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Against the Shadow  |  Magic Items  |  Helm of Alestilan
Helm of Alestilan

Helm of Alestilan

   In the middle of the Second Age, during the Sarcosian Invasion, the invading armies were at an impasse. The Dorns had faltered, and left the field of battle, but the Elves stood strong still. Their magic wrecked havoc among the Sarcosian lines, and a war at this cost could not be sustained. The Invasion force called back all five of their Generals, leading to an unspoken truce lasting 13 months. While gathered in Hallisport, the Generals conferred, shared tactics and strategies, and secrets of the weaknesses of elves. In addition to the sharing of knowledge, they were each outfitted with the finest steel armaments and armors. At the end of the meeting, they returned to their troops, and were able to press the fight all the way to Pethurian, where they had agreed to gather their armies for an all-out assault on the elves. At the head of the largest army was Alestilan, a great General and famous tactician who had been in charge of planning the assault. On the eve of the invasion, all the Generals gathered in Alestilan's tent near the center of their camps, to lay final plans. But their meeting was discovered by spies, and the elves sent assassins to the meeting. The other four Generals were killed before they even knew danger was present. Alestilan only had time to don his helm before meeting the same fate as the rest. The spies ransacked the bodies of the Generals and their tents, but left the helm where it lay, on Alestilan's head. It was said that that helm had been present with Alestilan through every meeting and battle since it was given to him, and that any other Sarcosian leader who wore it was destined to have Alestilan's skill and luck in battle.

1st level:  The wearer gains (Knowledge: Warcraft) as a class skill, and a +2 bonus to it.


3rd  level: The wearer gains a +4 to initiative. Anyone under his command during a battle gains a +2 to initiative, as well.

6th level: Allies in a 50 ft radius gain +1 AC and Attack bonus

9th level: Once per day, the wearer may create a number of floating eyes equal to half his character level, which may be given simple commands, as per Prying eyes. These eyes last for 1 hour, or until destroyed.

12th level: Once per day when the wearer is leading a corp., the wearer may forge a telepathic link with a number of his subordinates equal to his character level, as per Telepathic Bond. This effect may only be used before/during a battle, and lasts for the duration of the engagement.

By Pheros

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