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Author Topic: Bozz Eldor's journal  (Read 4949 times)
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eric mcloins

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« on: December 09, 2007, 02:00:00 AM »

Arnon has recently started running an online game for me and a couple more friends.

We started with a 3 session one-on-on, where I play a level 1 commoner named Bozz Eldor. Later I "leveled up" to be a level 1 channeler.

Here's how it went:

eric mcloins

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« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2007, 02:00:36 AM »

I was coming back to my senses slowly. I was hung by my wrists to a tree and my feet were dangling a foot or so above the ground. I had a metallic taste of blood in my mouth that I couldn't swallow down. I could hear birds and leaves rustling, the wind blowing through the branches and somewhere in the distance a dog barking, and then… a murmur. Was it someone talking? My throat was very dry but I managed a croak: "anyone there?" They must not have heard me because I could hear someone say "'es got some nice boots on him". "So go git it…", another one chimed in. "What? You scared he'll do something? He's dead…"

I forced my eyes open and slowly the world shifted back into focus. I could now recognize the two men. One of them was the no good troublemaker Luz, and the other was called Varren. Luz was standing right beneath me and reached for my boots.

"Hey Luz, you maggot, I ain't dead yet…"

He heard me this time, because I could see him back away a bit.

"Should we take him down now?" Varren asked.

"No", said Luz while backing off with one of my boots. "They left 'im there for a re'son. I'm not gonna take 'im down."

"But 'es alive…"

"All the more reason to leave 'im 'anging. He said not to touch the bodies… 'is parents are up and so is he".

What the hell was he talking about?

I lost my consciousness once again.

         *      *      *

A sluggish cold flowed through my body. The torn bodies of my boys filled my sight and I could feel a hand being removed from my forehead. The hand of the red haired man with the horned skull symbol around his neck.

"I will ask again," he said in that chillingly calm voice that will probably forever be burnt into my memory, "and perhaps we could spare your woman." I forced my head to turn to where I vaguely remembered Bess was. She was strewn on the ground, huddled into herself, holding a bleeding stump.  "While I could not reattach her hand… I could stop the bleeding." Sickeningly I noticed one of the orcs standing beside Bess munching on something… if I had the strength I might have vomited.

"Where is the Traj Rokan? Where did Wylam hide it?"

What the hell was he talking about?

         *      *      *

As I regained my consciousness again, I heard a flutter of wings and a black gray crow landed on the branch above me. Luz was still there, now holding my other boot in his hand.

"Cut me down, Luz! Cut me down or I swear to you when I DO manage to get down..."

But he ignored me, picked up a rock and threw it at the crow. It missed the tree, the crow, and me by a foot, and the crow didn't move, just sat there and regarded the two men. It looked at me with blood red eyes and it felt almost as if it's looking into my soul. It cocked its head to one side, and then looked off to the distance as if listening to something, crowed once, and then set its eyes on the two men.

"I don't like this. No bird be'aves like that", said Varren

"Don't be stupid. Just a damn bird." Luz said and the crow crowed again… and with its beak started pulling at the ropes tying me to the tree…
"Luz, you better run. I'm going to send my bird next after you!"

The two young men stood stiff for a moment more. Then, as if by a cue, rushed to the center of the yard where they piled some stuff from my house, gathered what they could in their hands, and rushed away.

         *      *      *

The Legate nodded to one of the orcs. The orcs casually took out a big hunting knife from where it was buried on the ground besides Bess, and brutally thrust it into her side. She screamed in agony, while the Legate held my head firmly, not letting my gaze turn from her pale face and the blood flowing freely from her side.

"It was too important… and the traitor knew it. He would have told you… so where is it?!?"

         *      *      *

For almost an hour the crow pecked at the ropes binding my hand, but once the rope was loose enough my hand slid out and I fell to the ground. As soon as I hit the ground I ran to Bess's body. She was pale, lying in a pool of her own blood. Her body was already cold. How long was I up there? My voice torn with tears and grief, I made an oath then and there not to let the legate die peacefully.

I had a shovel leaning on the back of my house, and I went and got it. Coming to my boys' small bodies I could see they were a mess. It was almost impossible to look at their faces, all bloodied, purple and broken. I lost it then for a few moments. When I gained my composure, I started digging three graves, under a large tree where I used to play with my boys, and before they were born, with Bess. When I finished digging, I put my family's bodies in the graves. The crow perched itself on a branch above me, quietly looking at me.

"I'd say prayer to the gods, if I believed there are any that are listening. The only one that is listening upon this cursed place is Izrador now. So lie there. Lie and rot slowly. I will not lie until I have had my peace with those that torment me and those who have sent them. And you bastard of a crow, fly away you son of a bitch, looking on me from your perch. Interesting, huh? I'll show ya INT'RESTING!!!"

I picked up a rock and threw it at the crow, but it just calmly sidestepped it. The shovel was next, but it slipped from my hand and flew to the side.

         *      *      *

The orc released the lifeless body of your wife and it crumbled to the ground. Its hand reached for the great cleaver that was their sword but the legate stopped him. "Leave her like that," he said. He looked to me again. "Your stubbornness cost you your family. You will die now for that stubbornness. You will die slowly though… you do not deserve the quick death of you family. Hoist him up!"

The orcs took a rope they found near the door to my house, and hung me by my hands to the barren tree by the farm's gate. The Legate said something in a language I did not recognize, and an orc torn away my shirt and slashed me across the chest.

*      *      *

The crow crowed again, looked at me for one last time and flew away.

I went inside the house. The cabinets were broken and their broken contents littered the floor. The doors were hanging on their hinges. The beds were torn and broken. In some places, even the floor was broken. It seemed as if the orcs were looking for something that might have been hidden here. The Traj Rokan, I suppose, though I had no clue as to what it was, or why would it be in my possession.

I found the remains of one of my books in the fireplace, but it was partially burnt and crumbled as I touched it. The knives I had in the kitchen were gone and even the little food I had was taken. I did find some water, so I perched my thirst. I rested a bit in the house, regaining some of my strength.

As the dusk was settling in, I picked up the shovel and headed to town. By the time I arrived in the village, the sun has already set. I could see light from some of the windows, but the place was quieter than I ever remembered it to be. I approached close and could smell ashes in the air, but couldn't see any burnt buildings. I decided to go first to Luz's house. I had a feeling that I knew what was going on. I walked quietly along the streets of my village. As I neared the street where Luz's and my parents' house was, the smell of burnt wood intensified. The shutters of a window I just passed suddenly closed shut and I could hear low voices in an argument from another window. As I looked that way I could see Hella and Rull standing and arguing as they looked at me. Once they noticed me looking at them they quickly closed the window and quieted down. As I neared my parents' house I saw that my worst fears have been true. My parents' house was burnt down to the ground. Most of the walls were standing, but the roof caved in. I entered carefully, kicking the burnt wood around. Even with the burnt debris and ashes and the general mess, I did notice a certain pattern here too. It seemed like someone was looking for something. I went to the place where my father hid the books from which he taught me how to read, but the place was found and the books taken... or burnt. I went out of the house again and headed to Luz's place. As I turned a corner I could feel a large hand falling on my shoulder and I turned around to see the large frame of Rull, my parents' neighbor.

"Rull, where are my parents?"

"You haven't seen them?"

"No, are they ok?" I already knew the answer to that question, but didn't want to believe it.

Rull took a deep, sad breath. "You haven't been to the square yet..."

"No, I haven't".

"This is bad, my boy... I'm sorry".
 "That freakin' bastard sonovabit Luz, I'm going to shove this shovel so far up his nose he's going to be sorry he ever did that..."

"Luz... what's he got to do with that? The legate and the orcs got to your parents”.

 "This was his doing, Rull. He said something to that legate and convinced him I had something he was looking for. It's not only my parents, Rull. Bess, too, and the kids... you coming with me or do I have to deal with him on my own?"

"Listen boy, the legate came riding in here yesterday morning, described your father rather accurately. He was searching for him... though he called him by a different name...what was it...?" I guess I was wrong after all.

 "Walter or something... don't remember..."

"I don't know what ye're talking 'bout Rull, that Luz was in my farm before the dust from the legate's horse was gone, like a vulture on a corpse."

"Gone... he was gone yesterday. Was here in the morning, found your father, then in the afternoon headed your way.... after... after... " Rull shook his head.

"He came back late afternoon. Left some of his orcs at the McKrade farm and said that we have been too long without the dark gods blessing, and that someone will soon come to bring the blessing of the Shadow upon us... That was yesterday Bozz....

"Yesterday? He was at my farm today!"

Rull shook his head again, "No my boy, that was yesterday..." He led me towards the square as we spoke quietly. I was very confused. I have already made up my mind that Luz had something to do with it and found it hard to let go of the notion. I guess I needed someone to blame, someone my own size, so to speak…

"This can't be! That means that I was hanging there for more than a day..."

"Hanging?" it was Rull's turn to look confused.

"They left me hanging from my wrists from the farm's gate after they..."

Rull stopped and looked at me. I could see the pain in his eyes. He held your shoulders, trying to give me what strength he could. "Bess? Both boys?... they didn't..."

"I'm going to get him, Rull. I'm going to get him if that's the last thing I ever do..."

eric mcloins

Spell Energy / Taint +0/-0
Posts: 7

« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2007, 01:42:48 AM »

In the middle of the square, five bodies were impaled on large stakes driven to the ground. The bodies were mutilated almost beyond recognition, As if they were long tortured. Only the faces remained clean and untouched. I recognized both my parents among the five bodies. The herbalist and her husband were two. The fifth body was that of Dele, a boy of about ten years.

“We wanted to take them down.. but the Orc said to leave them up...” Rull choked as he spoke.

“Yeah, and whatever the orc says you have to do, right? Even hours after it's gone.”

“They've been patrolling the area every several hours.”

I walked over to the bodies and started trying to bring them down, starting with my mother.

Rull looked nervous. “Bozz, stop it! They killed Ana's husband just for trying this... and Dele just because he was watching and said nothing.”

“How long ago were they here?”

” I think about two hours... Like I said some orcs stay at the Mckrade farm.”

“Rull, I can't leave them up there.”

“I know lad. I've been your father’s friend since you were a baby... We…”

“So help me take them down.”

Rull still seemed undecided.

“Rull, you owe it to them.”

Rull took a deep breath, looked at me, and then nodded slightly.”

My mother’s body was cold and heavy. It took us some time, but eventually we managed to pull her off the stake. I don’t know how I managed this task, as I could hardly bear to look at her mutilated body. As we started to pick her up, I suddenly heard the sound of steel boots against the cobbled street ringing in the night air. I raised my eyes in the direction of the sound, and in just that instant I saw a number of large figures turning the corner about a hundred meters from me, right at the entrance to the village.

“Rull, I think we should scram…”

“What is it?”

“Orcs, let’s run”.

As the word left my mouth, the orcs started shouting and running in our direction. We turned and ran, the orcs still shouting behind us. We tried turning some corners in attempt to lose the orcs and get to the fields, where we could maybe lose them completely, but the orcs ran hard and true. Rull grabbed my arm.

“Listen lad, go to the Well... Anika's Well, thats what your father told me long ago... Go there now. Run. I'll keep them occupied...” His breath was labored, but he seemed confident.

“Take the shovel, Rull. Take an orc head with it.”

Rull shook his head. “I'll beg for mercy... they'll kill me either way, but at least they’ll be distracted a bit....GOOO!” He turned around and pushed me away, down another alley.  I ran through the streets. From behind me, I could hear Rull begging for mercy, promising loyalty and prayers to the Dark. God. The orcs shouted at him, and I thought I could hear them beating him. They shouted in Orcish as well as Northern, but as I ran further away and into the fields the sounds from the village vanished. When I finally got to the fields I slowed down my pace, not wanting to exhaust myself. Everything was quiet. I stumbled through the fields in the darkness, falling a few times from hidden roots.

Anika's Rest was rumored to be a hunted place for as long as I could remember. It was a bit more than a half-day walk southwest from the village, in a forest clearing with a small well and a single standing menhir. There used to be two families who lived there once, but not for a long time now. Why would my father send me there? Maybe there was some truth to what the legate was saying and my father WAS hiding something? My thoughts wandered as I walked in the night, until I reached the edge of the woods. I stopped for a while to clear my thoughts. There were wolves in the woods, I knew. Not terribly many, but enough to bother the livestock. There were bears also, but deeper into the woods. Only the poachers used to tell of any sightings of them. Anyway, that was much less dangerous than to stay here and wait for the orc posse. I kept walking into the woods. The walking was slow, as under the trees the moonlight was weaker and it was harder to see the roots and rocks that seemed to keep getting entangled with my feet. Once in a while I stopped to listen, believing to hear noises of movement, but never spotting anything. I couldn’t be sure if it was the rustling of leaves, creaking of trees, or perhaps, the stalking of a predator.

As I was walking, I tried to remember Anika’s story. The legend said that Anika, at the age of thirteen, was killed, accidentally or not, by Brel, the neighbors’ boy, and was dropped into the well. Some time later, the livestock started to get butchered by something in the night, and the ghost image of Anika would hunt the living members of the family. When all the livestock were dead, Anika turned on the families, and after trying to place her spirit to rest, they finally abandoned the farms, leaving behind Anika's dead mother and Brel's brother. Brel went mad sometime later, killing four people in the village before being put down.  People who passed by the place used to give it a wide berth. Some said they heard whispering or a girlish singing from the area. Youngsters from time to time tried to show their bravery by walking up to the menhir and touching it, but very few have ever really stood up to the dare.

I suddenly heard a flapping of wings above me. I looked up and on a low branch I saw an owl, its wings stretched to the side. Under one of his claws I could see a dead mouse (or something) and from its beak dangled a bit of flesh. It folded its wings back into itself, and after hooting, continued to eat. I was already very tired, and I was stumbling now more then before. I spotted some branch that looked wide enough so I could take a rest on it, and high enough to elude the predators that might roam the woods. I climbed up and closed my eyes. It took me longer than I expected to fall asleep, as the event of the passed days flashed through my mind, but eventually, exhaustion took its toll and I fell asleep.

         *      *      *

I found myself suddenly in unfamiliar surroundings. I was standing on top of a wall in the middle of a ruined town with alien architecture. There was a great forest to the east, and a large body of water to the west. I felt the presence of other people with me, but I couldn’t seem to see them. I turned around in a full circle. Once. Twice. Thrice. And then I found myself face to face with a great winged lizard. It hovered above me, its eyes burning with hatred into my soul. It opened its mouth and a great sprout of flame burst forth. As the flame surrounded me, I woke up in a flash, startled, and breathless. I fell off the limb, bruising myself on the soft ground.

I sat there, in pain, and concentrated on the words I have learned to use in my advantage. They wriggled and squirmed in my mind and then finally took shape and a bright light of relief flowed through me. Some of my wounds healed, but I was still battered.

I estimated it to be about one hour after sunrise, and so gathered myself and started walking again. The walking was much easier now that I was rested a bit, and I could see where I was placing my feet. After some hours walk I reached a small hill that looked over the area where the two farmhouses still stood, although even from this distance it was visible that they were abandoned long ago. Looking further south from where the houses stood, I saw Anika's Well in the clearing. I couldn’t see any living being in the area, not to mention any dead ones. I approached the abandoned houses. They were worn down by the weather; some of the windows of the house closest to me creaked as they banged against the house from the wind. As I neared the closest house, I started to hear a low humming sound, like some old nursery song. I stepped in through what must have been the back door of the house. The place was full of dust. No one seemed to have been there in ages. I entered what must have been the kitchen. A wooden table stood in the center, with some chairs around it. Two chairs have fallen over, and one chair was broken. There were also two closed barrels in a corner. I kept low and peeked through one of the windows, but could see nothing. I looked around again. The table had only some dust and animal droppings on it. I took off the lid of on of the barrels, but it contained only a gooey mass of something at the bottom. The bones of some rodent litter the bottom of the other barrel, which seemed to be broken and had a hole at the bottom of it. A quick search of the rest of the house revealed nothing more.

I could see the other house from one of the windows, about fifty yards away, and an overgrown path that led to the well. I left the house and went over to the second one, but again, I could find nothing of interest.

I headed off to the well.
eric mcloins

Spell Energy / Taint +0/-0
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« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2007, 01:43:38 AM »

I made my way up the road. I could hear the soft humming sound again, coming from the direction of the trees to the east of me. I kept walking, and the humming I heard before from the east suddenly was heard from somewhere up ahead, but this time it was clearer, an old play-song kids sing sometime. I felt a chill as a gust of wind blew in the back of my neck. I suddenly felt very scared. Not knowing what lay ahead I decided to try and heal myself a little more, to give me an edge in whatever struggle that may be upcoming. I kept walking, reaching nearer the clearing. I heard a soft voice asking, "Did you come to play?"

“No, not really. You see, I'm not REALLY in a mood for games, sorry... “

I felt a soft chilling touch of a small hand on my left arm.

”Who is it?” I asked. I just couldn’t think of anything better to say. What DO you say to an undead child? I heard a girlish laugh from behind me as a reply. I turned around but saw nothing there.

“Come out, come out, little girl. Let's play a different game”. I thought I was getting better.

“Please come...” the girlish voice said.

I felt a tug on my hand again. It was still that chilly childish hand, but it was firmer now.

”Who are you?”

”Come Brel... we will play by the well...“ I could hear her voice from all around me, yet the voice was still almost a whisper in my ear.

”Ok, listen, I'm not Brel...”  But I could only hear a girlish soft laughter as a reply.
”What do you want from me?”

The voice again seemed to hum to itself. I was tired of this game and so I came closer to the well. Close to the clearing’s center stood a lone menhir, easily four meters tall, that has weathered rain and wind and sun for countless years. Grass grew tall at its base. The well itself, several meters away from the menhir, was practically just a hole in the ground; no guardrail, no rope and bucket wrench.

”Yes, come Brel... we will play”. Again I felt the small chilly hands, this time on my back.

“Ok, listen to me girl. I'm not Brel, I did not do you any wrong, and I'm certainly not in a mood to play. I had a very hard day so please leave me alone”. I was losing my patience. But then, an idea crept into my mind. What if there was no undead child? What if it was just a story, a fable told to children? What if it was meant to make people stay away from this place? A warning, a no entrance sign. The voice laughed again and again I felt the hand along my arm, but something definitely wasn’t right about it. And then the touch along my arm vanished. The humming and laughter dimmed and became barely audible.

“Ok, buddy, whoever you are trying to make those funny voices, come out and show yourself. Come, come, I know you are here”. No answer. “I’m not going to harm you. I’m just a traveler”. Again nothing. A second idea came to me. The person that set up this charade could have been my dad. Maybe he did something to ward this place from intruders. I peered into the well and it turned out to be a rock and ground shaft that, with the many years of neglect, roots have broken its surface. I could see the water at the bottom of the well, perhaps five meters bellow. I found some old rope, half buried by the grass that has grown over the past decades, and I pried it out. It was about six meters long, soggy and old, but still seemed to be rather strong.

I was tired and confused, and decided to sit down for a while. I went over to the menhir, with the intention of leaning my back to it, but then I noticed some carving on it, mostly hidden by the tall grass. It was a strange mark, and it first reminded me of an arrow pointing down. I was already digging when I remembered my father teaching me to read from one of his books. It had some symbols, which he called "runes", on some of the pages, and he explained to me that they could be used to convey meanings. Well, what was the meaning of this one? Focusing my mind on it I realized I did know its meaning  - deception, or trickery. Could it be the ward that defended this place? It seemed to be active, or waiting to be activated. How I came to know that, I did not know. I traced my fingers along the rune, but nothing happened. Maybe there was a password to make it stop? I tried mumbling “Anika” and humming that nursery song, but both did not work. I then tried to pour my power into it. I touched the rune and concentrated on it. While the rune didn't glow visibly, I know it did. The laughter and humming of the soft girlish voice vanished! As I removed my hand I felt that the rune was "off", and after a heartbeat I felt a short pulse from it, heard a girlish laughter from the well, and the rune was off again.

I went back to the well. It was still as it was before. The sun was high in the sky now and it shone directly into it. It reflected on the water of the well. I thought I could see a small cavern inside the well. It looked safe enough to climb down using the roots as handholds, and so I did. The shaft went down about five meters and opened into a small cavern. The water reached just below my knees, and there was a small opening on the side, as if leading to somewhere else. I went into the tunnel. It was shadowy in there, and I had to submerge half my body in the water in order to pass through. After a short distance I found myself in yet another small cavern. I managed to stand there, though I did have to crouch down. I looked around the cavern. Some light streamed from the short tunnel, and as I ran my hand along the walls, my finger located some carving on the wall. Upon close inspection, I recognize the same rune from the menhir. It seemed to pulsate slowly. I concentrated again and put my power into it, well aware that this was depleting my power. The wall with the symbol disappeared. Behind it I found another small space with a small chest tucked in the back. It was a well-made wooden chest, closed and latched, but with no lock on it. I opened it carefully and found a rectangular object wrapped in an old black robe, a small ornate dagger, and in one of the corners of the chest, a leather cord with a small wooden octagonal pendant hanging from it. I climbed back out of the well, and there, in the sunlight, examined my findings. The ornate dagger was black hilted and wickedly curved with twin symbols on it that I could not place. The wooden pendant was just that, I could see nothing special about it. Opening the black robes, however, I found exactly what I expected; a book. This book had many pages sticking out of it in different shades, different languages and different handwriting. It was more like a jumble of a book, a diary, and a sketchbook. I put the pendant around my neck, shoved the knife under my shirt, and entered the nearest house, where I located a comfortable place to sit.

The first page was a loose page. It was crumpled, dirty, and stained, but the writing was readable. At the top was written a single word, a name: "Bozz". I kept on reading.
"My son… It will be a dark day when and if you read this. But I know you will read this, if you'd ask me how I'd be hard pressed to tell you. The simple answer is that I don't know.

"I guess I always knew this day would come, when my past would catch up with me and drag us all down into wretched misery (even after ten years, I still feel unsafe here), I just dared to hope it wouldn't, and hope that you are old enough to face it.

"We came to Ballater, trying to hide from a wretched and vile life with you, our redeemer, and a stolen treasure… Perhaps that was a mistake, but it is too late now.”
I was very confused now. Me? Their redeemer? What did he mean? I suddenly heard a dry cough from the doorway. I looked up, sending my hand to the dagger under my shirt. The red haired legate was standing at the door.

“Don’t you know it's illegal to read if you are not a member of the Order...?”

There was another door at the back of the room I was in, and I intended to use it. I jumped up and ran through it, only to discover that there were several orcs standing there, waiting.

“Oh, don’t run, boy… please. Stay…” I could hear the legate from behind me coughing again. I tried to wriggle past the orcs, but one of them caught me, roughly turned me around and threw me to the ground. The orcs formed a semi-circle around me, and the legate stood before me. Well, so much for running away. That was the end of the line for me.

“Are you done with your games?”

“Ok, before you kill me you must listen to something”.

“I MUST?” He looked infuriated. “I must do nothing, you vermin…”

“Huh, never mind, maybe it’s best if I don’t tell you.” I was flailing for ideas.

“You have nothing of interest. You know very little.”

“That's what you think. Oh well. Solindor will not be happy about it.”

“Do you know the mess you left behind you?” He didn’t seem to be impressed with my feeble attempt of a lie. ”You know I had to kill several more villagers after you tried to take down that woman?” He almost spit the last word.

“I’m sure you were very sad about it. All that hard work…”

He shook his head. “Where is it?”

“Where is what?”

“You know what I’m talking about. Do you think I’m so stupid? We let you go on purpose so that you’d lead us here. Give them to me.”

“Does your mother know you turned into such a sonovabit?”

He nodded to one of the orcs, and he slapped me hard across the face. He then proceeded to check on my body, found the knife and the pendant and handed them to the legate. “Very good”, the legate mumbled while eyeing the knife. He threw the pendant aside and shoved the knife in his belt beside another knife. He opened the book and started leafing through it, smiling dryly.

“I would have killed you right here and now, but my Master seems to have different plans for you.  No worries, every tool’s usefulness comes to an end eventually. I promise you that I will meet you again. Until then, well…”

The red haired man lifted his hand and mumbled a few words. I felt a numbness creeping through my bones and found that I could not move a limb, not even when the orcs let go of me. Not before several minutes had passed and the legate and his orcs were already long gone.
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