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Author Topic: What's Next for my Pathwalkers?? (Kevin's Players Stay OUT!)  (Read 1368 times)
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« on: February 13, 2008, 01:24:48 PM »

Hey All,

If you've followed any of my campaign or interested in hearing what's going on with a gang of four 15th level "heroes" take a gander at my last two game session recaps here.  I'd love to have your ideas on where to turn.

For reference I'll note:
  •    the PCs have a spell I allowed called "Shadow Walk"  (the Sarcosan caster calls it:  "the Paths of Dal Colia"),  this allows speedier travel but at dangerous dangerous peril along the paths that take them into the "Grey Realms".
  •    also if you'd like to read more (including character info)  check out our Midnight Campaign Wiki for details.
  •    And they're doing all this in Hopes to Save the World....

and for more reference on what I'm thinking about for the future check these threads:
(where I'm thinking of sending the last PC...)

  •     Zal opened the Paths outside First-Hold and the group stepped in (Zal/Nighmare,  Eranon/Cat, Durgaz/skeletal worg), this was to travel from First-Hold to Baden's Bluff.  It would take some 6-10 hours estimated.
  •     the Paths continue to become perilous, not deadly - just similar to a dangerous pass on a mountain that's the best way to travel)
  •     They all heard the strange whispers from the nightmares of the "Sending" which was becoming much more audible.  It felt as though the things in this void "Gray Realm" were starting to become aware of them much more...  They saw two small points of "void" (like a star inverted)  in the distance and assumed it to be the direction of Baden's Bluff.  They also saw another MASSIVE void point that seemed to blow their hair and such sucking toward it, but made no sound.  But as Eranon saw the bigger point, it seemed to open like a massive door revealing the silhouette of Izrador that seemed to be looking...
  •     soon the creepy sounds became feelings more as it felt like someone/thing was brushing past them while walking the paths.  (note - I found/played a COOL creepy whisper track that we found looped, much like the Heart-Beat in Vrolk's spire, great stuff!)
  •     Eranon had some problems as he became increasingly paranoid and confused in the dark void, from looking at the Shadow and gazing off the Paths...
  •     Durgaz had a little trouble with seeing/contacting the people/things within the Gray (Shadow) Realms, but little was known for what...
  •     Zal had difficulties as his mind strayed from the Paths figuratively and literally!  Failing concentration checks to keep the Path's moving toward the Bluff.  He became "lost" and could only hear Durgaz/Eranon but not see them.  They however could see him in the void, seemingly 50-100 yards in the distant north-east on a path alone while the path they were on began to turn to black crumbling sod.  Slowly counting down time before they might drop into the void!
  •     Eranon realized their potential location as it rushed beneath them as the Salt Mines of Aarl (just outside the Bluff) and believed Zal to be somewhere 100-200 miles out over the Pelluria split from them already!!
  •     They yelled for Zal, even shooting arrows and casting a spell-like ability (flare) which felt to Eranon as if an Astrerax had drained him by force!
  •     When Eranon cast Flare, the figure in the door head moved around as if tracking the magic, but hopefully not yet seeing the caster...  Eranon thought he wasn't seen (hidden in "darkness).
  •     Durgaz (having yelled for "the Sarcosan" with no result, telling him to jump...)  took fate into his own hand and yelled "Jump Elf!".
  •     Eranon, soon after dove off the Paths as well.
  •     Zal looking down at the murky waters, decided to jump off the Paths (ending the spell)  and assumed his Nighmare would catch him before hitting the waters.

The Pathwalkers are spread in four directions.
Durgaz has yet to be found after leaping from the Paths of Dal Colia. Eranon finds his way beneath Aryth coming from the Gray Realms into the Salt Mines of Aarl, as Zal'Kazzir rides his nightmare steed across the Pelluria having nearly found his way into the heart of Theros Obsidia from the Paths!
Meanwhile Kyuad toils with the aftereffects of the Battle for First-Hold and the "planting" of the Cadaverous Eye as he puts a "necroelemental" to sleep several miles outside the newly made town...
Eranon has escaped the Mines but at great cost as his new companion Kethrial dies defending him. Zal'Kazzir makes his way into the Bluff and barely manages to survive the onslaught of the Great Drake - Zaindal, waking up much later to Ahemia, learning Belal has saved his life again as they rush out of the Bluff due to the murder of the Priest's Wyvern!!
Eranon and Zal'Kazzir make the rendivous point, waiting for Durgaz and Kyuad for their next leg in the steps to save the world...

ERANON's Story...
  •    Blackness...
  •    then as his eyes adjust pinpoints of light sparkle around him, as he smells the sent of salt and damp stone...  The pinpoints of light seem to be reflections from tiny crystals in the rock, although the rock around him cannot be seen.
  •    Eranon "awakes" from having lept from the Paths of Dal Colia in darkness, he can hear a faint  "tink-tink... TINK" of what sounds to be many many distance metal on stone hits.  This is followed by a deep-massive low-base growl...
  •    Eranon and Kethrial (his animal companion) believe themselves in the back of a small natural cavern somewhere within the Salt Mines of Aarl!!  How long has it been?  How'd he arrive below the surface?  How to get out?  He has no idea...
  •    Making his way toward the "tinking" sounds his eyes slowly adjust to see the reflections are coming from a tunnel ahead, a flickering of torchlight.  There he finds a center-cave formed as a junction to multiple (7) mine shafts.
  •    at least 2 eminating the "tink" sounds (that he now assumes to be pick axes mining in the caves)  and  1 shaft with the light.
  •    hearing the greek-like accents of Hobgoblin in the Black Tongue saying something like "done eat, now back work!"  the torch light goes out and Eranon is in complete darkness again.
  •    but in this juncture he and Kethrial can now also hear the sounds of water/waves crashing from a different mine shaft.  They begin to crawl in darkness.  Soon finding a torch sconce down the shaft wall, he continues moving in the dark.
  •    then come sounds of several gurgling-moan sounds...  then shortly after the sound of rushing movement coming toward them!
  •    firing blindly toward the sound with one of his flame arrows he lights up the running figure just 10' from him for a second as the arrow shoots past in the distance...  a Hobgoblin - crusted in salt ... a "Brine Zombie"!!  (Fell unique to Baden's Bluff)
  •    Eranon is attacked by the Fell-Hobgoblin,  as well as a Fell-Halfling - he backs off to get room while Kethrial growls and stands ground to protect her new elven companion...  but as she battles another Fell-Halfling rushes by to get Eranon!
  •    then it happens - the Fell-Hobgoblin scores an amazingly powerful blow on the great cat and rips her in half!!
  •    Eranon reaches out with anger and the entire shaft is filled with needle thorns - killing all these powerful Brine-Fell...
  •    But Kethrial is dead.
  •    After a short mourning, Eranon continues through this shaft to find the place where these things had been left to rot - and the sea washes up into the cavern.  Not knowing how far the swim distance beneath the wake would be, and having needed to expend all his spell energy and drain his strength (con energy) he summons a pod of porpoise, guessing that he'll be able to hold his breath for the time beneath the wake he dives...  (having also extended the spell, droping his con more)
  •    shooting out of the surf just in time of not drowning Eranon finds himself somewhere off the coast just over 100 miles from the Bluff.
  •    swimming to the shore he hears a massive explosion coming from the direction of the Bluff and sees a dark cloud on the horizon!!  (see Zal's story for more)
  •    Making his way up the coast, avoiding all orc patrol he finds his was to the redevious point and scouts waiting for Durgaz and Zal to hopefully arrive.  (this he learns is 4 days later, after travelling the paths 1 day then 3 days up the coast outside the Bluff)
  •    He is alone, and chooses NOT to seek animal companionship... because as he thinks  "Everything, EVERYTHING, under his care in the past two weeks has been killed..."  (Anauil, Varzon and now Kethrial)
  •    Soon he sees Zal'Kazzir ride out of the Bluff, he meets Zal and Ahemia at the tree.  Though he sees they have been followed!!

KYUAD's Story...
  •    Within the muck of graves, bodies and rubble being cleaned up from the Battle for First-Hold, Finn the gravedigger was nearly killed when a landslide came out of nowhere and buried him!
  •    Kyuad and Kyle (his Fellish friend) were alerted to this at sunrise and rushed to rescue him.
  •    With aid of a few town guard, Kyuad "returned him to life", aiding the suffocating man back to breathing again.
  •    Kyuad quickly learned that there were rats, strangely plagued that was unusual
  •    This he found to be result of something he termed as "grave or tomb motes", creatures that form spontaneously in such aftermath.
  •    While observing these curious little creatures (think of the little white bobble-head Kodamas from Princess Mononoke but black chaotic evil and made of grave bits),  Kyuad saw the rubble move.
  •    Suddenly the landmass rolled an arythquake on him burying him, but strangely GIVING him 5 HPs!!  (negative level damage)
  •    Kyuad (now buried) willed himself to rebuke the creatures (including Kyle the Fell)  and  it rolled him free.
  •    3 of the Motes and Kyle were under his control, while the "necromentle" thing was cowed.
  •    Kyuad deduced that this thing was a creation of the natural grave mote combined with the power of the Cadaverous Eye.  Though he did not yet understand why the beast and the little motes were not wreaking havoc as there nature...
  •    As the town guard sounded the call with archers on the wall, the orc Akule (newly returned from the north) and a small fist of orc rushed down to aid,  as another group of 6 orc approached hearing the horn from the "Inbetween".
  •    Kyuad, realized this was a potential bad situation barked at the orc, intimidating him with a red-pinpoint eyed stare and asked the orc to accompany him into the woods to deal with these creatures.
  •    Kyuad then road the mound of aryth into the woods, creating a natural path as the Black Masks on Darkin road behind...
  •    Once nearly 5 miles outside of First-Hold (to the East) Kyuad found a sink-hole and let the "necromental" creature lie as he studied it with Kyle and Collune.
  •    Together they determined that it was satiated by Kyuad's presence somehow... not following its natural beastial tendancies of wreaking chaos and hate.  Collune theorized that she might be able to release its spirit - but was unable to do so completely without the aid of killing the thing naturally as well...
  •    We left off with Kyuad needing to make a decision.  To leave it alive and risk it resuming its nature once he was gone - hopefully not finding First-Hold  OR  to kill it to "let it go".

ZAL'KAZZIR's Story...
  •    the Paths of Dal Colia faded and Zal'Kazzir and his nightmare steed Vishmala ride into the world from the Gray Realms into a massive storm-front atop the Sea of Pelluria...
  •    Having difficulty with the direction above the sea Vishmala leads Zal to the northern shore where he finds a landmark nearby...  the tower of Theros Obsidia!  Seeing it some 20-50 miles from his landfall Zal rests on the northern cliffs and makes way following the storms the next day.
  •    Vishmala gallops across the Pelluria, dodging the occassional leviathan when getting to close to the Sea... the journey is difficult for the Rider and Steed, as they donot know the way.  After several days of travel they make landfall somewhere south of the Bluff.
  •    Making there way northwest to the Bluff just off the coast, Zal sees morning ships coming and leaving port and decides to make his way into the Bluff via the open caves of the Quarrie District of the Bluff.  Several ships come in and out of the caves flowing beneath the city and as he seeks his own way to be hidden into the city, something else spies him!!
  •    Zaindal the Great Drake of Baden's Bluff dives on the thing in HER skys...  with a maddening screech from the beast Zal sees the danger and spurs Vishmala - her mane fires brightly in the next morning sun and the chase begins.
  •    It would be within 12-18 seconds to reach the Quarries,  Zal chooses a wide-low mouthed cavern that a Gnome-Barge just sailed out of.  (which he knows to be the Gnome family - Fintwicz Trading Company)
  •    Zaindal dives - Zal risks casting over the Legate/Asterax laiden city and feels the drain from the Blood Mirror below!
  •    A mass of whirling blades forms in front of the Wyvern - he his unable to avoid it and mettle-like leather hide crashes to the sea, but Zaindal continues!!  Pulling back his wings throwing his talons forward... within 25-20-15-10 feet of Zal'Kazzir!!!  and Zal sees three gemstones gleam on the belly of the beast...
  •    concentrating as he rides Zal pulls the blade-barrier in front of and back through the drake twice more!!  It screaches and Vishmala reaches the caverns...  smashing into the Quarries unable to avoid the rock opening as a mystic darkness envelopes them - while strength and will are drained!! 
  •    (imagine a piano being dropped from a ten story building)  as Zal'Kazzir crashes into the water-way cavern Vishmala colides with the aryth somewhere outside the Quarrie caves  -  as mettle crashes against stone...  Zal, treading water, immediately yells out a blast of sonic (shout - like shatter from his Path ability)  to crack the gemstones!
  •    KA-BOOOOMM!!!!!
  •    Zal'Kazzir falls unconcious in the water-way cavern...  left drained and drowning for dead...
  •    But then a soft voice and cool hand on his forhead...
  •    His eyes open and a familiar face (with now blonde hair)  looks over him.  Ahemia welcomes him back from the dead...
  •    It is several days later and Ahemia explains that the little imp Belal rushed to pull Zal from the waters, making who-knows-what deals he hid his master and found Zal's sister's cottage home in Baden's Bluff.  Zalma was gone (back to Sharuun)  but Ahemia had been given santuary in this home for as long as she needed thanks to Zal'Kazzir's sister...
  •    Belal reminded his master how many times he's saved his life and then seemed jealous of the warrior legate, saying she is "but a woman and shouldn't call the Master in the familiar"  (after hearing her kiss and call him Zal)...
  •    after a stern talking-to... Belal then asked to go about looking for the spells requested by Master Kyuad.  Ahemia let Zal know that they must leave the city as soon as he was able.  The DEATH of the Great Drake has caused a frenzy in the Bluff - "like kicking over an anthill"
  •    Soon that night after Shadow prayer hour, they leave...  Zal is able to "convince" the familiar Hobgolin guard captain to allow them private passage out of the city and returned a certain silvered short sword...  Smiley
  •    Wrapping out and around the Road of Ruin -  Zal, Ahemia and Belal make their way back to Eranon's rendivous point tree.  They arrive "first" at the tree but are surprised when Eranon steps out of the darkness having watched/listened to them for a time...
  •    After a short "re-introduction" (staring contest) between Eranon and Ahemia, Zal'Kazzir returns Ossion's silvered sword (given to the "scroll-barer")...
  •    But then Eranon - pulls up his bow and alerts that they are not alone... Ahemia's animal companion, the large black Aruunian Jungle cat had followed them - leaping from the city walls.  And he believes it has an Asterax riding it!  (as Eranon plans to stalk and capture/kill it!!)

And lastly...
Next Chapter (session) will likely involve two player characters (to catch them up in time to regroup with the others)  the basics of those stories I'm considering are...
  •    Durgaz:  lost from walking the Paths of Dal Colia, I'm considering "dropping" him in the Trollskarl (hence the link/thread above) where he'll ALSO be "out of time".  He's on the Seer Pathwalker ability,  so having jumped from the Paths I'm considering throwing him back in time to meet the Elf Witch of the Trollskarl and the "elf hero" Sergeloth (from Under the Shadow) before he was injured and became an Eye...  (they're looking for him)
  •    Kyuad:  before he rushes off to Baden's Bluff from First-Hold  (formerly Dern's Hold)  I'm considering having him learn of the "fixed election" caused secretly by one of the other PCs (Zal'Kazzir)...  This will create some strife within the party and also mix up the "new government" formed at First-Hold for some drama...  Then Kyuad will head north to the Bluff... Not sure what else to "show" him for "encounters" but I'm considering having him run into one of the many bounty hunter groups looking for their group  (specifically the Orc and the Sarcosan)...

yup... that's lots,  but it's only the last two sessions!!
I'd love your help.
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