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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Bait
Half past midnight: A representative of a famous resistance leader contacts the party with an intriguing offer. The messenger offers the party a chance to take down a series of Shadow Agents in the north.

Quarter to Midnight: The party is given a number of missions of escalating importance that has a serious impact on the Shadow in the local area.

Midnight: The party is being used as bait to capture larger game. The local resistance is trying to kill a heavy hitter/enforcer from the tower. The resistance will use a double agent to let the Shadow forces know where the party will make their next attack. The heavy hitter/enforcer will set up an ambush for the party (sacrificing the person the party is after) and won't know that the resistance is waiting to ambush him when he moves. The resistance is willing to sacrifice the party to get the heavy hitter.

Author: Kane

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