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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Draconic Midnight Moses
Draconic Midnight Moses
Half Past Eleven - The players are by a stream or river when a basket quietly floats up to them, caught in a shallow mud-bed.

Quarter to the Witching Hour - Within the basket is a warm stone, roughly egg shaped. A successful Channeler's Lore roll or a successful Arcane Lore roll should identify it as a Dragon's egg.

Anyone making a tracking or wilderness roll could figure out that a fairly large horde of Orcs is following the stream behind the basket. If the roll is failed the players are clued in a little while later by a herd of deer that are startled before the horde's charge.

Midnight - The egg is the last of the unhatched Dragon eggs, held in stasis by a Wizard whose secret towered was recently levelled by an ambitious Legate and his Orcish minions.

The egg could hatch to unleash a creature with a voracious physical and intellectual appetite, taking in everything it sees and eating everything in sight. By the end of the first adventure it should begin to put its first words together.

Or the egg could remain dormant, seething with power, effecting all spells cast around it.

Either way it will be drawing the sniffs of many Astirax Hounds and when word get's out everyone from the lowliest shadow slave to the highest Night King will want it to curry favor from Izrador and/or as a pet to further their own power.

Insurgents will want it too, hoping to either use the young creature to create a covenant item or to grow the creature to maturity in hopes of raising a mighty ally against the shadow.

Author: Judd Karlman

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