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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Murder or Sacrifice
Murder or Sacrifice
Half past Eleven: The party comes across a slave caravan carrying slaves to be sacrificed to Izrador. The caravan is far weaker/poorly guarded than it should be. The caravan may have been weakened by a previous attack; disasters, disease or the caravan may have sent a portion of their guard force ahead to forage/hunt. The party should fear a trap.

Quarter to Midnight: The slaves are in very poor shape and include women and children. The slaves need medical care and proper food and shelter.

Midnight: The party will not be able to get even half the slaves to safety. Some slaves offer to kill themselves but most do not. The party will either have to leave some slaves to be recaptured and eventually sacrificed or kill them.

Role Playing: Can the party kill women, children, and the aged; especially on a large scale.

Author: Kane

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