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Against the Shadow  |  Magic Items  |  Ring of the Guardian
Ring of the Guardian

Ring of the Guardian


   Clan Teall of house Orin had or generations been the official guardians of the royalty of house Orin. The oldest male of the clan would be a personal guardian to the heir to be, watching over him constantly. It was rumored that the Guardian of the heir of house Orin could sense when the heir was in trouble, when he was sick, when he was happy... when he was dead. Much of these powers are due to a powerful item passed from one generation of guardians to the next.
    It was said to be lost when Low Rock was destroyed.
    The Ring of the Guardian is the silver signet ring of clan Teall, and only manifests its powers to the eldest of the clan.

 (DM's may of course choose a different clan or house for the Ring to be connected to.)

    1st level: The ring identifies the bearer, citing back names of his forefathers six generations back. Also, if the Heir is alive the ring feels a bit warm on the finger; if the Heir is dead, the ring is cool.
    3rd level:
The Guardian may enter Rage 1/day as a Barbarian. If the charge of the Guardian is in physical danger the bearer of the ring will enter an involuntary Rage. If the bearer already Raged that day, he will become exhausted if he does not succeed at a Fortitude Save (DC 20), if he succeeds then he is only fatigued. This ability works no mater the distance between Guardian and charge.
    5th level:
Any melee weapon the bearer of the ring holds has a +1 enhancement bonus.
    7th level:
The Guardian feels the general direction of his charge. When his charge is within 5 ft. of him, the Guardian may defend him better, allowing the Guardian to lower his AC as much as his Base Attack Bonus and transform it to AC for his charge. The Guardian may initiate a Rage as the ability of the barbarian class 2/day.
    10th level: The Guardian is constantly aware of his charges condition (both physical and mental).
    13th level: The enhancement to melee weapons increases to +2

Author: Arnon Ram

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