided after all.

In but a few seconds the Orcs were upon the Brothers Karamazov and Snake , after hastily tugging his trousers up, sprang upon them with a fury known only to Orcs and the degenerate Morton Clan. One, two, one, two and Through and Through Snake's blade swept the Orcs down like grain before the thresher. Hastily leaving one bewildered Orc behind he gave chase to the remainder laying several of their now entrail-free bodies upon the dusty ground of Lukaston.

The remaining Orcs Stood toe to toe with the Snow-witch elf and had her at a disadvantage when the Duelist, his tongue protruding in concentration from between his thick lips fired once. Oh but if his aim had been true. For a Dwarf to save the life of an Elf might bridge the gap that has existed between these two great races for nigh on millenia. Instantly the Elf crumpled to the ground, her life blood slipping betwixt her fingers held upon her belly. "Damn and Double Damn!"
Chortling with mirth the Orc advanced on the rapidly reloading Dwarves who were backed into a shack with no back door. "*Gulp*, well cousin, we've had a good go of things and if this Orc does not kill us then that vengeful elf surely will". "She beat a man near to death for a mere bump in the marketplace. I thankee for saving me from wedding that awful lass back home but YOU shot the elf. Don't drag me into this!". And with that last phrase uttered a hulking frame blocked out the setting sun and the Orc's awful breath filled the shack's decrepit single room.

Drik and the men at his command finally put down the Orc that refused to give up despite being out-manned and with a cry of relief the sea-elf rogue placed his foot triumphantly upon the still chest of his worthy adversary!

Snake made short work of genitals of a few Orcs as they bled out but those who ran for their lives slapped the backsides of the giant boars that drew their Wagon-cage and witha start the enormous swine squealed forward throwing their tusked heads this way and that, bearing down upon the demented Snake Morton. With aplomb he side stepped the charging horrors and only as they passed did he realize in which direction they were headed.

The Dwarves withdrew the tools of their kin, Hammers and Axes and took the stance ever dwarf knows from Child hood that is most effective versus their hated racial enemy, the Orcs. While waiting the Orc's first strike a rumbling filled the air and an unearthly scream rent the near silence of the shack as the Giant boars crashed through the ramshackel walls of the hut and ground the Orc beneath their cloven hooves but their salvation would have quickly been their death if they had not dived to either side as the boars completed their charge through the house only to knock themselves silly upon the stone chimney of a better appointed home.

With a bit of bandaging and some hastily muttered prayers the Elven lady was revived...and pissed. Despite the threats and the calls of vengeance Snake reminded her that the Dwarves were his charge and worth his brothers' lives.
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« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2009, 12:06:31 AM »

Good story and I wish I could have been there for that game session sounds like it was high energy and kickass all night long!

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