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Against the Shadow  |  Organizations  |  Monster Societies
Monster Societies

Monster Societies

Courtesans of Izrador: The Harpy, the Foul Sisters (the Coven of Hags), the Medusa, The Black Nymph of the Northern Waste, Dark Lady of Sonhef Bay, Queen of Northern Oaks and the Duchess of Succubi are all a part of a society of shadow-twisted women who have either felt the lust of Izrador or seek to.
    They are known for their vicious in-fighting but it is said to be tremendous folly to make the terrible mistake of infuriating their code of honor, bringing down the wrath of them all. Many a Legate, no matter what his or her rank, has been brought low quickly and furiously by angering this gathering of evil.

The Weavers: (This is a place to deposite the amazing amount of spider-like monsters in the Monster Manuals). The Weaver is said to be an Elder Fey, a collector of antiquities who gathers all of the magic items that exist, new or old, in order to remember olden times, when magic was far more plentiful and Wizards strode proudly in towers.
    The Weaver has created countless creatures, all twisted variations on the spider.
    It has been said that the Weaver is not merely a nostalgic collector and when it has enough magic we will find out why it has spun its web so far and so long.

The Others: Angels and Demons were sent to Eredane to either court Izrador or oppose him, many in Heaven knowing that his descent would cause problems to the mortal world. But now 8000 years have gone by and those stuck on this side of the veil want to contact their masters.
    The Others are a secret society of Angels and Demons that are seeking ways to pierce the Veil at all costs. They might be an Angelic patron to insurgent forces or a Demonic general in Izrador's armies but when word of planar travel or artifacts from the pre-Sundering are made apparent, they gather in force in a vain attempt to once again touch the larger world they have yearned from these past three Ages.

Slumbering Joys: The joys are a code word that high level Legates have for a monstrous plan Izrador has to deter heroes from damaging his magical mirrors. Near many of his larger mirrors he has placed vicious and terrible creatures that sleep, only to be awakened by the explosion caused by the destruction of Izrador's most precious artifacts that siphon magic power directly to him.
    The Tarasque, Hydra, and a Kraken deep in the Pellurian Sea are all said to be some of the dreaming forces of nature, only to be awakened by harming Izrador.
    If it doesn't ring off of the walls, strike fear into the hearts and inspire awe like the Balrog, the Nazgul or Smaug, why bother?

Author: Judd Harris

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