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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Kagemusha at Midnight
Kagemusha at Midnight
Half Past Eleven - Orcs and lower Legates begin kneeling to one of the PC's when they run into them by chance. The PC's will have a chance to determine that one of them (determine randomly or due to character history) is the exact twin of the highest ranking Legate in this region.

Quarter to the Witching Hour - This will give the players a really fresh insight into the world and how unsure, unsafe and paranoid life within the Shadow really is as you cannot trust anyone and have to wonder when a friend will turn you in to the Shadow in hopes for a promotion.

Midnight - The Legate-look-alike was called back North for torture because of several recent failures and the replacement Legate arrives...

Author: Judd Karlman

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