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The Black Hilt

The Black Hilt

   The stories of the Black Hilt are usually bloody ones of assassinations, betrayals, and bravery. Weapons with a black hilt had appeared many times in the hands of many different people, both good and evil, which created legends that there were many of these enchanted weapons made. Truth is, there is only one Black Hilt. Each time its owner dies the blade shatters after a week of neglect and the Hilt is left there, until someone finds it and forges it back to a blade, the forger will find that he can attach it to any small or tiny weapon.

Special: Whoever picks up the Hilt is compelled (Will save DC 20) to take it into their possession and, if need to, re-forge it. From then on, they feel naked without it on their person, and must make a Will save DC 15 every time they wish to move more that 10 ft away from it (this includes throwing it if it is a dagger).

  • 1st level: The blade to witch the Hilt is connected always seems to find and guide the hand that wields it to where it hurts the most (+1d6 sneak attack).
  • 2nd level: In a twist of fate, while the Hilt has been known to cause strife and play with its bearer minds, it also helps them face the most fearsome of foes. The bearer of the hilt gains a bonus of +2 vs. Fear.
  • 3rd level: The wielder of the blade gains a +10 circumstance bonus on any slight of hand test to hide the blade on the person.
  • 6th level: Once per day the wielder of the weapon can invoke Poison (as the spell) on the blade.
  • 9th level: The Hilt gives the blade a +1 enhancement bonus.
  • 12th level: The wielder of the blade gains the Improved Critical feat for whatever weapon type the Black hilt is forged into.


Author: Arnon, Pheros, and Kingslayer

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