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Against the Shadow  |  Places on Aryth  |  Midnight 2nd Edition Gazetteer
Midnight 2nd Edition Gazetteer


  • Aigeathir / Silverthorn: M2E p 229, Fury of Shadow p 31
  • Al Kadil: M2E p 189, 262
  • Alarduan: Alarduan is a ruined Miraleen tower of white coral made of bright white coral. The tower has a gate into the old "Ways" that leads to the Crown of Storms, a Power Nexus for my campaign.
    Author: Todd Antill.
  • Alloduan: M2E p 233
  • Alloduan: Stones: Sorcery & Shadow p 11
  • Althorin: Fury of Shadow p 101
  • Alvedara: M2E p 209, 263
  • Ardune (The): M2E p 197
  • Arlwich: Under the Shadow p 28
  • Arnthora (map pg 382: in the Veradeen)
  • Arteries (The): Sorcery & Shadow p 22
  • Arunath Mountains: Fury of Shadow p 55
  • Asmadarian Plains: M2E p 333
  • Atasele: (The Horrid Hall) This keep is a get away for legates. The hall is well stocked with gnomish spirits, halfling tobacco (and stranger weeds) and slave women from all over Erenland. The Dornish women have taken to calling it Atasele, the horrid house, or horrid hall.
    Author: Todd Antill.
  • Autilar: M2E p 229, Fury of Shadow p 36
  • Azim: This sinister village is a dispatch point where prisoners from all across Eredane are taken. There, a legate and an orc commander choose who will be taken to Cambrial for whatever necromantic experiences Sunulael has planned, and who will be taken to Zorgetch as slave to the orcs (most usually halfling or gnomes, but sometimes attractive human females are taken as the orcs' playthings). The place is heavily guarded by both soldier legates and orc troopers. As both groups hate each other, sometimes an interesting slave will become the stake of the rivalry between legates and orcs. A few fights have even sometimes occurred in the past years. The place is ripe for intra-Shadow conflict, which could be easy to create and use as diversion while a few selected prisoners escape.
    Author: smeagol.


  • Baden's Bluff: M2E p 180, 262 + Under the Shadow
  • Baelstone Gate: M2E p 287 (Grand Seneschal of Shadow)
  • Bandilrin: M2E p 229
  • Barrens: M2E p 171
  • Bastion: M2E p 171, 260
  • Blight Marsh: In this lonely and hostile place, the weak and sick among the orcs are abandoned to die. Everything there is a potential danger, as most plants are poisonous, and animals are either venomous or carrying diseases. Sometimes an orcish criminal or traitor claiming his innocence will be brought there. If he manages to survive for three months in this place, he will regain his status in orc society.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Bay of Sorrows: This forlorn and lonely bay, most often covered in mists that hide it from sight, both from the land and from the sea, is home to the Miransil naval docks, where they build and repair their ships in utmost secrecy. This is a sensitive area where foreigners (including other elves) are rarely allowed. The sea elves are jealous of their secrets, and fear above all that a spy aligned to the Shadow brings their naval construction secrets to the Enemy to use against them.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Bodrun: M2E p 245 (Gorand Clan)


  • Caderin: M2E p 190, Under the Shadow p 31
  • Calador: M2E p 248, Sorcery & Shadow p 12
  • Cale: M2E p 173
  • Cambrial: M2E p 209, 262
  • Caradul: M2E p 223, Fury of Shadow p 8
  • Cave of Bones: M2E p 301
  • Chandering: M2E p 173, 260
  • City of the Sea: M2E p 233
  • Convent of Blessed Shadow: M2E p 286 (Merciful Mother)
  • Corbron Isles: M2E p 180
  • Corpsedigger Cypress: M2E p 302
  • Crown of Storms: a power nexus located in the Isles of Ernan. Explained in this thread of the old site.
    Author: Todd Antill.


  • Dahurin: M2E p 229, Fury of Shadow p 42
  • Darkwood: This deep and desolated forest is used as a shelter by a roving gang of Asmadarian bandits, horseraiders who roam the island, stealing from the poor as well as from the rich. They are notorious horsestealers, which brands them as sentenced to death according to local law. Sometimes they pretend that they are actually resistants to the High King, whom they say is an impostor (being elevated to the station as the closest heir to the former King who died heirless), and they are only "financing the cause of freedom" by raiding communities. For most Asmadarians, they are simply criminals trying to get a good excuse for their crimes (by smeagol).
  • Davindale: M2E p 173, 260 (lower Ishensa)
  • Dead Marshes: Fury of Shadow p 49
  • Delegate of the Sea: Sorcery &Shadow p 13
  • Desert of Tears: This inhospitable desert was thus named when the Old Empire fleet wrecked on its shores after the lost battle of Stormhold. The survivors soon were eaten by thirst and the local giant insects that claim the desert. Many grottos are thought to shelter remains of the Sarcosan treasure which was taken when the Old Empire troops left Eredane. Many adventurers died in the desert while attempting to find them, but none succeeded. This sandy and rocky place is burning hot during daylight and freezing cold at night. It is impossible to light a fire because the wind blows harshly, unless one finds a suitable cave.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Dourfir (map pg 382, between Dahurin & Skyrfell Pike)
  • Dragon Island: M2E p 180
  • Dragonsgrave: Sorcery & Shadow p 14
  • Dreaming Stones: These silent ruins are forbidden territory in Asmadarian lore, rumoured to be home to the feared horsha. They actually seem to be old enough to even pre-date the Sundering, and their crumbling walls look like they are raised arms imploring the forgiveness of the Old Gods, or so the local tales say.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Druid's Swamp: Fury of Shadow p 46
  • Drumlen: M2E p 250


  • Eisin: M2E p 190, 263
  • Eren Fen: This swampy delta is home to the worst insects and venomous water snakes from Southern Erenland. Its unaccessible coves also shelter many smugglers' bases and even a few Miransil ships come here for secret missions (spy infiltration, exchange of valuable goods with local resistance cells…)
    Author: smeagol.
  • Erenhead: M2E p 181, 262
  • Eroluan: Eroluan is a ruined Miraleen village whose small port became home to a terrible sea demon. This demon infected the inhabitants with a fell disease that killed most and twisted some into a terrible sea creatures that server that demon.
    Author: Todd Antill.


  • Fachtendom: Fury of Shadow p 92
  • Fallport: M2E p 173, 260
  • Falter Pass: M2E p 250
  • Fang (The): M2E p 302
  • Far Wood: This section of the Veradeen shelters a newformed coven of Snow Witches (see Sorcery & Shadow) who practice their rituals in secret. It is rumoured that they found in this patch of forest evidence that it was inhabited by Snow Witches before the Shadow fell, and it is their focus to find back their lost lore.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Farodun: M2E p 209
  • Five Towers: Sorcery & Shadow p 20
  • Forest of the Sahi: Of course, the obvious choice for sahir of shelter from the Shadow's persecution was, given their weird sense of humour, the Forest of the Sahir.Coming from all parts of Southern Eredane at the signal of their Archonte, they were greeted by human druids, who had remained aloof from othe rhumans since the first Dornish invasions. The local forest spirit had foreseen the invasion of Eredane, and strangely, was willing to shelter the fleeing wise men. The druids, protectors of the forest, knew better than to contradict their master's wishes.
    For a century, the forest has carefully been avoided by the Shadow's troops, as it is rumoured to be a haunted place and no one who entered it ever was seen again. The local druids and wildlanders, helped by dire animals, did an astounding job for that.
    In the forest, a hidden star tower was built, that held a clandestine scholar school. In this place, prophets, astrologers, and keepers of lost artifacts are gathered (they number no more than twenty people in all). Of course, they lost much of their knowledge during their flight from the Shadow, and many rituals are now but distant memories.
    Even the sarcosan freeriders have not heard of the lost wise men, who are thought extinct in the Last Age of Aryth. Curiously, once every few years, a young sarcosan will feel some strange urge to explore the place and will be let in. He will then join the small community that hides there
    Author: smeagol.
  • Forest of Shells: On the coast west of the Aruun jungle, there exists a large raised plateau of craggy rock where nothing grows. Colonies of giant seagulls nest here in the breeding season. The ground is stony and dirty chalk white and many shells of small sea creatures can be found strewn all over. Strange swirling patterns can also be found, some half obliterated by weather. It seems that the deeper one digs, the bigger the shells get.
    Some crags lead into the white rock, and adventurous elves have reported a network of chasms and tunnels inside the plateau. The walls inside plateau are made up of smooth or sometimes sharp seashells, often with vibrant colours and wild patterns. Some of these shells are so huge an elf can stand upright inside one. In one particular cavern, many tall, pointed, spiralled shels stand straight up like some parody of a pine forest. Some stood so tall they seemd to support the cavern ceiling dozens of feet above.
    In the center of this cavern is a lake of salt water, and the elven explorers found that it connected to the sea via a long and winding submerged tunnel system, several miles in length. These tunnels seemed to be dug from the chalk, the walls smooth and with many spherical side chambers.
    Again, the bottoms of these tunnels and chambers were strewn with the shells of sea creatures, some of which must have been leviathan in size when still alive.Some of these seemed particularly placed to mark cavern entrances or forks in the tunnel system. The elves often had the impression they were not alone, and one of the explorers was lost when exploring a tunnel on her own. The only thing the other elves could find was her charm of water breathing
    Author: Cannibal.
  • Freedale: This peaceful hamlet is home to one of the most bustling markets of Asmadar, where people come from all across the island to trade their wares. It is because the High King decided, a few centuries ago, to reward the city by exempting it from paying taxes for any trade that would be made there. A cunning leader soon understood the potential of the situation, and the village soon attracted merchants from all Asmadar. A saying goes that says "if you can't find it in Freedale, it's that it does not exist"
    Author: smeagol.
  • Frozen Barrens: It is said that no weed grows here, not even the smallest patch of grass. This region is completely devoid of any life, except for the rare orcs that cross it. Even they fear living here.
    Author: smeagol.


  • Garduran: This former part of the Fortress Wall is now inhabited by a new breed of orcs that are adapted to the cold taiga environment of the Veradeen. They feel no cold, know the snow's secrets and move unnoticed to the Erunsil villages, where they slaughter all. They are called the Forest Wights (for more details, read the DawnForge supplement "Age of Legend") by the Erunsil, some of whom fear to have finally found their match. A rumour even claims that they would be the offspring of captured Erunsil maidens and Orcs, another pretends they are descended from Ogre Damens and Orcs. None know for sure, but currently their numbers are not large, and their regiment is housed in Garduran under the orders of a Devout legate. Their missions are still unclear.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Garol: M2E p 250
  • Gasterfang: M2E p 259
  • Giant's Face: Fury of Shadow p 104
  • Green March: Fury of Shadow p 102
  • Grove of the Sea: This grove is a giant bayou and the cultural heart of the Miransil. It is home to the eldest trees of the Miraleen, which are rumoured to have birthed the people itself (some are actually ancient treants). Many natural charms (see Sorcery & Shadow) can be found here, as it is a Miransil sacred ground, where most are born and are married. This place is the symbol of the union of the forest and the sea.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Gulf of the Sorshef: Named by the Sarcosans as a blessing to their trade with their parent nation (Old Sarcosan empire), this tract of sea still sees little traffic, mostly fishing ships that stay close to the coasts.
    Author: smeagol.


  • Hall of the Old Kings: This abandoned fortress bears the mark of a distant past. Until the middle of the Third Age, it was home to the King of Clans, a mighty symbol of dwarven unity. Although a king in name only, the dwarf that was elected to this title had to maintain some semblance of cohesion. The last king was murdered by a clan Dor when his holdfast fell to an orcish horde while he was away helping another clan. This was the end of dwarven solidarity. One after the other, the King's followers left the now-crumbling city. It is said that within its ruins could be found powerful relics that could bring back some kind of unity among dwarves, but this is only a tale.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Hallisport: M2E p 264
  • Harancara: M2E p 224
  • Hendar (map pg 381: Asmadar)
  • High Road: This unassuming village was once a trading camp between Dorns and dwarves. Not more now, since it was turned into a waystation for orc troops on their way to the frontlines. It is now quite overpopulated, and fights are frequent amidst demoralized orcish troops. There is a long queue in front of the only well of the village (which could be poisoned so easlily should one dare come in the middle of 15.000 orcs…).
    Author: smeagol.
  • Highwall: M2E p 174, 260 + City of Shadow
  • Highwood: M2E p 348
  • Hoarl: This abandoned keep of what was once the Fortress Wall is now secretly inhabited by human refugees who managed to cross Erethor with the help of the Erunsil. They are planning to settle the plains west of Erethor with their fellow humans, and in return their blacksmiths forge weapons for the Erunsil and their peasants work the fields to feed their elven protectors. They have to face few orcs for the moment, but should the Shadow learn of this, this "weak spot" in elven defenses would quickly be exploited. The elves find it advantageous for their ecosystem that human refugees, whose lifestyle is incompatible with the forest environment, make their homes in the undefended plains. There are currently few humans, but more and more will come in the near future, as many do not like to live in the great forest.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Horse Plains of Erenland: Before the first Dorns invaded Eredane, the fey people used to travel the lands with their horse-friends, some of which were actually dire horses. The Dorns tried to tame the noble beasts with no success, and then decided to slaughter them. Many noble stallions fell to Dornish axe and sword in the Second Age. The remaining beasts took shelter in the Horse Plains, protected by whatever spirit lurked there. Roaming free in the plains, they lived a wild life in harmony. When the plains were discovered by the Sarcosans, the horse-loving people stood in awe at the majesty of the beasts, which were considered sacred, as the probable steeds of the Sorshef itself. In sarcosan legends, a few of the greatest heroes managed to bond ties of friendship to such noble horses, and the pair achieved legendary deeds.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Horsehead Rock: Sorcery & Shadow p 15


  • Icewall Mountains: The high peaks of this mountain chain are eternally snowcapped, and crossing it is a dangerous trek amid glaciers and hidden crevasses. It is rumoured to be home of the mysterious “yeti”, a decadent remains of a once noble race of giants that made the mountains their home, but these are only rumours.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Idenor: M2E p 250
  • Invurin: This place is a gigantic hospital that treats the wounds of the elven warriors who were lucky enough to survive the war against the Shadow. It is quiet and beautiful, and many elves secretly regret to leave it to rejoin their comrades on the frontlines
    Author: smeagol.
  • Ishmanti Hills: In the last decades of the Third Age, a wild rumour spread among all the kingdom of Erenland. The Ishmanti Hills, a most inhospitable environment of desertful, rocky and wind-blasted hills, were supposed to shelter fabulous amounts of raw diamonds. Whole groups of starving poor people settled the hills. Soon, forests of tents covered them, and fights were quick to erupt in this Eredanian gold rush. As time passed, the strong extorted the more from the weak. Mines were exploited and looted, people died from exhaustion while digging, and brothels, saloons flourished. Of course, all this attracted the worst scum to the place, and soon only violence ruled. In the last years of the Third Age, the place was rife for conflict, (secretly mastered by hidden legates) and it became a thorn in the agonizing kingdom’s economy. After the Last Battle, miners murdered each other on a large scale. Soon, only wind was heard in the hills as those who retained some bit of sanity fled. It is still currently thought to be a haunted place, where the ghosts of those who died because of greed are hungry for the blood of the living. It is also said they guard some ancient relics of this bygone age.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Isle of Mourn: When the Dorns landed on Eredane, after long months at sea, they became a people deeply rooted with the land, needing to feel the ground under their feet to be comfortable. This was reflected in their burial habits, and great stone constructions were raised in memorium along the South of Erenland. But when the Sarcosans invaded and the Dorns were pushed North, they were forced to cross the Pelluria in any sea craft they could find. Though the trip was a short one, many of the wounded were poorly tended to while on the waves, and died. The Dorns refused to bury their kin in a watery grave, and stored the bodies until the first sight of new land.
    When peace was made with the Sarcosans, the latter gave the Dorns a place to honor their heores close to Asmadar. An island was picked, and the warriors brought to the island the bodies of the fallen. A long burial ceremony was held, and great castle-like stone structures were erected to house the dead.
    The island became the honored burial place for fallen heroes of the Dornish people, and took the name 'The Isle of Mourn' for the frequent visitors who came to pay respects to friends and idols. Dornish mystics took up residence on the Isle, offering a chance for the visitors speak with the dead, to ask them questions, and to learn their secrets. The Death Speakers, as they were called, offered promise to the Dorns that never would everything that was theirs be lost. Great halls for seances were built on the island, and it was considered a rite of passage for every young warrior to travel the the Isle of Mourn and learn the fighting secrets of the hero they chose to follow.
    As the forces of Izrador pushed across the Pelluria at the end of the Third Age, the Death Speakers, fearing an invasion, left the Isle of Mourn behind, along with their dead kin, and the secrets they held. After the Last Battle, the Exiled, as they now called themselves, were scattered into the wind. Some tried to blend in to Dornish towns as healers, others left for the Elven woods. But they all swore to continue their practice, and spread their teachings, even under threat of death. The ranks of the Exiled of the Isle of Mourn have thinned in the century since the last battle, but some strong veins remain, and within their community it is whispered that a few have returned to the Isle of Mourn, to hold seances with the heroes of ages past to gain their wisdom.
    If a person can find an Exiled, and convince them to reveal themselves, they will gladly let them speak to any dead whose tomb is accessible. And if a hero can find the Isle of Mourn, the returned Exiled will allow them to access a trove of knowledge of history and war second only to the tower libraries of Caradul.
    Author: Pheros
  • Isles of Ernan: M2E p 234
  • Itharos: fixed atop a breeding pit for Scithians (Forge of Shadow). The legate that commands the fortress sends goblin sniffers, mounted on Scithians into the area of the Vale of Dead Ice between Autilar and Silverthorn.
    Author: Todd.


  • Kaelorin: Fury of Shadow p 13
  • Kazak-Dur: Heart of Shadow p xx
  • Keela’s Haven: M2E p 304
  • Keep of the Cataracts: M2E p 224, Fury of Shadow p 11
  • King’s Wold: In the glory days of Erenland, this lush plains were said to be the recruitment grounds of the King’s Knights, an elite group of dedicated warriors who would act on behalf of the King of Erenland wherever they were needed. Acting as emissaries, diplomats, businessmen, and sometimes spies, they contributed to save the King’s person, and sometimes the kingdom, uncovering Shadow plot after Shadow plot. This place also sheltered their yearly tournament, where they would prove their valor to their liege, and would also win some noble lady’s favour. Gregon Chander, the closest neighbor, did his best to despoil the site, but despite his best efforts, the lonely and barren place still maintains a regal aura. It is for this reason avoided by the Shadow’s troops which pretend to hear among the winds the wailing of the ghosts of the betrayed Knights. A band of brigands has taken advantage of this superstition to make it their lair, and stage many raids against Chandering from there. A few weeks ago, they discovered a small hidden tumulus containing the corpses (which had not risen as Fell) of six lost Knights still wearing shining plate armor. Strangely, the worst of them felt the urge to wear the armor, pretending that they were “chosen”. Since then, they are staging more and more daring raids, redistributing their loot to the suffering populace of Chandering and its environs. (of course, the armors were “haunted” by the spirits of the noble knights, who took the opportunity to possess the brigands and restore justice on the fallen kingdom of Erenland). The other brigands, unused to such noble behaviour, fear that such actions might lead to their downfall and are planning to murder the “new Knights”. Or sell them out to Gregon Chander if they think he will spare their lives.


  • Lake of Dreams: This lake is a holy site for the elves, where they make pilgrimages to reflect on the sense of life. Many elves come to the place to mourn the loss of their loved ones, and find in its pure waters the courage to keep going in life. The serenity of this forlorn place, where silence is obligatory, incites to keep hope as the pilgrim understands that as long as such places exist, the fight for Erethor is worth to sacrifice one’s life.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Landfall: M2E p 252
  • Lardun: M2E p 250
  • Larn’s Tooth: This ruined citadel was once part of the Fortress Wall. The Miransil have deserted it to focus on their war effort in eastern Erethor. It has recently been occupied by a band of cunning hobgoblins who now try to spy the Miransil naval docks of the Bay of Sorrows. The place is also used as a beacon, either to attract Shadow ships (manned by sea-loving goblinoid races) or to wreck Miransil ships on the dangerous shores.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Lillywick Pond: M2E p 305
  • Low Rock: M2E p 179, 262 (House Orin)


  • Marfang: A ramshackle orc outpost run by a malevolent orc legate that despises his own race.
    Author: Todd Antill.
  • Medoc: Before the Last Age, Medoc was a peaceful village that was renowned throughout Eredane for the small community of halflings that produced the best wine in all the continent. Now the village still stands, but its production goes to the new masters of the continent: the highest ranking legates and orc commanders. It is rumoured that Grial the Fey Killer imports huge quantities of wine to reward his most promising soldiers. The halflings of Medoc were spared the fate of their brothers, only because of their expertise as winemakers. They are held in slavery, but orcs hesitate to inflict much punishment to them as they are valuable and irreplaceable workers. The halflings of Medoc have taken advantage of the situation, but know that they can’t go too far. A halfling Avenging Knife has managed to inflitrate the small community, and is planning to poison a whole shipment destined to Fachtendom (more precisely, destined to Grial) with Orcbane. The local halflings are not yet aware of this, and would they know of it, would try and prevent such an action, because it would mean their deaths.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Mordun: This ancient keep was once manned by a proud Kurgun clan, now extinct, that dwelled at the surface. They recently were slaughtered by a large group of orcs, who now use it as their base of operations in the region. Unusually, they have kept the place in a perfect state as there is a whole group of orc “engineers” among them. Ballistae and traps are kept functioning. Unknown to the orcs, a handful of kurgun warriors took shelter right under the keep, in a series of secret tunnels that have not yet been discovered by the orcs. But their food resources are now very scarce, and they cannot afford to get out to find food.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Myr Dolor (lake) (map pg 384: between Riismark & Marfang, under Gasterfang)


  • Nalford: M2E p 175


  • Obsidian Spire: Fury of Shadow p 49
  • Old Moss Wood: Fury of Shadow p 11
  • Ondranor: (Dorn for "Tall House"): The keep was very tall, its base formed from an exposed outcropping of rock in the hills.
    Author: Todd Antill.
  • Orchid bridge: Sorcery & Shadow p 17


  • Pale Mere (map pg 387: Kaladrun Mountains, under Hall of the High Kings)
  • Pale Ocean (map pg 387: east of White Province): All along its shores are unending beaches of white sand, leading to the grey and cold waters. Nothing can be seen on the horizon, but the wise remember being told that faraway lands could be reached while crossing this ocean before the Shadow fell on Eredane. It is a desolated and lonely shore, where no vessel can be seen, inspiring melancholy to those that live here.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Paol: M2E p 210, 264
  • Pillar of the Sun: There is a hall far beneath Falter Pass, where the dwarf-ruled Kaladruns pass into the control of the orcish hordes. An ancient, ruined outpost lies deep in the stone, a knot of defensible rooms surrounding a central courtyard of white marble tiles arranged in a circle around a clear crystal shaft that rises from the ground. This chamber is bathed in golden sunlight, though it is miles from the open sky.The dwarves made their last stand here as orcs breached their outpost, but even the magic of the pillar was not enough to save them.
    Those that brave the monster infested tunnels can reach the Pillar of the Sun. There, surrounded by a ring of its deceased defenders, they may study the runes upon its glowing surface and discover a covenant spell that gives it its power.
    Author: Dirigible.
  • Plague Hills: Under the Shadow p 28
  • Plains of Ash & Blood: Fury of Shadow p 25
  • Plains of Erenhead: Close to Erenhead are fields where human serfs toil and labor to pay their masters’ tithes. It is dotted with small farming communities living in constant fear of their human and orc masters.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Port Esben: M2E p 261


  • Redstone Hills: These grass-covered hills are actually formed of red rock, hence their name. The rock is rich in iron ore, and so the hills are home to mines near Steel Hill.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Riismark: M2E p 261
  • Road of the Moon (map pg 387: Kaladrun Mountains, under Calador)
  • Ruins of Orthag: Those ruins are wildly ignored by both dwarves and orcs. It is rumoured to be home to a clan of the dwarves that were captured to become orcs, but none know for sure. The place, although deserted, is well guarded by strange gargoyles that meld into the walls’ stones and take whatever form they wish as long as it’s stone (ie, they can pretend to be statues, etc.). They are actually guarding a secret hall that is covered in dwarven runes, explaining the orc race’s origins and a mysterious (cryptic) way to fight it (plans for creating a potent disease that affects only orcs, called the “Orcplague”. None knows if this was a project or if it actually worked, as the dwarves inhabiting the place were later captured and either slain or turned into the Black Blood clan).
    Author: smeagol.


  • Silverthorn (alse know as Aigeathir): M2E p 229, Fury of Shadow p 31
  • Sharuun: M2E p 210, 264
  • Skyrfell Pike: M2E p 229, Fury of Shadow p 35
  • SkyTree: Fury of Shadow p 13
  • Spire of the Ocean Song, the: a coral tower inhabited by a circle of Miraleen Channelers (Sea Witch Prestige Class). It is said that any sailor who comes close and hears the maidens’ songs will long for the sea as long as he lives (“sea melancholy” when the character spends more than one year away from the coastline, morale bonuses while at sea).
    Author: Todd Antill.
  • Starshore: Sorcery & Shadow p 19
  • Steel Hill: M2E p 175, 261 + Forge of Shadow
  • Stone Deep: Fury of Shadow p 56
  • Stormhold: M2E p 252
  • Stromsker: Steel & Shadow p 54
  • Swift Water: M2E p 198


  • Tane (map pg 384: Northern Marches, between Tol Tyre & Riismark)
  • Tanglethorn Deeps: Fury of Shadow p 16
  • Terrace of the Elders: M2E p 332
  • Three Oaks: M2E p 225, Fury of Shadow p 113
  • Tol Tyre: Forge of Shadow p 22
  • Trader’s Camp: M2E p 251
  • Trollskarl: Under the Shadow p32
  • Tylden: M2E p 230


  • Vale of Dead Ice: This frozen taiga is the silent battleground that opposes the Erunsil to the orcs that come from the Highhorn Mountains. It is almost impossible to find one’s way in the trees, as the landscape looks everywhere the same. Some dire animals such as arctic bears and snow wolves call this place home and help the Erunsil with savagery unmatched among any other dire animals.
    Author: smeagol.
  • Vale of Tears: This barren, cold and inhospitable place is rumoured to be the orc race’s cradle. Whether this is true or not, the vale of tears’ landscape reflects the cruelty of their creator.
    Author: smeagol.


  • Westrin (map pg 383: Isles of Ernan)
  • White Cliff: M2E p 176 + Steel & Shadow p 60
  • White Desert: M2E p 252, 332
  • White Province: M2E p 252
  • Wogren Moor: M2E p 198


Zorgetch: M2E p 210, 263

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