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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Sailors on a Sea of Fate
Sailors on a Sea of Fate
Half past Eleven: The Ravager, a ship of the resistance fleet, was separated from the main fleet while attacking a Shadow flotilla. Oruks and foul magic assaulted the Ravager. The ship was able to pull away from the Shadow Flotilla and out into open water but the crew was doomed. By nightfall, the entire crew was dead. The Ravager is now a ship controlled by the Fell. The ship raids the coast in Shadow controlled areas targeting Orcs and humans. The Ravager is a threat to all but the crew is still driven to attack the Shadow, even after death.

Quarter to the Witching Hour: The resistance has learned that the Shadow is sending a powerful necromancer to gain control of the ship and its crew.

Midnight: The Captain and the First mate have detailed knowledge about the Resistance Fleet operations/hidden bases/etc. As long as the Captain/First Mate can maintain their sanity, the Shadow could obtain that knowledge. The party has to either kill the Necromancer or destroy the crew of the Ravager.

Role Playing: Good opportunity for the party to deal with intelligent Fell. The Captain of the Ravager realizes that he will eventually succumb completely to his hunger and can be convinced to go out in a veritable blaze of glory by attacking the Shadow Fleet directly.

Author: Kane

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