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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Demon Trap
Demon Trap
Half past midnight: the party uncovers an old demon trap. The trap allows the wielder to capture the demon's essence and safely contain it. The trap does not radiate magic unless activated and can successfully hide the demon's essence from searchers.

Quarter to midnight: With the help of an old sage/elf/dwarf, the party is able to decipher an inscription that details how the trap works. The inscription reads, "Let those who would trap great evil prove their sacrifice in the service of life by sacrificing their blood." The party is told that they need to spill their blood on the trap to activate it.

Midnight: The party's translation is incomplete. The inscription actually reads, "Let those who would trap great evil in the service of light by sacrificing their lifeblood." A life must be freely given to activate the trap.

Author: Kane

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